Lego Dimensions: Gremlins Team Pack

In the summer of 1984, I was 13 years old.  It was a great summer for movies, but one day in particular stood out.  I pulled together all my friends and worked out a carpool to the local cineplex for a double feature of Ghostbusters and Gremlins.  Over thirty years later, thanks to Lego Dimensions, I can relive those glory days with little plastic figurines and in video game pixels.  Today we’re reviewing the Gremlins Team Pack for Lego Dimensions.

Team Packs come with two characters and two vehicles or gadgets.  In theory, the two characters constitute some kind of team.  The Scooby Doo Team Pack gave us the classic duo of Shaggy and Scooby.  But since no one was clamoring for a Lego version of Zach Galligan, Gizmo got paired with his arch enemy Spike rather than the wholesome teen who carried him around in his backpack.  I’m still holding out hope for a Phoebe Cates Fun Pack though.

Our first character is cute and cuddly Gizmo.  You wouldn’t expect a Mogwai to be good for much.  His small size lets him squeeze into small spaces.  Beyond that, what’s he going to do?  Well, if you have seen the zany sequel, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, you probably recall that in that movie Gizmo went into Rambo mode and made a bow out of a paperclip.  Gizmo’s still packing his bow in the game which allows him to target objects, grapple and rope swing and to blow up silver Legos.

Remember when Gizmo ate a Scooby snack after midnight and turned into a scaly gremlin?  Nope.  Because if didn’t happen.  But it can happen in the game.  The Scooby Snack gadget from the Scooby Doo Team Pack gives most characters temporary super strength.  But if Gizmo eats it, he gets in touch with his inner reptile.  As a gremlin, Gizmo can dig, cut vines and perform acrobatics.

Gizmo also has a unique limitation.  Most characters can either swim or they can’t.  If they can’t they can still enter the water, they just can’t go under the surface.  But Gizmo won’t get near the stuff.  If you fall into a pool, he will jump out and scurry away before getting wet.

Gizmo’s vehicle is his little red remote control car.  In its base form, it has electricity.  It can be upgraded to tow things, blow up silver Legos, smash glass, destroy red “cursed” Legos, perform super jumps or cut vines.

Stripe was the leader of the gremlins.  In terms of in-game abilities, he has the same skill set as the scaly version of Gizmo.  Instead of a bow, Stripe is packing a pistol.  He can also dig, cut vines and perform acrobatics.  None of those abilities are all that uncommon which makes Stripe a pretty inessential character gamewise.  Especially considering Gizmo can do everything Stripe can do plus a few extra abilities.  But if you want to play as an evil, mohawked gremlin instead of an overly cute furball, Stripe is your guy.

Stripe come with a camera which can break glass, shoot lasers or illuminate the darkness.  It can be upgraded to perform super jumps and smash red “cursed” Legos.  So, not especially useful.  But what do you want from a Polaroid?

Probably the main selling point of the Gremlins Team Pack is that it is the only way to access the Gremlins Adventure World.  The adventure world perfectly recreates the first movie’s location of Kingston Falls at Christmas.  All town is populated by characters from the movie including Phoebe Cates.  So, that’s worth the sticker price right there.  There’s also a section of Chinatown where you can visit Mr. Wing’s Store and the Clamp Trade Centre and Retail Concourse from Gremlins 2.

In terms of game utility, this set doesn’t include any exclusive abilities.  The only unique content is the adventure world which is a lot of fun if you have fond memories of the movies.  If you don’t know a Mogwai from a Furby, there are probably better Team Packs to buy.


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  1. Cool; the only Gremlins product I’ve ever owned was a coloring book purchased from an outlet (nowadays that store is a Wal-mart), but I know the two films pretty well and I think this looks tops.


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