Daffy Does Disney – 60 Days until Walt Disney World

Okay, I’ve got to warn you right up front. This is a trip planning video that has a pretty limited audience. If you’ve never spent time over-planning a trip to Walt Disney World what you see in this video will probably seem arcane and a little bewildering. If you’re one of those people who got annoyed with Lebeau’s 50 day countdown to his trip a few years ago, this post isn’t for you. There is no video of the beautiful parks. There are no bouncy sing-along songs. This is pure obsessive trip planning. Keep in mind that I actually trimmed more than four minutes from the original run time.

You’ve been warned.


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  1. Sounds like a fun solo trip. The way in which you experience the resort is so radically different from the way I experience it touring with the family. I have only had a few short experiences touring the parks solo and for the most part I have enjoyed it. The biggest bummer is when you are stuck waiting in line by yourself. But it’s great for wandering around soaking up the atmosphere without worrying about whether or not the rest of your party is bored, tired, etc.

    Your planning actually reminded me that I have grown a little out of touch with some of the minutia of planning a WDW trip. The last trip I planned was 2014 just as the Mine Train was opening and Magic Bands were being rolled out. (Side note: I am shocked that the Mine Train continues to draw long lines three years later.) I suppose I can understand rewarding the early bird over the up-all-night crowd when it comes to reserving FastPasses, but it doesn’t sound like any of your reservations are critical.

    I had heard the “Welcome” show was done away with. I haven’t actually watched the replacement show. You have me curious to see if it is really that bad.

    Our next Orlando trip will be full-on Universal. That requires no real planning by comparison. I’m still holding on to the idea that we might go back to WDW some time after Star Wars opens. Until then, I’m living vicariously. Looking forward to hearing how this one goes.


    • The new welcome show is held on the castle stage. There are plusses and minuses about it, including:
      -the crowds have more space to fan out if they’re let into the park early, resulting in more comfortable guests
      -Security is easier and more efficient
      -It seems like guests are going to be able to grab muffin or other morning snack first thing without giving up the dash to the first targeted attraction.
      -Inexperienced guests will have a chance to get their bearings before said dash
      -The new show is pretty lame by comparison to the old one. There is no singing, no dancing, and no train full of characters.
      -The new show has absolutely no connection to Main Street thematically, which means lots of people will be even more capable of rushing through without considering its merits at all.

      The frustrating thing about the change in the FastPass reservation time is that I’m actually up and about a full 2 hours before it begins. If they had changed it to 5am instead of 7am I’d be golden. As things are, I’m not able to do this part of the planning on my own. Seems like it favors stay at home Moms who have just gotten the kids out the door to school at 7. I guess that makes sense, but I don’t have to like it.


      • LOL.

        You know that any time Disney has to choose between the middle-aged solo dude and the Stay-at-Home Mom, it won’t think twice about giving Mom what she wants. You’re going to lose out there every single time.

        I leave for drop-offs at 7:32. So 7:00 would work for me. We might be a touch rushed, but I could squeeze in the important ones before we left. I can’t imagine there are more than two or three things that require reservations as soon as the 60-day window opens. I hear Mine Train can be tough to get (again, shocked by this) and I assume Frozen and the meet and greet can be a challenge. Avatar when it opens will probably be tough for a while. Last time, I was constantly tweaking my reservations after I had made them and things didn’t get tight until the week of the trip with the exception of the Frozen M&G and the Mine Train which opened while we were there.

        We’re going to be staying at the Royal Pacific while we’re at Uni. That’s got unlimited Express Pass for most of the attractions. Uni’s also opening their new water park which we plan to visit. They have their own version of Magic Bands there so you don’t have to wait in lines. Not sure if staying on site buys us any additional perks at Volcano Bay. We’ll have to see. On the one hand, I’m glad not to have to worry about getting reservations in advance. On the other, the planner in me misses the heavy lifting of a WDW trip.


  2. Did I see that Rivers of Life is expected to be operating soon? Does that change your touring plans?


    • Yes it does, in fact, but really only a little. Animal Kingdom is staying open a bit later so my third FastPass has been used on a seat for Rivers of Light and really nothing else has changed. With less than 60 days until my trip I’m thinking I’ll do something out of personality and not watch any videos of the show before I’m there. My trips are usually so far off from when new stuff opens that I don’t feel any need to stay “spoiler-free” but this time I just might.


      • I would do the same. A lot of times, I will watch the video to make sure there won’t be anything that would scare the kids (although we’re getting past that phase). With less than 60 days, I’d prefer to see the show unspoiled.

        I imagine a FP for Rivers of Light would be a good use of one. I believe I read several concerns about the show having limited capacity. With it being new, I’d burn a FP on it.

        I assume the rest of your FP selections went pretty much as intended?


        • Almost perfectly. The one thing that happened is that i didn’t realize that Illuminations is a “Tier One” FastPass, so I couldn’t get that one and Frozen. But that really wasn’t upsetting at all. I’ll be able to see the show with no problem and just choose another FP if I want to squeeze something in earlier. Really no big deal.


        • Yeah, I know you mentioned you had gotten varying feedback on using a FP for Illuminations. I have heard the same. It’s definitely not necessary to see the show. With the tiers at Epcot, you almost always end up wasting a FP or blowing it on something you didn’t really need it for.

          That’s good that the plan worked out so well so far. Hopefully your luck holds up on the actual trip. I know you’ll roll with whatever surprises come your way.


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