Weekly Recap: Awards Season Starts and Milla Jovovich Upsets Will Smith


Every week at Le Blog is full of excitement.  But this week, the site was bursting with good stuff you don’t want to miss.  The Movies of 1997 bracket game has proven to be unpredictable, celebrities continued celebrating birthdays and the Oscar and Razzie nominees were announced.  All that plus Lego ghosts were busted.  If you missed any of the action, I’m here to catch you up with another weekly recap.

The big news of the week was of course the kick off of awards season.  Readers were on pins and needles wondering who would be honored with a nomination for the Golden Raspberry Awards.  Top honors went to Batman V Superman and Zoolander 2.  Once the winners are announced in February, I’ll have my full recap.  Piggybacking on the glamor and prestige of the Razzies, the Oscars also announced their nominees.   Earlier today, dwmcguff shared his detailed reactions including who would win, who he thought should win, who got snubbed and who was undeserving.  Agree or disagree?  Be sure to let him know in the comments section.

Jestak provided another week of celebrity birthdays including some of your favorites and plenty of people you probably didn’t know about from the worlds of entertainment, sports, history and the arts.  There’s something for everyone.  This week, the headliners included:

There’s fourteen names you probably won’t see listed together anywhere else.

The Movies of 1997 Bracket Game heated up with some close matches and a few results that I found surprising.  Milla Jovovich isn’t having the best weekend at the box office.  Resident Evil: The Final Chapter opened in third place behind a holdover from last week (Split) and a dog movie that has been accused of animal cruelty (A Dog’s Purpose).  But at least she can take some solace in the fact that her sci-fi fantasy movie, The Fifth Element, beat out the popular sci-fi comedy, Men in Black, in the first round of our bracket game.  Insiders report that Tommy Lee Jones is inconsolable and Will Smith spent most of the week crying in his money.  Here at Le Blog, you readers wield that kind of power.  Here are the matches of the week:

And here’s your weekly reminder.  The only way to keep your favorite movie moving forward is to come back and vote daily.  Don’t let your favorite movie from two decades ago get knocked out because you had “more important things to do”.  Milla Jovovich is counting on you.


Daffy’s game reminds us of the best the year had to offer.  And by and large, I think we can all agree that 1997 was a pretty solid year for movies overall.  But every year has its stinkers.  Turns out 1997 wasn’t a very good year for sequels.  When I ranked the year in sequels, only the top two were in any way satisfactory.  It was a year in which Batman & Robin wasn’t even the worst sequel of the year.

You’re probably thinking that was it.  What more could you expect from a blog people contribute to in their spare time?  Well how about some Starlog archives?  We delved into the January 2007 issue which covered topics including Children of Men, an interview with Lady in the Water star Paul Giamatti and an interview with the head writer of Dr. Who.

Last and probably least (okay definitely least since to the best of my knowledge none of our regular readers actually play Lego Dimensions) I took a look at the Ghostbusters Level Pack – a must have for anyone whose interest in Bill Murray movies overlaps with interests in toys and video games.

Next Week: I know you’re all looking forward to more Lego Ghostbusters content, right?  Well, whether you are or not, it’s coming.  The Movies of 1997 Bracket Game will probably shock and amaze us all.  We’ll marvel over who shares a birthday at the end of January and the first days of February.  Kev the Writer accuses three popular actors of being stuck in a rut.  I’m expecting more celebrity tears after that one plus a new Sad Affleck meme.  We’ll have some more from the Starlog Archives plus the return of Movieline articles covering the double-sized “Sex” issues from 1992, 1997 and 2002.  If you’re worried you might have missed something, come back next Sunday for another scintillating weekly recap.



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