Weekly Recap: Batman and Superman Got Razzed; JefftheWildman Got Out


After a busy Oscar week, things slowed down just a bit here at Le Blog.  But much like Henry Cavill’s facial expression, some things don’t change all that much.  The site was still jam packed with good stuff to read.  Just in case you missed any of it, I’m here to save the day with your weekly recap.

First off, we had the daily birthday articles.  Jestak outdid himself with several pictures featuring both of the day’s headliners hanging out.  Who knew James Bond and Bon Jovi were acquainted?  Every day is a deep dive into pop culture, history and the arts.  Here’s a breakdown of the headliners this past week:

It was an entire week without any WTHH subjects celebrating birthdays.  I think that’s actually something of a rarity.  But we’ll make up for that next week.


JefftheWildman posted a review of Jordan Peele’s new horror-comedy, Get Out.  According to Jeff, “Get Out succeeds in being legitimately scary while also offering up some well-done (if over the top) laughs and social comment in the process.”  It’s definitely on my list of movies to check out.

With the Oscars out of the way, it was time to analyze the awards for the year’s worst movies.  The big winners at this year’s Golden Raspberry Awards were Batman v Superman and Hillary Clinton’s America.  Razzie voters frequently make the wrong call.  So let’s put it to a vote, Le Blog readers.  Which Worst Picture nominee really deserved the prize?

In last week’s recap, we asked readers to vote on their favorite Oscar-winning song.  Of the seven choices picked from Daffy’s daily Best Song articles, readers selected “Take My Breath Away”, “Over the Rainbow” and “When You Wish Upon a Star” in a three-way tie.

The Lego Dimensions article ran a little early this week in order to give me an extra day to write up the Razzies.  This week, I covered a couple of superhero figures which are not available for sale.  Supergirl and Green Arrow aren’t essential to the game, but any DC Comics fan who plays Lego Dimensions is going to want to add them to their collection.


Speaking of super heroes, Logan opened in theaters this weekend.  This is a game-changing entry in the genre which we will probably be processing at least until the next super hero movie.  I have some thoughts I want to share on the movie next week and it looks like JefftheWildMan is working on his review.  So we’ll be talking about the movie in some detail next week.  But someone wanted to get an early start.  A regular reader posted several spoilers for Logan in the comments sections of several unrelated articles with no spoiler warnings.  This readers had been banned for similar behavior when he spoiled The Force Awakens.  As a result, I have tightened restrictions on the comments section – something I really hate to do.  This is why we can’t have nice things, but I guess it’s necessary.

KevtheWriter wanted to know why Hollywood keeps casting big stars in little parts.  And The Walking Dead spent another hour exploring Negan’s compound in Hostilities and Calamities.

Finally, we had a couple of articles from the Movieline archives.  First up was a sit-down from 1997 with “One-Woman Heat Wave” Salma Hayek.  Then the magazine talked to casting directors about which up-and-coming actors were making noise in 1992.

Next week: Four WTHH birthdays plus Daffy Stardust adds a candle to his cake, thoughts on Logan, superhero movies and the X-Men franchise, it’s adventure time in Lego Dimensions, plus Movieline articles from years past and another week of zombies on The Walking Dead.



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  1. jeffthewildman

    Wish there was a way we could tag the spoilers so they would be hit. A lot of boards have that option. Too bad WordPress doesn’t.


    • I would love to have a feature like that. I’d also like to add a message board to the site. Although from the looks of things, message boards aren’t as popular as they used to be. Or so says IMDB. I always liked them myself, but I understand that WP supports blogging which is a different product.

      In this case, a spoiler function would not have helped. The poster in question wouldn’t have used it. Like I said, he’s done this sort of thing before. His intent was to spoil as many people as possible. My guess is that he was mad about something he had read and was just venting, but I won’t pretend to know why people do things like this.

      The end result is I have tightened up the requirements for posting comments. It’s going to require an extra level of approval for new posters going forward. It stinks that this is necessary, but apparently it is in order to maintain a civil level of discourse.

      I am going to look into that message board thing…


      • I think comments sections are a lot like message boards, but that’s where I take issue with IMDB, because it has neither now. I miss answering some of the questions on there, while also looking for comments on obscure performers or films/TV shows/video games.


        • is probably the best alternative right now for the IMDb boards. A lot of old IMDb threads have been archived over there:

          The Movie Database (TMDb) more closely resembles the overall “point” of IMDb (i.e. listing credits). And while it does have discussion boards too, there for the moment, isn’t a lot of traffic.


        • I just checked it out, it looks okay. Thanks for making me aware of that site.


  2. jeffthewildman

    Hidden I mean.


  3. jeffthewildman

    And I will have the Logan review submitted in the next day or so.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am angry at IMDB. I loved the message boards. It was the main reason I went to that site and I can’t find another message board like it!


    • Tell me about it; I signed up for this one message board site in development called, but so far that just puts my username on a waiting list, so who knows there.


  5. I watched Superman vs Batman for the first time last week. How dare they trash up a movie that bad!


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