Weekly Recap: Easter Bunnies, Duckies and Puppies

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it.  Those who don’t can still feel free to enjoy this picture of our own Daffy Stardust and Rabbit from his recent trip to Disney World.  We’ll continue talking about Daffy’s vacation over the next few weeks as his Daffy Does Disney videos roll out.  But when I saw Daffy and a bunny on my FB feed this morning, I thought it was an appropriate image for our Easter recap.  If you were too busy dying eggs to keep up with all the goings-on at Le Blog, here’s your weekly recap to get you caught up.

But before we get to that, I wanted to share a non-blog-related update.  The Spring season is a busy one in the Lebeau household.  Typically, I’m pulling long shifts at work with at least ten hours of overtime weekly.  On top of Easter and Mother’s Day, both of the girls have birthdays just a few weeks apart.  And school seems to be more demanding as the school year comes to a close.  But first, Spring Break which is a break for the kids but less so for Mom and Dad.  Capping that off, as the weather gets warmer, yard work becomes a priority.  Life can be hectic year round but outside of the concentrated madness of the holidays, Spring is when we are being pulled in the most directions.

This Spring has been no different.  Work has been demanding even by the usual standards for our busy season.  But we’ve been dealing with something else this year.  Sadly, our long-time family dog passed away at the end of 2016.  Personally, I was of the mind not to get another dog but I knew I would be outvoted by the girls.  So the compromise I made with them was that we would start looking for a dog when we returned from our summer vacation.  No points for guessing that we didn’t wait that long.

We actually got a dog a month or so ago.  I got a call from a very excited daughter who was at the pet store with a dog she wanted to adopt.  I reminded her of our agreement and that was that.  Or so I thought as I hung up the phone.  Seconds later, she called back asking if we could be foster parents to the dog.  “No harm in that,” I foolishly thought.  When the girls returned home, they had a chihuahua which was not at all the type of dog we had talked about adopting.  We had discussed getting a lab mix like our last dog.  This little animal barked and growled at me from the second he first saw me.  He loves my wife and our youngest daughter, but is distrustful of anyone else.

But don’t worry about the ironically named Thor.  He’s still here because my wife loves him.  Unfortunately, since he growls and snarls at our oldrest daughter, we needed to supplement our household with a second dog.  Yeah, that was not remotely in my plan, but it was the only way to keep everyone happy.  So reluctantly, I agreed that we could get a second dog – a sweet-natured family dog – after we returned from our summer vacation.  Let me introduce our new puppy, Belle.  (And no, we have not yet taken that vacation).

Belle is as sweet of a dog as I could have asked for.  But she’s also a rambunctious puppy.  She alternates between manic energy and naps.  Nothing is safe from her constant chewing and house training is a work in progress.  But at least she doesn’t growl at me every time I come home.

Moving on to blog stuff (presumably the reason you’re reading), let’s kick things off with the week in birthdays.  Jestak’s got the daily updates on who was born when.  Here are the headliners of the week:

As you can see, we observed Double Emma Saturday this week.  As always, there are oodles of interesting stories to delve into.  You never know what you’ll find in the birthday updates.

Daffy spent most of this week in sunny Orlando.  Ostensibly, this was a solo trip to Disney but through the magic of the internet Daffy brought all of us along with him.  Midweek, he dropped in with a video detailing a snack he enjoyed at the Mexico pavilion in Epcot.  Don’t worry, he brought back enough churros for everyone to share.  Daffy also gave us a look at what is usually the least enjoyable part of a Disney vacation, the mundane business of travel.

Kevthewriter is in the middle of a streak of “Why’d It Bombs.”  This week was a Marvel superhero two-fer as he asked why neither Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) nor  the rebooted Fantastic 4 (2015) connected with audiences.  Kev also taught us all to stop worrying about Disney’s not-so-live-action remake of the Lion King.  Hakuna matata!

It looks like Lego Dimensions ate after midnight.  I took a tour of Kingston Falls, the sleepy little suburb that was the setting for the 1984 creature comedy, Gremlins via the Gremlins Team Pack which pairs up cute and cuddly Gizmo with his arch enemy Stripe.  I guess someone figured Arch Enemies Pack wasn’t as marketable.

From the Movieline archives, we revisited an interview with Michelle Pfeiffer just as her movie career was cooling off.   The magazine also caught up with dress designers Diane Clehane asked Mark Badgley for a discussion of Hollywood fashion circa 1997.  From that same issue, the Movieline staff defended Julia Roberts who was coming off the flop Mary Reilly following several years in which Roberts’ tabloid romances outshone her movies.  And finally, a look at some good movies from the largely lousy year of 2001.  The author of this piece theorizes that solid screenwriting was a common factor in their success.

It’s just about time for me to take Belle for a walk.  Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Easter Sunday and comes back next week for more fun and excitement.

Next Week: Fun and excitement.  I literally just said that.



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  1. Cute dog, brings a happy tear to my eye; when my cat, Madonna, passed away in June of 2015, I really didn’t want another cat for a good while, but there was this lady in the village who was moving to Grand Island and couldn’t have animals, so I ended up with a cat named Slippers. Slippery Slippers took some time getting adjusted, pretty much staying hidden for 1 1/2 months (she talks a lot now that she’s more visible), but she’s pretty sweet, and for a 12 year old cat pretty playful.

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  2. Sometimes you have to be open to going off plan. I’m not sure what we’re going to do with these dogs when we go on vacation though.


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