Spring Break at Walt Disney World: Everest & Tiffins – Daffy Does Disney

My day at Animal Kingdom continues with a couple of the experiences central to my plans. One is a tentpole attraction that is widely considered one of the best in all of Walt Disney World, and the other is a signature restaurant which was added to Animal Kingdom just a little less than a year ago. Aside from this, there’s a good bit of wandering around and enjoying the park’s environments and collection of wild animals.


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  1. That’s quite a strong endorsement for Tiffins. “Blissful”. Not sure if I will ever get around to eating there myself, but it is officially on my radar. Animal Kingdom needed some more dining options.

    You’re mugging is too much (in a good way). I especially liked the text acknowledging you had exhausted your facial expressions.

    Everything I have seen from Pandora including a ride video from the River ride looks really amazing. It’s almost a shame it’s in service of a movie that almost no one cares about anymore. Maybe, hopefully, the sequels will change that. (Not holding my breath.)

    Also enjoyed the footage of the animal exhibits. Since I usually skip Animal Kingdom or treat it as a half-day park, it has been years since I have taken the time to explore these. I’m still not second-guessing that decision, but I enjoyed having someone else go out and document what I am missing. 😉


    • daffystardust

      I can’t tell you how much I was hoping the coaster would drift backwards right after I made mention of the hair ties. But it was not to be. I’ve never sat there at the top that long. I’d honestly started to think there might be an actual problem.

      Tiffins was definitely excellent. Everything I ate there was delicious, the service was high end without being stuffy, and the vibe was relaxed and plush. Stitched cloth napkins are usually a good sign.

      I’m a big fan of the animal exhibits there, but obviously that’s something which is much easier to enjoy on your own. I would definitely feel rushed if I was with another person. It was very cute the way that buffalo cantered over to get its meal.

      With the addition of Tiffins and Rivers of Light, Animal Kingdom is not yet a full day park, but has become an ideal split-day park. I took a midday break this day and it worked out really well for me. If I’d made it into the Finding Nemo show I might have stayed all day, but the day was excellent as it was.


  2. Glad you liked Tiffins…we loved it as well and will be our choice of nice sit-down places to go to in the future…especially when we are planning to enjoy Avatar at night and want dinner before we go. 🙂 Maybe we should plan to go back to Tiffins in Sept??


    • daffystardust

      I would be in favor of that. I’m guessing that the crowds will have died down a lot by then, allowing us to leave Pandora for dinner and then go right back in when we’re done.


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