Lego Dimensions: Adventure Time Team Pack

Last week, we reviewed the Adventure Time Level Pack for Lego Dimensions.  I’m assuming that was most readers’ introduction to the quirky Cartoon Network show.  I have only seen a dozen or so episodes myself due to my children’s fickle TV-watching habits.  But that was enough for me to observe that the show had a lot of imagination and a colorful cast of characters many of whom were included in Lego Dimensions’ second year expansion.  Today, we’re looking at two of the show’s more popular characters who are featured in the Adventure Time Team Pack.

The term Team Pack was applied rather loosely in the game’s second year.  Jake and Finn are a natural team.  But since Finn was needed in the Level Pack, Jake got partnered with another supporting player, Lumpy Space Princess.  When we get to some of the other Year 2 Team Packs, you will see that they play even more fast and loose with the “team” concept.

As with any Team Pack, this one comes with two characters and two vehicles.  There’s no level to play but you do get access to the Adventure Time Adventure World (yes, it’s redundant).  If your goal is just to open up the adventure world, the cheapest way to do so is the Marceline Fun Pack.  As the mid-range offering in the Adventure Time line, the Team Pack lacks the allure of a new level or the advantage of being the least expensive.  But in terms of utility, this pack delivers a sizable bang for your buck.

Jake the Dog is practically a Swiss Army Knife.  He has a long list of useful skills.  Like Scooby Doo (the other cartoon dog in Lego Dimensions), Jake can track and dig.  He carries a flashlight, so he can illuminate dark places making him the equivalent of Shaggy and Scooby in one.  But he’s also a shape shifter which allows him to use a grappling hook, travel through vents and swing on ropes.

Jake can also turn into various forms which will grant him different abilities.  As a dolphin, he can dive break glass.  He can roll into a ball to activate gyrosphere switches which means Jake duplicates most of the powers in the Jurassic Park team pack as well.  He can shrink to access small spaces and grow to have super strength.  He can split off into a smaller version of himself for drone puzzles or turn into a drill to, you guessed it, drill.  That’s one versatile pooch!

Jake’s gadget is the BMO, a living Gameboy like video game.  He functions like a Year 2 equivalent of the arcade machine from the Midway Arcade Level Pack.  Players plug BMO into docking stations to access mini-games.  When upgraded, the BMO can be used to dig or shoot electricity (thus completing the skill set from the Jurassic World team pack.

Lumpy Space Princess is a floating, cloud-like character with a bad attitude and a sense of entitlement.  Few characters are as versatile as Jake, but LSP does offer a previously unique skill.  Like Unikitty, she can blow up rainbow bricks.  She duplicates some of Jake’s abilities in that she can access small spaces and travel through vents.  Additionally, she has targeting, a boomerang and hazard protection.

Lumpy Space Princess comes with her own car which matches her aesthetic.  When upgraded, it can fly, shoot lasers, blow up rainbow bricks, operate as a submarine (with an underwater drone) and break glass (also underwater).  That’s pretty standard stuff for a vehicle in Lego Dimensions.

The Team Pack may lack a new level and it isn’t the cheapest way to access the Adventure Time Adventure World, but it includes a skills list that practically makes the Year One Team Packs obsolete.  If you have this Team Pack, the only reason to own Scooby Doo or Jurassic World is to gain access to their respective adventure worlds.  And obviously if you are a fan of the show, you are probably going to want these characters in your game.

Having said that, the pack doesn’t include any unique abilities.  So if you’re not a fan of the show and you already have these skills from older sets, the Adventure Time Team Pack is less than essential.


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