Best Actress Bracket Game Winner!


It may not be the most surprising outcome, but I doubt anyone will object to strongly to the readers’ decision to crown Meryl Streep as their favorite Best Actress winner.  Streep has been a presence at the Oscars since the late seventies.  She has remained relevant for decades.  Over that time, she has continually showed new sides of herself.  Originally, Streep was pigeon-holed as the actress who does accents.  So she stretched out into comedy and even action movies.  Just when audiences thought they had seen all Streep had to offer, she branched out into musicals.  There doesn’t seem to be anything Meryl Streep can’t do.

Midway through the game, reader Lee Kelly tweeted “Bit unfair this particular game.  Streep will beat all comers.  It’s like playing rock-paper-scissors-Phaser.”

Lee wasn’t wrong about the outcome, but Ingrid Bergman didn’t go down without a fight.  Given the structure of the game, this was always going to come down to Old Hollywood vs. the present day.  Streep was almost a given as the representative of modern day actresses, but I had expected Katharine Hepburn to make it to the finals.  Bergman pulled off a massive upset in round three and she very nearly did the same thing in the finals.  Streep’s margin of victory was thin – just two votes separated the actresses.

What amazes me about Streep is that she is still going strong.  Most actresses see their movie careers start to fade in their forties.  Streep is pushing 70 and still arguably on the A-list.  She’s already the most nominated actor or actress in the history of the Academy (currently Streep has been nominated 20 times) and there’s every reason to believe she will add to her record-breaking count.  She may even have another win or two before she’s done.

As we wrap up this bracket game, I thought it would be appropriate to give  Streep the final word.  Here are her three Oscar acceptance speeches from 1980 (for The Deer Hunter), 1983 (for Sophie’s Choice) and 2012 (for The Iron Lady)

Now that Streep has thanked everybody for her wins, I have a few “thank yous” of my own.  First, thanks to you guys for reading and participating.  You guys always make the bracket games a fun daily feature here at Le Blog.  Having done three back-to-back, we’ll probably let some time pass before the next one.  But you can rest assured there will be more.

I also want to thank the guys who have been contributing.  Real life and the bracket game have kept me from commenting as actively as I would like.  Daffy has been killing it on the Oscar coverage and Jestak continues to hit homeruns with the daily birthdays.  I want you guys to know your hard work is appreciated even if I haven’t found the time to participate in the daily conversations.  Now that the bracket game is wrapped up, I plan to be more present in the comments sections.

Over the next few days as we build to the 89th Academy Awards, Daffy’s got more Oscar-related articles for everyone.  And therealadri is returning for another look at Best Costume Design.  I’m going to be gearing up for the annual Golden Raspberry article which I hope to have posted shortly after the winners are announced.  So hopefully you will still find plenty of reasons to come check in with us in between bracket games.


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