Lego Dimensions: Supergirl and Green Arrow


Today’s Lego Dimensions write-up is a little different.  The figures we are looking at today are promotional items which are not sold in stores.  If you must have them, you can buy them online for a price.  Either that or you will need to find a way to meet the terms of the promotion for the character you want.  I was lucky enough to pick up both of these figures in time for them to be used as stocking stuffers.  But if you aren’t able to locate Green Arrow or Supergirl, don’t worry.  They are hardly essential.

Green Arrow was the first promotional figure for the game.  Initially he was only available at the Lego Dimensions booth at various comic book and video game conventions.  In terms of game play, he has exactly the same abilities as Legolas from Lord of the Rings.  So if you can’t get your hands on the emerald archer, you can pick up a Lego Orlando Bloom for around $5 on sale and he does all the same things.

For Black Friday, Gamestop offered polybagged Green Arrow figures with any Lego Dimensions purchase.  That’s how I acquired mine.  Although Black Friday is long since passed, some Gamestop stores still have Oliver Queen in stock.  You just have to ask at the counter.  If they have them, you may be able to get one with an in-store purchase.  It never hurts to call around.

Ollie’s got a few decent skills.  He’s an acrobat, but you already had that covered thanks to Wildstyle in the Starter Pack.  He’s also got a grappling hook, but so does Batman.  The two abilities that potentially make Green Arrow useful are targeting and pole vaulting.  Targeting is pretty common, but aside from Ollie and Legolas, there are only three other characters who can currently pole vault; Robin, Finn and Sensei Wu.

The only real reason to hunt down a rare Green Arrow figure is to round out your collection of DC characters.  He’s not going to open up any new game play for you and there is a cheaper alternative that does all the same things.  But if you are a superhero fan, he looks nice sitting in your collection and it’s fun to sub him in when you need an archer.

Supergirl is a different story.  Not surprisingly, her powers overlap quite a bit with her cousin, Superman.  She has one ability that is currently unique (but not for long).  Since she is not available for individual sale, that’s made a lot of Lego Dimension players pretty angry.  Supergirl is only available for sale as part of a promotional Playstation 4 Starter Pack.  So if you play on another system or you bought your starter during the game’s first year, you’re out of luck.

This is a shame.  I give Lego a lot of credit for customer service.  They will replace missing parts, broken game discs, etc.  But this promotion wasn’t the most customer-friendly decision.  As the parent of a Supergirl fan, I was a bit annoyed.  Thankfully, I was able to convince customer support to send me a figure since I has just purchased my starter pack immediately prior to the announcement of the promotion.  Like I said with Green Arrow, it never hurts to ask about these things.

Like Superman, Supergirl comes loaded with powers.  She can fly and is invulnerable.  She also has heat vision and freezing cold breath, super strength and x-ray vision.  She can swim underwater and even dig.  But her most appealing feature is her unique construct ability.  The usually sweet and perky Supergirl can turn into an angry Red Lantern which gives her the ability to create Lego constructs.

She is currently the only character in the game who can do so which means you need her to solve certain puzzles.  But help is on the way.  Eventually, Supergirl will be available via the game’s hire a hero function.  Additionally, the Power Puff Girls will have this ability when they are introduced to Lego Dimensions later this year.  That’s probably cold comfort to fans frustrated with their inability to complete some parts of the game, but at least the issue is temporary.

Having been lucky enough to obtain both promotional figures, I can say our Supergirl gets a lot of use.  Not only is she my youngest daughter’s favorite character, her laundry list of abilities make her a go-to.  You might as well just leave her on the game portal because she is almost always going to be useful.  Green Arrow mostly pops in when I need someone to pole vault.


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