Worst to First: Ranking the Sequels of 1997


As the current bracket game demonstrates, 1997 was a pretty good year to be a movie lover.  Whether you’re looking for popcorn movies or award-winners, 1997 had something for everyone.  But it turns out, it wasn’t such a great year for sequels.  Eleven sequels were released during the year and most of them were not very memorable.  But we’re going to rank them from worst to first anyway because… why not?

11. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

Rotten Tomato Score: 3%

Domestic Gross: $48,608,066

Place in Franchise: 2nd movie of two

Years Since Last Movie: 2

Actors Replaced: James Remar replaced Christopher Lambert as Raiden; Sandra Hess replaced Bridgette Wilson as Sonya Blade; among other cast changes

Summary: Video game auteur Paul W. S. Anderson directed the first Mortal Kombat in 1995.  That movie crossed the low bar of being the best video game movie to date.  Anderson would later go on to raise the bar just a little higher with the moderately entertaining Resident Evil movies.  Anderson passed on the chance to direct the sequel opting instead to helm the flop Event Horizon.  It turns out, his absence was felt in the inferior sequel.

Next: Speed 2: Cruise Control


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  1. I’d switch THE LOST WORLD with ALIEN: RESURRECTION. Otherwise, yeah.


  2. Good write-up. It boggles the mind to think that there were three sequels worse than Batman & Robin in 1997, but here we have them. I would move Tomorrow Never Dies ahead of Scream 2, but they are clearly the two generally satisfactory sequels out of the bunch.


    • It was a really bad year for sequels! Which is saying something because you rarely ever have a good year for sequels. There really weren’t any that I would hold up as an example of a sequel done right. But there are quite a few stinkers and a couple that are infamous.

      There were a couple of pairs I could easily have swapped. Lost World and Alien: Resurrection are both “meh”. Tomorrow Never Dies and Scream 2 are watchable, but I’d rather watch their predecessors. Since I didn’t have a strong preference, I let the scores sort out the specific ranking. I also trusted RT to tell me which was the better threequel: Free Willy or Home Alone.


  3. Wow, I never knew that “Home Alone 3” was a theatrical release; I didn’t like the sequel, and I only saw bits of the third one on TV, but it didn’t really interest me.
    The case has already been made for “Batman and Robin’; I saw it in the theater, and I think it stinks.
    “Vegas Vacation”? No dice on that either. I caught it on HBO in the previous decade not expecting much (I did like the Republica song, “Ready To Go”, that was played during the film), and I remain pretty “meh” about it.
    I was done with the Alien series after “Aliens”, so I don’t think about the sequels too much.
    The sequel to “Speed”? Yeah, caught a little bit of that on HBO too; I changed the channel after awhile.
    I liked the first “Mortal Kombat”; good, silly fun, but never gave much thought to the sequel.
    The “Free Willy” series never interested me.
    “An American Werewolf in Paris”? Nah, didn’t like it, and like I’ve said before, I like my werewolves in and of London (though I liked 1981’s “Wolfen” but then that’s a different kind of film. Ahh Hoo???)
    “Jurassic Park” was never really my thing anyways, but I did have the original on VHS due to it being a gift.
    “Tomorrow Never Dies”: it’s serviceable I guess.
    I really liked “Scream 2”; it really was what I’d thought it would be. Maybe it could be better, but I really don’t know how.


  4. I remember going twice to the movies in 1997. My mom dropped me and my friend off at the movie theatre. (we were 10) hoping to see Tomorrow Never Dies and later the Lost World. Both times we obviously didn’t get in. (I think both movies were rated 16+). We went to George Of The Jungle and Home Alone 3 instead….. I remember liking George Of The Jungle very much, but we both hated Home Alone 3 right away.

    1997 is coming screaming back to me lately at LeBeau’s Blog : )


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