Weekly Recap: Gimme Those Star Wars, Don’t Let Them End

During the first week of May, we celebrated National Star Wars day.  This year is a special one for middle-aged nerds like myself as it is the 40th anniversary of the release of the original movie (not A New Hope.  Never A New Hope.  It was Star Wars, George.  Just Star Wars.)  If you were around at the time, you remember that Star Wars was everywhere in 1977.  It turned pop culture on its ear.  Bill Murray played memorable tribute to the John Williams score with his lounge singer character, Nick.  Murray made the Star Wars theme singable when he put lyrics to the music.  Last year, when The Force Awakens mined the original movie for inspiration, cast member Oscar Isaac revisited Murray’s lyrics with an updated accoustic version of the song.  Here it is for your enjoyment.  Sing along as we dig into this week’s recap.

To celebrate May 4th, I shared my rankings of the Star Wars movies from Worst to First.  Of course no one really cares what I think.  We all want to know how you readers rank the films of the franchise.  The final page of the article allows readers to rank the movies in their order of preference.  Next week, once the results have been tallied, we will see where we agree and where we don’t.

Every day is a celebration here at Le Blog as Jestak rounds up the celebrity birthdays.  You never know what you will find in each daily article.  Jestak’s articles include today’s biggest stars from the worlds of entertainment, sports, and the arts.  But he also let’s you know about historical figures and just about any other notable figure you could think of.  Here’s a breakdown of this week’s birthday headliners:

We’ve got two Batmen (Clooney and Arnett) and a Superman (Cavill) among the headliners as well as several legends (Ford, Crosby, Hepburn, Welles and Cooper).

Daffy just keeps on doing Disney in the form of vlogging videos from his recent Spring Break getaway.  He started off in Tomorrowland where the usually mild People Mover attraction became a bit more thrilling thanks to an unexpected backwards motion.  The next morning, Disney made sure Daffy arrived at Animal Kingdom extra early with an Extra Magic Hour fake-out.  But Daffy made the best of it with a visit to Dinoland.  Finally, after twisting and turning on Primeval Whirl, Daffy settled in for a “blissful” lunch at one of Disney’s recently added restaurants, Tiffins.  If you would like to experience Disney World for free and with no waiting in lines, be sure to check out all of Daffy’s videos.

Kevthewriter checked in with his thoughts on the fourth season of the IFC sitcom, Maron.  He didn’t think it worked.  As it turns out, the previous season was the first season of the show I had ever watched.  Perhaps it was a matter of differing expectations, but for me, the season worked just fine.

This week’s Movieline archives started off with the cover story from the May 1992 issue.  Ellen Barkin was the subject and the interviewer asked if the actress was born to be bad.  Then we moved on to 1997 in which super groupie Pamela Des Barres talked to Jon Voight about romance and Michael Atkinson sized up supermodels who aspired to be movie stars.

Let’s close with the original SNL sketch in which Bill Murray as Nick the Lounge Singer gives his take on the Star Wars phenomenon.

Next Week: Readers rank the Star Wars movies, a Brat Packer ages another year, David Duchovny discusses his plans for movie stardom, more of Daffy on Spring Break and Kevthewriter asks, “Why’d It Bomb”



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  1. daffystardust

    …and if you jump forward to about the 2 minute mark in the below video you’ll catch good ol’ Daffy Stardust doing his best Bill Murray impression for a quietly seething audience of one.


  2. kevthewriter

    About Maron, fair enough, I guess what really disappointed me about the last season, among other things, was, from the perspective of someone whose been watching since episode 1, how quickly it just changed the format of the show instead of gradually letting the formula change


  3. I’m close to this Star Wars deal because I was born & the film was released a day apart. Plus it’s something neat to celebrate (“Star Wars” I mean) instead of the L.A. Riots anniversary or Princess Diana’s death (people always say not to dwell, to move on with the negative stuff in your life, then these events are dug up. What are those, the finer things? It’s really that most people don’t want to hear other’s problems, that’s it, but exposing or covering famous people or events? Ah yeah).


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