Spring Break at Walt Disney World: Hitting Rope Drop at Hollywood Studios – Daffy Does Disney

In today’s installment from my spring break trip to Walt Disney World, I start my second day of vacation by applying a couple of well-worn strategies for making good use of early morning hours. My series of interviews with other park guests continues, and you get a little talk from an animation snob. Enjoy!


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  1. I was interested to get your thoughts on Art of Animation. Sounds like, for the most part, you enjoyed the theme. Since you raised the issue, I’ll bite. Which four movies would you select if Pop Century were converted into AoA 2?


    • Ha ha ha ha! I was actually considering writing an article or making a video on this very topic. I think there are lots of answers to that question. Once I really started thinking about it, I was actually pretty impressed with how well WDW chose its four movies for the first AoA. Each movie is very popular – two of them are appropriate to their featured pools – there is an area more traditionally girl focused and one that is more boycentric – …and they managed to avoid anything that some people might consider controversial.

      I’m thinking that if I approach this topic more fully I will probably make more than one list. Perhaps one that only considers the brilliance or importance of the animation in the films, one that mostly follows Disney’s above-mentioned criteria, and a third that maybe manages to split the difference.


      • That sounds like an interesting idea. I generally agree that Disney’s choices make a lot of sense from a commercial appeal point of view. There’s “something for everyone” within the realm of Disney animation fans. (I’m guessing you have heard some of the rumors about future Disney hotel projects. That’s a topic I have been considering tackling here.) Despite the name, it had never occurred to me to consider the quality of the animation as a factor for whether or not a movie should serve as the theme for a hotel. If that were the primary consideration, you would likely end up with Pinocchio, Bambi and Sleeping Beauty themed rooms. While those could be neat, they probably lack the broad appeal of Cars, The Lion King, Nemo, and Little Mermaid.

        Of the four movies that were chosen, The Little Mermaid and Nemo appealed to us more than Cars and The Lion King. We ended up in The Lion King section because at the time, that was the only part of the hotel that was discounted. The Little Mermaid rooms were just opening at the time and the hotel was restricted from most discounts. I’m not sure that is the case any more. Even though we aren’t fans of The Lion King, the immersion was pretty impressive as it was for Nemo and Cars.


    • I did like Art of Animation for my purposes. Although I did spend a little more time at the resort this time around than in previous trips, about 90% of that time was spent resting/sleeping, so all that really mattered was that the bed and room temperature were comfortable (they were) and the bus service was reliable (it was mostly excellent with one glaring exception that you’ll hear about a week from now).

      I was initially a little annoyed that the room they put me in was farther away than I had requested, but then I realized that they had put me into a room with a single king-sized bed that was only a little further from the main building. Considering that I was alone in my room it seems they did a really good job choosing the room for me.

      I was disappointed with that omelet you see being cooked in this video. It was neither a good value nor a good omelet, so I pretty much stopped going to Landscape of Flavors after that first morning. I went in and grabbed some fruit once, but otherwise found early food elsewhere. Maybe that was an overreaction, but I wasn’t annoyed and it worked out fine for me mostly.


      • I am not overly fond of Disney World breakfast in general. We had breakfast at Landscape of Flavors a couple of times. The first time, the lines were so long at all the other stations that we all got waffles. They were typical of Disney waffles. Nothing wrong with them. But what the girls really wanted were chocolate chip pancakes which for some reason are only on the adult menu and not the kid’s menu. The next day I went back by myself as soon as the place opened and got chocolate chip pancakes for the kids to go. I also got myself a “steak and egg” sandwich which was actually a cheeseburger with a fried egg on it. Pretty good if you want a cheeseburger for breakfast. I also got Mindy a smoothie which she liked. It made for a good use of a snack credit on the dining plan (going back to an earlier video). Everything we sampled breakfast-wise was on par or better than what I have come to expect from Disney food courts, but I’m used to brick-like biscuits.

        Where did things go wrong with your omelet? That seems like a pretty safe selection. I’m surprised to hear they dropped the ball.


        • The guy appeared to be thrown by the fact that I didn’t want cheese in my omelet. He apparently depended on the cheese to make the thing hold together and to add to its heft. The omelet I ended up with was pitifully flimsy and tasted like the pan it was cooked in. I would have gladly paid a few extra dollars for a “typical” Disney breakfast with Mickey waffles at that point.

          I know I have heard mostly good things about Landscape of Flavors, so I’m mostly putting this down to a single situation…but it did influence me away from the place for the rest of this trip. If I stayed at AoA again in the future I would try it again, but maybe stay away from the omelet.


  2. I think your production quality is coming along very well, other than during the walking downstairs segment I worried about your shortness of breath. But perhaps it was a brisk pace. The overall cinematography is excellent. And the Lion King footage made me realize all over again how much that was stolen from the Japanese creator of Kimba. My daughter’s orchestra will be playing the Lion King for their spring concert, time marches on and there is no cure for injustice, ever.


    • Thanks, RB! I was surprised to hear my own breathing on these videos after I got home and started putting them together. I’ve paid attention to it during my regular days and found it wasn’t an issue when I wasn’t holding up a camera with one hand and trying to talk in full sentences. 🙂

      I hope you and everyone else here at LeBlog will enjoy each of these videos as I roll them out over the next month. I just finished editing my final video for this trip, which will bring the total to twenty once they’re all posted. There are some individual editing and sound moments I’m a little proud of in the series. The plan right now is to stick with putting them up one at a time on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at about 11am EST.


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