Lego Dimensions: Ghostbusters Level Pack


There’s something strange in the Lego neighborhood.  So of course we’re going to call the Ghostbusters.  The question is, which group to call?  The classic all-guy squad or the new and not-necessarily team of women?  With Lego Dimensions, both teams are available.  But since I am focusing on the sets from the game’s first year, we’re going to stick with the Lego Dimensions Level Pack which covers the 1984 original.  Don’t worry, we’ll get to the Story Pack for the 2016 remake eventually.


The primary appeal of a Level Pack is that it gives you a new level of the game to play.  In this case, the added content is a retelling of the original Ghostbusters in Lego form.  That includes a great deal of story compression as well as the series’ trademark goofy humor.  The dialogue is sampled from the original movie, so you get a lot of the same jokes delivered as they were in the classic comedy.  But you also get some silly sight gags thrown into the mix.

In 2009, there was a video game that reunited the original cast for an adventure that many consider to be the completion of the Ghostbusters trilogy.  I recently read a review of that game that said that despite the presence of the original cast, the game just couldn’t recapture the loopy, improvisational nature of the movie.  Even if a joke was funny, the game required you to hear it delivered over and over until any humor was drained from it.  By offering an abridged form of the original movie, that issue is avoided in Lego Dimensions.  The gameplay has been built around the humor instead of the jokes being shoved into a video game.

The Lego gameplay is a natural fit for Ghostbusters.  One of the more memorable scenes in the movie has the guys wreaking havoc with their proton packs inside a posh hotel while Slimer flies around their heads.  The game expands on this letting you really do some damage with your positron collider.  You’ll also get to drive around a haunted New York city in Ecto-1 crashing into things around every corner.  Nothing like this ever actually happened in the movie, but it’s suggested by the way the Ghostbusters are shown racing around town in their unique transportation.


In addition to the new gameplay, the Level Pack comes with a character and two pieces of equipment.  The minifig is Bill Murray’s character, Dr. Peter Venkman.  You will play as Dr. Venkman the first time you play through the new level.  After that, you have the option to swap out any of his teammates.  So if you’re a big Winston Zeddemore fan, you can play as the Ernie Hudson character as well.

Despite being a Ghostbuster, Peter doesn’t pack a lot of skills.  His proton beam can be used as a laser, but primarily you’re going to use Dr. Venkman to bust ghosts.  This is a two-step process.  First, Dr. Venkeman has to trap the ghosts in his beam.  Then, he uses the Ghost Trap gadget to store them.

There’s lots of ghostbusting to be done throughout the game.  If you want to unlock all of the game content, you’re going to need a character with a proton pack.  There are only two options here; the Level Pack and the Story Pack.  Of the two, the Level Pack is going to be cheaper but the Story Pack comes with more content.  Also, Abby Yates who comes with the Story Pack doesn’t need to use a Ghost Trap to capture pesty poltergeists.

The Ghost Trap is obviously an essential gadget if your busting ghosts with the classic squad.  It can be upgraded, but the additional skills aren’t terribly useful.  The Trap can be used as a laser, but Peter already has one.  It can also be used to suspend ghosts, but unless you have another trap handy you can’t actually capture them.  Mostly, this gadget just allows Dr. Venkman to finish what he started with his proton pack.

Ecto-1 is the Ghostbusters’ vehicle.  It’s a little weird looking in that the Lego version only has two tires.  It has four in the game, but I guess the parts were expensive.  The Ecto-1 can be upgraded to shoot water which can be used to clean up hazardous slime or grow plants.  It can also be used as a tow truck or a submarine.  The submarine has the ability to blow up silver bricks.  So all in all, it’s pretty versatile as Lego Dimensions vehicles go.

The last thing the Level Pack has to offer is access to the Ghostbusters adventure world.  The open world includes lots of memorable locations to explore like the firehouse and the library.  But it also gives a lot of love to Ghostbusters 2.  The Manhattan Museum of Art features a giant painting of Vigo the Carpathian and beneath the streets of New York runs a river of pink slime.

If you’re on a budget, there are two Fun Packs which will also give you access to this adventure world.  But we’ll talk about them next week.


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  1. When it comes to the 2009 game, I just wish there was a create-a-character option, but I finished the game at the end of 2014 and don’t really remember the dialogue being all that repetitive (it’s been suggested not to play the game on hard difficulty unless one is hardcore, due to having no option to skip cutscenes if there is a failure). I’ve considered replaying the game again (it’s not a particularly long game anyway) soon, so I’ll have to look out for that type of repetition.


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