Spring Break at Walt Disney World: Wishes for People Moving – Daffy Does Disney

I’m back in the Magic Kingdom for the rest of the evening and I’ve got a few goals in mind. Hit my favorite Tomorrowland rides, watch the “Wishes” fireworks show one last time, and take advantage of the hordes who depart right afterward. Click the play button above and see how those plans pan out!


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  1. You know you’re preaching to the choir where Disney transportation is concerned. It may seem like a small thing, but those buses are the main reason we haven’t been back to Disney World in several years and have no plans of going in the future. Air conditioning in Orlando is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Especially when Disney packs guests into buses like sardines. Not only is it comfortable, I sometimes question the safety of a packed Disney bus.

    It’s a shame your dinner at Kona didn’t work out. I haven’t personally eaten there, but it’s one of those places Disney fans rave about. Hopefully they were having an off day.

    You probably recall that Mindy’s claustrophobia makes the People Mover an white-knuckled thrill ride. If we got stuck on it the way you did, they would have to call in someone to revive her. I will say Tomorrowland looked very nice all lit up at night.


    • daffystardust

      Even in the open-air portion? I can imagine that she would then get very nervous that it would stop again once it got into the dark tunnels.

      I completely expect the buses to be crowded and it doesn’t bother me much perhaps because I dealt with public transportation on a daily basis when I lived in Chicago. The lack of air conditioning on the other hand was really unpleasant. It didn’t help that I was wearing blue jeans, but I had been comfortable all day in them because the weather was very mild over the whole trip: mid 70s to low 80s the whole time. I put it up to bad luck, but wonder why WDW hadn’t taken that bus out of the rotation.


      • Let me put it this way. She was freaked out by Carousel of Progress because when the theater turns there’s no way to get out. If it’s going to stop, the open air would be preferable to the dark portions. But even without a stop, she has decided the People Mover is “too scary”. You’re exactly right that the possibility of another stoppage in the dark would be ever on her mind.

        I think we both know why Disney didn’t take that bus out of rotation. $$ 😉


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