Disney’s Lion King Remake Means No Worries for Kevthewriter

Disney has been remaking all of their animated classics into live action, all of which have gotten mixed responses to say the least. It’s gotten to the point where many people on the internet have reacted to another announcement that Disney is going to remake another animated movie into live action with dread. If there is one remake that’s even less anticipated than others, though, it’s probably the new Lion King, mostly because of the fact that they’ve called it a live action remake.  And that is stupid.

Considering the whole thing will be CGI, it’s not going to be live action, so calling it a live action remake is dumb, even if the movie looks like it’s in live action (ala The Jungle Book). That being said, I’m actually not opposed to them remaking the movie and here’s why: I’m one of the few people on planet earth who doesn’t like The Lion King. I mean, I won’t deny there are good things about the movie-the animation is beautiful, Hans Zimmer’s score is excellent, the voice acting is for the most part good, with some stand outs in the cast, the songs are mostly decent, there are some good scenes, and I do think the overall story is good.

My problem with the film is that it feels very calculated. It feels like a movie where Disney executives kept telling the committee making the film “okay, you can do this but you can’t do this” or “add more comedic sidekicks” or “add more humor” or “add pop culture references, it worked in Aladdin!” What doesn’t help is that the movie has a very inconsistent tone. The dramatic scenes feel like they came out of a Shakespearean film but, in an attempt to make the film more palatable to kids, the humor feels like it came straight out of a Saturday morning cartoon, what with things like Pumbaa suddenly being able to stand on two legs while hunting bugs or characters spouting off pop culture references.

It doesn’t help that this movie has seven comic relief characters, which is a bit much for a movie with such a dramatic storyline.  Basically, it feels like I’m watching an episode of Game of Thrones where, in the middle of everything, Tyrion decides to stop Joffrey by hitting him with a mallet!

That all being said, I did feel like the original film could’ve reached the greatness everyone else feels it did but, at the end of the day, it seemed like there were too many cooks in the kitchen, a lot of which were chart guys.

However, seeing as I did feel like this movie had potential to be great, I do think that the remake could possibly change some things around and make some major improvements that I think would be needed.

That being said, I kind’ve doubt they will do that. Listen, I haven’t seen any of these live action remakes (unless you count Alice in Wonderland among them) but most of them, judging from the trailers, look like their basically just the same as the original, just with a few added things here and there. I’m going to take a guess that The Lion King will more or less follow suit. Considering it’s a “live action remake”, the cartoony humor will probably go but mostly everything will probably be more or less the same. I dunno, they might make The Hyenas betray Scar and decide to join up with Simba or something but I get the feeling it’ll most likely just be the same film.

Yet, and maybe I’m just being an optimist here, I do kind’ve hope that they will change more than just a few things and it’ll be a movie I do enjoy more than the original, if I even see it. To also be fair, there are some talented people on board. Director Jon Favreau has made some good movies, Donald Glover is a way more charismatic actor than Matthew Broderick, and it’s nice to see James Earl Jones return.

That also being said, I am a little concerned who they got to write the script-Jeff Nathanson. Most of the movies he’s written haven’t been very good, with only Catch Me If You Can and The Last Shot being any good, and, while I’ve enjoyed most of Favreau’s movies I’ve seen, I’m not sure he is a strong enough director to reel him in. I’m also not a fan of who their considering to play Nala-Beyonce. I’m not kidding, they really want Beyonce to play Nala. Listen, she’s a good singer and an okay actress but I just can’t see her in that role. If they wanted a popular black singer, Janelle Monae would’ve been a better choice, as I feel like her voice would suit the character more than Beyonce’s would. Thankfully, it’s not confirmed that Beyonce is going to play Nala and, hopefully, she doesn’t do it. As a result, while I do have some issues with this upcoming remake, I’m actually a bit more optimistic than most and hope this is a good movie because I just don’t have any attachment to the original.


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  1. This trailer contains scenes from the first Chronicles of Narnia movie


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