Why’d it Bomb? Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

For one reason or another, Roland Emmerich and Fox decided to wait 20 years to make a sequel to the blockbuster Independence Day. In hindsight, that might’ve not been the best idea. Domestically, Independence Day made $306 million and $817 million worldwide on a budget of $75 million (and this is 90’s money were talking about) while the new one made half that, if not less, making $103 million domestically and $389 million worldwide. But why was it such a disappointment at the box office? Let’s find out!

4. People no longer trust Roland Emmerich
Since Independence Day, Roland has mostly made one bad movie after another. Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow, 10,000 B.C., 2012, etc. have all been detested by critics and audiences. While I don’t think this had a huge effect on the movie’s BO, I think there were enough people wise enough to know Emmerich would churn out another lousy project that they decided to stay away.

3. The first movie is kind of divisive
When it comes to most people who’ve seen the movie, it seems like it hasgarnered two reactions from people-there are people who like or love it for being a dumb yet fun movie and there are people who just find it too dumb to be fun. Honestly, I thought the movie was alright myself but the sequel might’ve driven away a large chunk of people who didn’t like the first movie whatsoever, which might’ve affected it’s box office numbers.

2. Will Smith didn’t come back
When it was announced Will wasn’t coming back for the sequel, there was a huge backlash against the sequel and many people complained when they found out he wouldn’t be appearing in the movie. This might’ve been another factor that caused people to avoid the movie, as they didn’t see what the point of another Independence Day movie would be without Will Smith.

1. It just came out too late
Probably the biggest reason this movie underperformed is that the hype for an Independence Day sequel has just died down. I mean, while I wouldn’t say the movie’s been forgotten, who really cares about Independence Day anymore? Not that many people. Therefore, there was no hype for the sequel and it was probably the biggest factor that caused the movie to underperform. It also didn’t help that last year there were way too many sequels to movies that came out too late, most of which bombed or underperformed at the box office, and this movie couldn’t help but get lost in that shuffle.

Of course, there might have been other reasons this movie wasn’t the success they were hoping for but these were most likely the biggest reasons for its underperformance at the box office.


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  1. Personally I enjoyed the original Independence Day for what it was, just a fun leave-your-brain-at-the door popcorn movie. I should probably hide my head in shame for admitting this but I’ve even caught it a few times over the years on cable. Call it a guilty pleasure. Hey, we all have guilty pleasures, right?

    You are right Kev, of course a major reason this movie failed was because they waited too darned long. 20 years later who really cares? That being said, since I did enjoy the first movie I suppose i was the sequel’s intended audience. And there was a point where I might have gone to see the movie. But…..

    Then I saw the trailers. This thing looked lousy. No, it looked worse than lousy, it looked terrible. And then the reviews came in, and the critics collectively tore this movie to shreds. Whatever minor interest I ever had in ID2 evaporated instantly.

    An interesting question pops up in my head about this film: my understanding is this movie ends on a cliffhanger for the intended sequel ID3 to conclude. Except, this movie was very poorly received and more importantly it barely broke even at the box office by the skin of its teeth. What kind of audience would remain for a third film? Why would 20th Century Fox even risk doing another one when it could only do worse than this did? I doubt any moviegoers are sitting on pins and needles with abated breath awaiting the conclusion to the riveting cliffhanger, but I find it funny that a conclusion may never even happen.

    Has that ever even happened before? A big-budget sequel ending on a cliffhanger but bombing so badly that a sequel never happens? Because a 3rd ID looks very unlikely right about now.


    • Actually, it’s happened a lot. Emmerich’s own Godzilla ended on a cliffhanger but there was never a sequel to that. The Amazing Spider Man 2 also ended on a cliffhanger and now the franchise has been rebooted again instead of getting a 3rd sequel.


      • Honestly the more I think about it, the more that sounds like a cool idea for an article. Films that ended on a cliffhanger but never got a resolution in the planned sequel because the film bombed. Feel free to run with that idea if it strikes you Kev! I’m sure it’s a short list right now.

        I never saw Amazing Spiderman 2 so I didn’t know it ended on a cliffhanger, but I did see Godzilla ’98 once. What I remember is, about half way through, I was literally bored to tears with the movie. I wasn’t even really tired, but it’s the only time in my life where I just folded my arms in a movie theatre, closed my eyes and forced myself to nod off for a bit during a movie.

        Wait a minute, now that I’m thinking about it – and forgive me, it is almost 20 years later so my memory might be foggy – but didn’t the movie end with some Godzilla eggs or something, hinting at a future danger? I hadn’t thought about that movie since 1998 so I may be remembering correctly, or not. But I had completely forgotten that it ended on a cliffhanger until you brought it up.


        • Know your right. Anyway, I’m not sure I’d do that but maybe I’ll do it in the future. Actually, I think a lot of potential blockblusters end on cliffhangers or at least kind’ve hint there’ll be a sequel, even if it never ends up happening. Batman & Robin and Fantastic Four 2015, for instance, both ended with the heroes deciding to become a team and go on their way facing future dangers, implying we’d get more sequels but neither movie ended up getting a sequel! (Fox has stated they have no plans to make a sequel to FF ’15).


  2. I think a major point you didn’t cover is the first movie came out at the dawn of CGI in movies, at a time that big CGI disaster movies were all the rage.We’ve long since passed the point where CGI itself wows us. This is kind of related to your #1, but it is bigger than just waiting too long in the way something like Zoolander 2 waited too many years for its sequel.


  3. I literally just finished watching this via DVD. Not a fan – and I really enjoyed the 1st ID. Good piece that sums up why it flopped. My #1 reason is bc Will Smith didn’t return. That didn’t make sense almost. The cast in ID2 were unforgettable (exclude the originals from the 1st) and I didn’t like that the main cast were younger – also annoyed that Vivica A. Fox’s character was killed off (why even put her in? She was a big part of the 1st ID) and that her son (along w/ Smith’s character) played second fiddle to Liam Hemsworth’s character. #2 why I think it didn’t do as well as the 1st ID, the story of this ID2 was all over the place! I truly didn’t know what was going on clearly through out the entire movie. I’m still confused if Bill Pullman’s character was President or made Vice President – and I must have blinked and missed with Sela Ward’s char. died. I looked at the back of the DVD cover and saw 5 writers wrote the script which is why it was definitely all over the place. Hopefully if an ID3 comes out, it’ll be on par with ID1 than the 2nd mess.


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