Movies of 1997 Bracket Champion!


We had a pretty tight final contest for this 1997 movie bracket, with the winner taking in just over 52% of the vote. But a close victory is still a victory, so Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights is officially the greatest movie of 1997. Somebody should call up James Cameron and let him know where to send that Best Picture statuette. Maybe we should have had brackets for the rest of the year’s categories too…Don’t mind if I do!

Ha! NOooooNoNonononono….that way lies madness.

Instead, let’s just share another great video from our champion!

That’s Doctor Octopus, Alfred Molina in that silver silk robe by the way.

Thanks so much to everybody who voted and commented and read over the past two weeks! I’m going to be catching a few more movies over the weekend and will hopefully be in position to begin our Oscars coverage by this time next week. Be sure to come back around for that!


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  1. Well, I thought it was a good final, but I’m glad “Boogie Nights” won.


  2. Alfred Molina, when it comes to this here though, I’ll always think of Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian” more than “Jesse’s Girl”.


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