Lego Dimensions: Adventure Time Level Pack

Adventure Time,
C’mon grab your friends,
We’re going to very distant lands.

If you know the words to this song, then you or someone else in your house probably watches the Cartoon Network series, Adventure Time.  This weird and imaginative cartoon is about Finn the Human, a boy with a sword and a funny hat, and his best friend, a talking dog with shape-shifting powers named (what else?) Jake the Dog.  It’s one of those shows that can be enjoyed equally by kids and adults which makes it a perfect fit for Lego Dimensions.

The show has been running on Cartoon Network since 2010.  On the surface, it’s an adventure show for kids.  But its wild-world building has attracted a large audience that includes teens and adults.  As a product line that also appeals to kids and grown-ups, it’s not at all surprising that Lego Dimensions rolled out multiple Adventure Time expansions at different price points.  We’re going to start off looking at the big-ticket item, the Adventure Time Level Pack.

What separates a Level Pack from other expansions is the addition of a brand new level to the game.  In this case, the level is based on two episodes of the animated series.  In The Enchiridion! Jake and Finn set out to prove their worth as adventurers by recovering an ancient hero handbook.  Mortal Folly sees the duo taking on a horrible creature who escapes from Princess Bubblegum’s castle.

While it’s impossible to capture all the whacked-out weirdness of the long running series in just one level, these two episodes provide a solid sampler platter.  If you’re a fan of the show, you will definitely feel as though you are in the familiar Land of Ooo.  If you’ve never seen the show before, the level serves as a fun primer for the series.

Personally, I fit somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.  When Adventure Time started, my oldest watched it for a while.  It was on long enough for me to have seen both of the episodes which are adapted here.  Josie’s a fickle viewer and eventually she moved on to other shows.  I liked Adventure Time well enough to watch it with her, but not enough to stick with the show after she stopped watching.

Level Packs typically include a figure and two vehicles or gadgets.  This one is no exception.  As the protagonist of the show, Finn is the character in the Level Pack.  As characters go, he’s very versatile.  First of all, he’s an acrobat which is always nice for getting around.  But most of his abilities center around Finn’s sword.  Year Two includes switches which can only be activated with a sword and currently only two characters wield them; Finn and Excalibur Batman.

Beyond activating switches, Finn’s sword can deflect lasers.  It can also be swapped out for other devices with different powers.  The Grass Sword (no drug references, please) can be used much like Batman’s grappling hook and it can also cut through vines.  The Crossbow is good for targeting and pole vaulting (making Green Arrow and Legolas completely redundant).  There’s also a Demon Blood Sword for smashing “cursed” lego bricks and a legendary gauntlet which shoots lasers.  That’s a lot of skills for a kid with a funny hat.

You hate to see Finn separated from Jake.  But with only one character per Level Pack, his doggie sidekick got shuffled off to a team pack which we will be discussing next week.  The next best thing is the Jakemobile which is basically Jake in car form.  In his base form, the Jakemobile can be used to cut vines or tow things.  It can be upgraded to break glass, break through walls that require super strength, perform super jumps, spray water or hover over land and water.

The other vehicle is the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant.  At its base level, the elephant can fly or hover and has a laser.  It can be upgraded to include a water spray, blow up silver Legos, or function as a submarine.

All in all, the pack nets you a new level, a long list of skills including the rare sword switch ability and access to the adventure world.  There are cheaper ways to obtain the latter, but if you’re an Adventure Time fan you’re probably going to want Finn in your collection.  Next week, we’ll take a look at the Team Pack which also grants access to the adventure world and lets you play as Jake outside of his car form.


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