Starlog Archives: Christopher Reeve Flies Again

For many, myself included, Christopher Reeve was the definitive Superman.  Following the third movie in the original trilogy, Reeve hung up his cape and tights.  But his post-Man of Steel career didn’t exactly take flight.  Four years later, Reeve was ready to reprise his signature role.  The rights to Superman had been bought from the Salkinds by Cannon Films in a bid at legitimacy.  To entice Reeve back to the part, Cannon offered him creative control over the story.  But Superman IV suffered from massive budget cuts as Cannon went out of business.

In the February 1987 issue of Starlog magazine, Reeve discussed his return to Superman.  At the time, production was less than two weeks away and the actor had no idea the movie wasn’t going to work out.  The article notes that Superman IV was scheduled for a 1988 release to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the character.  Instead, Cannon dropped in in theaters just a few months later.


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  1. I always like it when other films are mentioned, in this case “Street Smart” (I’ve praised it in many other previous comments), “Deathtrap” (which I like; thanks again HBO), and “Somewhere in Time” (which I found that I kinda like). A word kept popping in my head when it came to dealing with The Quest for Peace though, and that word is DOOMED, so I’m glad the Q & A was about basic questions to Reeve, some of his other films, and what’s next for him (he did do comedy, 1988’s “Switching Channels”, and I thought he held up well. I figured he would, since I found his Clark Kent pretty amusing).


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