Weekly Recap: Epic Fails, Poppins Soars and Crazy Boys Get Cool


As we gear up for the Academy Awards, there’s music in the air.  That is appropriate given that the odds-on favorite to win Best Picture is the musical, La La Land.  So get your dancing shoes on as we samba our way through another jam-packed weekly recap!

Things are never dull here at Le Blog.  But thanks to our contributors, this week was busier than usual.  With so much to cover, let’s start off with the week in celebrity birthdays.

This week has the distinction of including the first-ever birthday article in which neither of the headliners are currently with us.  Bob Marley and Babe Ruth are legends in their respective fields, so our head birthdaystorian, jestak, felt they both deserved, nay demanded headliner status.

Daffy is preparing to do Disney again.  With under 60 days until his next Orlando getaway, Mr. Stardust shared his latest planning video.  This one’s for the kind of hardcore Disney planner who considers the tolls at essential.

This week also saw the return of the long-delayed “movie posters puzzle” project which Daffy started after a trip home last summer.  The latest movie to be captured in jigsaw was the musical classic, West Side Story.  Keeping with music and Oscars, Daffy kicked off his look at 15 Oscar winning songs with “Moon River” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Also in Oscars, I kicked off our latest Academy Awards-themed bracket game.  This one highlights the Best Actress category.  In this game, they are all winners.  Here’s a list of the matches so far:

Some of these were tougher choices than others.  But as always, the only way to prevent your favorite from being eliminated is to show up and vote daily.  As we get into the second round matches, the decisions only get more difficult.  If you want to keep your favorite in the game, you’ll need to keep coming back for more.


Stepping away from the glitz and glamour of Oscar gold, Kevthewriter returned to his Why’d It Bomb series with a look at the largely forgotten animated adventure, Epic.

The Movieline articles are stacked pretty high this week.  We started with Liam Neeson putting the movies on his interviewer in this article from 1992.  Apparently, the pre-marriage Qui Gon made a point of asking to be interviewed by women and then serving them champagne in his suite.  He’s a smooth dude.


We also had a look at rock stars who make mostly terrible movies.  An interview with the lovely Michael Michelle as she attempted to transition from TV shows like E/R to movies like Ali.  And a sit-down with the intentionally repulsive shock jock, Howard Stern as he made a bid for movie stardom with the big screen adaptation of his autobiography, Private Parts.  He also gets personal with a female interviewer, but he’s a lot less smooth than Neeson.

I scaled back a little on the Starlog archives this week.  But I couldn’t pass up the chance to post an interview with Addams Family and Star Trek actor, Ted Cassidy.

And finally, we traveled to Springfield for Lego Dimension’s take on The Simpsons in a Level Pack and Fun Pack which sadly fall short of the game’s usual standards due to contractual issues involving the show’s voice actors.

Next Week: Another 14 birthday headliners, seven days of Best Actresses competing and Best Songs sung, the return of Walking Dead recaps, more Movieline and Starlog archives, and Lego Scooby Doo.


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