Weekly Recap: April Foolishness

Scar Jo sure does look pensive.  I wonder what she’s thinking about.  Maybe, she’s wondering if her capacity for conscious thought qualifies her as a living being instead of an automaton (robotic or otherwise).  Or maybe she is wondering how her big budget sci-fi spectacle which was intended to launch a franchise is getting beat at the box office by Boss Baby.  A third possibility is that she is wondering why she was cast in the lead role of an adaptation of a Japanese comic book and cartoon playing a character who was originally named Major Motoko Kusanagi.  Hard to say.  All I know for sure is that as we move into April, Le Blog was brimming with foolishness.  Let’s recap.

Kevthewriter contributed the site’s first ever article on the “sport” of professional wrestling.  I’ll share a little bit of behind-the-scenes info on this.  This story on the 80’s wrestler Zeus (aka Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister Jr.) started off as a “What the Hell Happened” article a long time ago.  But Lister was never an A-list actor.  As a supporting player, he had a list of credits that went on for miles.  There were pages and pages of bit parts most of which were in movies and TV shows you probably forgot about if you ever heard of them at all.  What makes Lister interesting was that he played a wrestler in a movie and actually took a job as a wrestler as a result.  After I don’t know how many months of editing and rewriting the original article, Kev pared it down to a look at Lister’s side job.

We also heard from Daffy Stardust who will soon be departing for the warm weather of central Florida.  In his latest Daffy Does Disney video, Daffy took on the “controversial” (among Disney fans anyway) subject of Disney’s dining plan.  Whether or not the plan is actually a good deal is a subject that has been hotly debated for years and despite the fact that Disney has continually raised the price of the plan while stripping away benefits, it will likely continue to be the subject of arguments for many years to come.  In his video, Daffy approaches the subject in a novel way by trying to illustrate what you need to do to game the system.  It’s possible assuming you don’t mind having a smoothie for breakfast and Pooh as a dinner guest.

This week’s celebrity birthdays included Obi Wan Kenobi and Princess Leia’s mother.  Here’s a look at the headliners from Jestak’s daily birthday updates:

Every week, these articles include an eclectic bunch from every area of interest.  And of course the headliners are just the tip of the iceberg.  You never know who you will find when you click the link.


We also had several profiles of up-and-coming actors from the Movieline archives.  In 1992, Martha Frankel was highly irritated by a twitchy Ethan Hawke.  Five years later, the magazine talked to Vince Vaughn back when he was still a rising star.  Then in 2002, both Eric Bana and Selma Blair discussed their chances of making it big in movies.  Additionally, the magazine asked “what’s up with all the first-time directors?”  Turns out they are cheap and easy to control.  Finally, we had an indepth look at ten celebrity interviews that went awry.  That last one is my favorite Movieline article of the week.  Check it out if you haven’t.  And if you’re really curious, be sure to read the original interviews which are linked.  Tying in to the birthday articles, Warren Beatty is featured.


The season finale of The Walking Dead airs tonight.  So naturally, this week’s write-up of the penultimate episode involved a lot of set-up and not a lot of payoff.  It’s the show’s seventh season so we all knew what to expect.  That also means tomorrow’s recap will be the last one for a while and I can’t say I’m sorry about that.

And Sonic the Hedgehog sped into Lego Dimensions as I tried to keep up with the Sonic Level Pack.  It’s a must have for fans of the Sonic series who also play Lego Dimensions and not a bad addition for anyone else.

Next Week: After three months of working 50+ hour weeks, I’m getting a little much-needed R&R.  What does that mean for Le Blog?  I’m hoping to be more active than I have been of late.  But we’ll have to see if the kids prove any less demanding of my time than my employers.  In between my Honey Do List and entertaining the girls, I’ll be cranking out a recap of the season finale of The Walking Dead, several articles from the Movieline archives, a new kind of Lego Dimensions offering and the return of an old feature.  No, not WTHH.  At least not unless the kids spend the next week entertaining themselves.  All that plus Jestak on birthdays, a “Why’d It Bomb?” from Kev and maybe a surprise or two.  If you miss a minute of it, be sure to come back next Sunday for the recap.



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  1. I’ll have to be honest, I started that WTHH article on Lister not because he would’ve ever been an A-lister (he wouldn’t) but because he was in a few popular movies he did feel like one of those actors who seemed to used to always pop up in movies but now not as much as he used to. It was only after doing extensive research that I realized the movies he was in that he’s only been in a few well liked and popular movies and most of the movies on his resume are crappy at worst and forgettable at best.

    That being said, considering he was hired to fight Hulk Hogan at one point in the 80’s and then kind’ve vanished from the wrestling world the following year, I did realize that, if you focused on his wrestling career and not his acting career, it did kind’ve make him a viable candidate for a WTHH subject on wrestlers. That also being said, I don’t think I’m going to do another WTHH article on athletes again, though who knows…


    • It took a while to get there but I think we ended up with the right article.


      • Yes we did


        • I for one enjoyed Kev’s article about Zeus’ short-lived wrestling career, and after hearing of the tumultuous process it went through I appreciate it more. Lister actually has a solid block of worthwhile movies to his name in supporting roles: Friday, Jackie Brown, The Fifth Element, and The Dark Knight for example. And to his credit, this guy has remained a consistently-working actor for 30+ years which any actor would kill for, but outside of a small number of notable appearances a WTTH article would just consist of 200+ credits nobody has heard of, which would not be fun. I think even if it took awhile to find this angle for a Lister article is was worth it, it worked out well.
          The other thing worth mentioning is….. and, Ghost In The Shell goes into the pile of films expected to create a movie franchise and failed. And that is a rather large pile these days. It’s nice to know Lebeau that you can do at least one “Movies That Were Supposed To Start Franchises” each year because we always see at least a couple of these non-starters every year.


        • The tricky thing about that series is that these days you get things like Unbreakable 2 released nearly two decades after the original.


        • Worthwhile might be a bit of a stretch but he was in Little Nicky and Goldmember, which some people might remember to this day, if only because of brand value if anything else (Little Nicky for being an Adam Sandler film and Goldmember for being an Austin Powers film) and he was in Zootopia. But, even with those roles in mind, there was still a lot of credits nobody has ever heard of, so it was for the best to just focus on his wrestling career. Thanks for reading it again.


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