Best Actress Bracket Game Ingrid Bergman Vs. Meryl Streep


We have already eliminated fourteen of the most celebrated leading ladies in Hollywood history.  Our finalists are a pair of two-time Oscar winners in the Best Actress category.  The both have also nabbed a statue in the supporting category for three wins each.  Strictly by the numbers, Streep leads Bergman in overall nominations.  But ultimately, this contest is going to come down to preference; Old Hollywood vs. modern day.

But first, let’s take a look at how we got here.


Both Bergman and Streep faced some stiff competition on their respective roads to the finals.  Bergman had to fight past two legends from Gone With the Wind in Olivia de Havilland and Vivien Leigh.  Then she took on four-time Oscar champ Katharine Hepburn and pulled off a massive upset.  Does she have enough gas in the tank to upset Streep as well?

In the modern bracket, Streep faced lighter competition.  Her first two opponents had multiple nominations, but only a single win each.  After defeating Sissy Spacek and Diane Keaton, Streep faced off with her first two-time winner in Jodie Foster who she beat with 60% of the votes.

Over the course of the previous three rounds, we have reviewed both of these actress’ careers.  All that’s left is to pick a winner.


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  1. Come on, Ingrid! Turn this around! Go Ilsa!


  2. One vote here for Old Hollywood.


  3. I think Old Hollywood is great (I’m always up for retro), but I just haven’t seen much of Bergman in comparison to Streep (who I’ve voted for throughout). Bergman’s been something of a Cinderella during this whole bracket though, so who knows.


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