Weekly Recap: Caught in a Vicious Circle

In the new movie, The Circle, Tom Hanks was watching Emma Watson’s every move.  But audiences weren’t.  The movie opened in a disappointing fourth place at the box office.  But hey, there’s always Beauty and the Beast 2, right?  Observant readers may have noticed that today isn’t Sunday.  A busy weekend and a sick kid pushed this week’s recap back a day.  I’m a day late and possibly a dollar short.  Let me check my pocket for change.  In the meanwhile, here’s your recap of last week’s coverage here at Le Blog.

We had some big-time celebrities in this week’s birthdays.  Here’s a breakdown of the headliners chosen by Jestak for the week:

Just among the headliners, we have Mary Jane, Catwoman and Wonder Woman; three WTHH subjects, several Oscar winners and several legends in their field.  Not a bad way to wrap up the month of April.

The site had a lot of Orlando-related content this past week.  Most of that was thanks to Daffy and the videos from his recent Spring Break trip.  He’s been parceling these out at a rate of three per week.  This week, he visited Hollywood Studios at rope drop to knock out some of the big thrill rides, enjoyed the under-rated Great Movie ride and lunch at the Brown Derby, and made use of Disney’s new express transportation to park hop over to the Magic Kingdom for a too-short ride on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Staying in Orlando, I argued that Disney’s main competition doesn’t get the credit it deserves.  Is Universal Orlando under-rated?  It probably depends on who you talk to.  I spend a lot of time talking to Disney fans who consider visiting another theme park to be a form of treason.  So despite some short-comings, I would argue that it is an under-rated resort.  I’m hoping to put that theory to the test this summer, but we’ll have to wait and see how that goes.

Kevthewriter dropped in with quick movie reviews of Anomalisa (2015) and Don’t Think Twice (2016).  I have heard pretty good things about the latter and can recommend the former to anyone who enjoys the work of Charlie Kaufman.  As with many of Kaufman’s movies, Anomalisa will stick with you long after you have finished watching it.

This week’s articles from the Movieline archive included profiles with Robin Wright and Jared Leto at times when their careers were stuck in neutral.  The magazine also checked in with Kelly Preston at a time when both her personal and professional life seemed to be on the upswing.  And Stephen Rebello asked why Hollywood has such a lousy track record with film noir.

Gang, I’m not going to lie.  April has me worn out.  This past week, my oldest got braces, my youngest got a boot for her fractured ankle and came down with strep throat on top of that and our new puppy got spayed.  No one has gotten enough sleep and everyone is out of sorts.  Keep your fingers crossed for smoother sailing as we move into May!

Next week: I’m hoping to take a nap, get some work done in the yard and then get caught up around here.  Thankfully, you can still count on Jestak for the daily birthdays and Daffy for Disney World videos.


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  1. Sounds like you had a hectic week, lebeau. Hope things get settled down for you.


    • Thanks, man. They will. The strep thing, obviously, was unplanned. The rest was expected. This week, we’re just hoping for speedy recoveries. I wouldn’t complain if the puppy took a few more steps towards house training either. In a couple weeks, we have Mother’s Day and Josie’s birthday, then the school year wraps up and that’s when things usually level out. Work should be easing up soon too. By the end of the month, things should be a lot more chill.


  2. Sounds stressful, like a crazy sitcom over there; hope things calm down a bit.


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