Weekly Recap: Batman’s Stuck in a Rut, but Readers Enjoy Boogie Nights


Even when he’s sporting a pirate look, Robert Wagner is one handsome fellow.  He may have played a character named Number 2 in Austin Powers (appropriately enough the 2nd place finisher in our Movies of 1997 bracket game), but he’s #1 in our hearts.  Or something.  You try introducing a weekly recap with a picture of Robert Wagner.  It’s not as easy as it looks.  Before we all break out in evil laughter, let’s look back at the past week at Le Blog.

Daffy brought to a close our second consecutive bracket game as readers picked their favorite film of 1997.  Here were the final few matches:

In the end, Boogie Nights was crowned the winner, but it was close.  In the final tally, the International Man of Mystery captured nearly 48% of the vote.  Which just goes to show you that every vote matters. If we were to do something crazy like start a new bracket game on Monday, you’ll want to make sure to come back and vote daily to make sure your favorite doesn’t get knocked out.

Now that the game is over, let me start a slow clap for Daffy.  Great, informative and witty write-ups aren’t easy, but he sure makes it look that way, doesn’t he?  Having posted sixteen consecutive articles, Daffy’s going to take a well-earned breather before diving in to Oscar coverage.  So that’s something to look forward to.  You may have already noticed that I have updated the site’s background to reflect the new Academy Awards theme.  If not, check it out.  I don’t change the background for my health!

If there is one guy who can scoff at taking a break after 16 daily articles, it’s Jestak.  That guy’s been running daily birthday articles since July.  How does he do it?  I don’t know.  I’m just glad he does because I learn something new from them every day.  Just in case you missed one, here are the birthday articles for last week:

Of course the headliners just give you a sampling of the daily content.  You never know who else might be celebrating a birthday until you click on the link and see for yourself.  Every day is filled with luminaries in the fields of art, entertainment, sports, literature and even historical figures.

Between the bracket games and birthday updates, we’ve already provided a lot of content.  But we didn’t stop there.  We could have.  Some sites would have.  But not us.  We love our readers too much for that.  So we brought you more starting with the return of articles from Movieline magazine.

Movieline used to kick off the year with a double-sized “Sex Issue”.  Since the cover date was January/February, I held off running articles until the bracket games were running down.  But with those out of the way (and surely no more to come any time soon), I dug out an interview with WTHH subject Rebecca de Mornay from the 1992 issue.  De Mornay had just jump-started her career with the thriller, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle at the time.

We also had an interview with director Steven Soderbergh who had battled back from a sophomore slump with a pretty impressive winning streak.  This was from the 2002 issue just as Soderbergh was preparing to take a victory lap with Ocean’s 11.  And tying in to the Sex theme of the 1992 issue, the writers dubbed Barb Wire a Bad Movie We Love.


This week, the elder Affleck announced that after months of wavering on the subject, he wasn’t going to direct the solo Batman movie after all.  According to Affleck, the Dark Knight is such a demanding role that he couldn’t possibly do it justice while pulling double duty as director.  Apparently Batman is a more complicated part than the one he played in Argo.

I kid Batfleck because it’s fun.  But Kevthewriter observed that despite the box office success of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of a lot of other Superhero Movies, Affleck seems to be stuck in a bit of a rut.  And he’s not alone in that rut either.  If he looks to his left, Affleck might see Matthew McConaughey.  On his right, there could be Bradley Cooper.  Yep, these three incredibly handsome and successful guys sure do have it rough, don’t they?

With Movieline articles back in play, I dialed down the Starlog archives a bit.  But I couldn’t pass up an interview with Christopher Reeve from the February 1997 issue of the magazine.  The definitive Superman discussed returning to the role in Superman IV which was about to start production.

I have been closing the work week with a look at Lego Dimensions.  Because readers demanded it?  Not exactly.  But I have been doing it anyway.  This week continued the Ghostbusters theme from the previous article as we examined the Slimer and Stay Puft Fun Packs.

Next Week: I’m not saying there’s another bracket game starting.  But there might be.  Any guesses what it could be?  Here’s a hint: It’s not the movies of 2007.  Daffy’s out seeing a whole bunch of Oscar nominated movies, so odds are pretty good he’ll drop in and share his thoughts if we all ask nicely.  Jestak’s working the birthday beat.  Kevthewriter brings back Why’d It Bomb?  Plus Movieline, Starlog and Legos.  And of course if it’s Sunday, you know there will be a Weekly Recap.



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  1. We sure are in a good situation at the blog right now, aren’t we? With Jestak pumping out the birthday posts on a daily basis and the back issues continuing to offer material we’ve got a real solid foundation for offering even more. Bracket games can do a lot if you treat most of them as actual articles and they really do give the readers a reason to come back on a daily basis. Everybody who contributes is really helping this to be a lively place!

    I’m working on something to post which has nothing to do with the Oscars and I hope to have it up today or tomorrow.

    As you say, I’ve been catching up on seeing some of the nominated pictures I hadn’t already seen over the last week plus. With just two more movies, I will have personal audience knowledge of every nominee in the biggest 6 categories (Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, and Supporting Actress) and of course those tend to bleed over into many of the other categories.


    • I’m really happy with our current output and I can’t thank you guys enough for all your contributions. I’m working 60 hour weeks right now, so I have to fight for blogging time. But I’m having fun doing it, so it’s worth the effort. My one regret is that I haven’t had enough time to put into WTHH which I know is the primary draw for a lot of folks. January is always a busy season for me and this year is more so than usual.

      When I do the recaps, I’m channeling my inner Stan Lee. The hype is supposed to be funny, but also I want to make sure I’m giving the contributors and readers credit. This is where I intend to give readers who are interested in such things a little insight into what we are doing and why. Also, I want to call out discussions from the comments section that readers may have missed and occasionally tie into headlines like Affleck stepping away from directing Batman or Keaton’s “Hidden Fences” flub. Sometimes it’s tough for me to keep up with the comments section myself. For example, apparently everyone in the world has been obsessed with Kim Basinger this week. Who knew?

      I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what you have in the works. Now, I have to catch up on comments and get ahead on my articles for this week.


  2. Batman’s stuck in a rut? He clearly needs better tires for the Batmobile, so he should give Earl the mechanic a call.


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