Weekly Recap: Double-Sized March Madness* (Not Associated in any way with the NCAA)

Did you miss last the recap last Sunday?  Unfortunately, I got caught up in some less-than-risky business that prevented me from posting last weekend.  But I’m back this week and to make it up to you I’m going to recap the last two weeks of articles here at Le Blog.  So get comfortable in your seat, stop watching whatever Tom and Rebecca are up to and let’s get to recapping.

Usually when I write these recaps, I only have to remember one week’s worth of activity and that can be a struggle.  What was going on here two weeks ago?  Oh right.  Daffy Stardust weighed in with a video listing some of his favorite Disney World podcasts.

That was just the start of a busy week which included articles from several of the site’s contributors.  Dwmcguff brought us up to speed on his new project, a piece of sci-fi theater called Advance Man.  Be sure to check it out if you’re in Kerrville, TX next week.  Jeffthewildman reviewed the final movie in the Wolverine trilogy, Logan.  And Kevthewriter caught up with the movies he missed last year.

The site’s most prolific contributor is Jestak who can always be counted on to deliver birthday wishes to famous folks.  Over the last two weeks, we have celebrated alongside twenty-eight headliners and one of our own.  Here’s a breakdown of our headliners since the last recap:

We have a few WTHH subjects in the headliners which always makes me happy.  And while he didn’t quite make headliner status this year, we did wish Daffy a happy birthday on the 10th.  Maybe next year he can knock Sharon Stone out of the top spot.

In the last recap, I asked you guys which of the Razzie nominees you thought should have won Worst Picture.  The two front-runners were Batman V Superman and Dirty Grandpa.  The actual winner of the award, the political “documentary” Hillary’s America, was in the middle of the pack.  As you can probably guess based on the inclusion of a picture of Henry Cavil’s stone-faced Man of Steel, the readers picked the movie in which Batman and Superman try to kill each other for two and a half hours as the worst of the year.

The Movieline archive articles came from March issues in 1992, 1997 and 2002.  We started off with the magazine’s career advice for then-young stars like Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves.  The cover interview was a chat with Drew Barrymore circa her Poison Ivy-fueled comeback.  Rounding out 1992, Michael Angeli asked child stars Edward Furlong, Sara Gilbert and Lukas Haas what it was like to be “children of paradise“.

Five years later, Gianni Versace offered his thoughts on celebrity fashion after designing the dress that made Elizabeth Hurley famous.  The cover interview found Cameron Diaz in a candid mood as she discussed her return to mainstream movies with the rom com, My Best Friend’s Wedding.  The magazine tried to solve the mysteries of future Batman, Christian Bale.  Then, Movieline checked in with relative unknowns Matt Damon and Kate Beckinsale as their careers were heating up.

From the 2002 issue, Joe Queenan asked Harrison Ford and Pierce Brosnan if they wouldn’t mind keeping their torsos covered.  Monica Belluci revealed everything she could about the Matrix sequels which mostly consisted of the reluctant revelation that craft services was good.  And Movieline heated things up with a list of 20 of the most seductive scenes in cinema.  Which of their picks gets you the most hot and bothered?

On The Walking Dead, Rick and Michonne enjoyed date night in the apocalypse on “Say Yes” and then Richard came up with a complicated plan to start a fight in “Bury Me Here.”  Not surprisingly, things didn’t go according to plan.

The Lego Dimensions write-ups got animated with products from Cartoon Network’s hit show, Adventure Time.  First Finn the Human proved his worth as a hero in the Adventure Time Level Pack.  Then Jake the Dog paired with the Lumpy Space Princess for the Adventure Time Team Pack.

Next Week: Ferris Bueller may or may not take a day off to celebrate his birthday, The Walking Dead may or may not kill off a minor character, you may or may not remember the 80’s TV shows featured in Lego Dimensions and the Movieline articles cover topics as diverse as “bombshells” and “foreign bodies”.  You’re not going to want to miss any of that, but if you do check back on Sunday for the (usually but not always) weekly recap.




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  1. “To Have and Have Not”, “Basic Instinct”, and “Risky Business” (I voted for that because of TWO scenes really, which makes me a cheetah) look tied in the seductive scenes vote.


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