Lego Dimensions: Harry Potter Team Pack

Out of all the offerings in the second year of Lego Dimensions, the one my kids were most excited about was the Harry Potter Team Pack.  Both of the girls are slowly working their way through J.K. Rowling’s series of books and have watched most of the movies.  It would be accurate to describe my oldest as a Harry Potter fan.  The youngest is getting there.  They couldn’t wait to explore iconic locations like Hogwarts and Diagon Alley in Lego form.  In that respect, this Team Pack did not disappoint.

As with last week’s Gremlins expansion, we have another “Team” Pack in name only.  Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort are mortal enemies.  The inclusion of Voldemort over one of Harry’s friends or teachers is a bit mystifying.  Perhaps the most natural choice of a partner for the Boy Who Lived, Hermione Granger, will be featured in her own Fun Pack next month.  So I guess that explains the pairing of Harry with He Who Must Not Be Named.

We have had magical characters in the first year of Lego Dimensions.  Both Gandalf and the Wicked Witch of the West had a generic skill called “Magic” along with a protective magical shield.  All of the characters from the Harry Potter series have these abilities too, but they are supplemented with additional magical powers.

With Diffindo, both Harry and Voldie can cut through red walls to access hidden areas.  They can also solve puzzles by using the Parseltongue ability that allows them to speak to giant snakes – which are far more plentiful than one might expect.  They also have a form of teleportation called Apparate Access.  All of these abilities are exclusive to the Harry Potter characters and Parseltongue is unique to these two characters.

Additionally, Harry has a few more mundane abilities.  He can spray water to grow plants or clean up toxic spills.  He can target objects with his wand and deflect lasers.  With the aid of his broom, Harry can fly.  His cloak provides stealth, he can blow up silver Legos and for reasons that probably make more sense to Harry Potter fans than they do to me, he can grow larger.  He also has an illumination spell.

Harry and Voldemort share most of the same abilities.  The primary difference between the two characters is that when Voldemort does something, it looks a lot more evil.  For example, when Voldemort flies, he leaves a trail of billowing black smoke.  Instead of stealth, Voldemort has the Mind Control ability.  Other than that, they do essentially the same things.

Each character comes with a vehicle.  Harry’s is the Enchanted Car (which I understand actually belongs to the Weasley family).  It can fly, has stealth and can be used to tow things.  With an upgrade, it can be used as a shark-shaped submarine which can break glass underwater and solve drone puzzles.  It can also be upgraded to shoot lasers or cut vines.

The other vehicle, which is linked to Voldemort because that’s how vehicles work, is the Hogwarts Express.  At its base level, the train can be used to tow things or break glass, but mostly it just looks cool chugging along the train tracks to and from Hogwarts.  It can be upgraded to a plane which shoots lasers or a robot with super strength.  All in all, it’s primary function is to serve as an iconic image from the Harry Potter stories.

The primary appeal of the Harry Potter team pack is the ability to explore the adventure world.  Since the game developers have already released several Harry Potter-themed Lego games, it’s no surprise that they completely nailed the look and feel of the Potterverse.  All the locations you would expect to find are there and they look just like they did in the movies.  As is common with Lego games, there are tons of inside jokes and Easter eggs waiting to be discovered.

Currently, the Harry Potter Team Pack is the only way to access this adventure world.  But as I mentioned earlier, that will change in a few weeks when the Hermione Granger Fun Pack hits the shelves.  Hermione has most of the same skills Harry does and her Fun Pack costs about half as much as this Team Pack.  So if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, just hold off until the Fun Pack is released.

We will of course be adding Hermione to our collection despite the fact that we already have access to the adventure world and all of her skills.  But if you’re less of a completionist, this pack becomes a lot less essential when Hermione enters the scene.


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