Why’d it bomb? Unforgettable (2017)

I’ll just get it out of the way and say why this movie bombed: Katherine. Heigl.

I’m not even going to bother with an intro. The reason this movie has been bombing is because it seems like everything Katherine Heigl does nowadays ends up in failure. Her biggest success recently was The Nut Job and that was a kids movie so I doubt 98% of the audience cared she was in it! Otherwise, audiences have been pretty much staying away from everything she’s been in. One for the Money and The Big Wedding bombed at the box office. She tried returning to TV twice with State of Affairs and Doubt. Both were cancelled due to low ratings. State of Affairs was cancelled after 13 episodes while Doubt was cancelled after TWO EPISODES! She tried setting up an indiegogo campaign for an indie she was in, Jenny’s Wedding, and, while that movie did get made, it did not reach it’s goal of reaching $150,000. She’s also had to stoop to making commercials for Nyquil and Kitty Litter!

It just seems like, whatever she does now, no one wants any part of it. I guess it’s just because, in her career, she has burned a lot of bridges, with people like Judd Apatow and Shonda Rhimes, and she’s also infamous for having an awful mother whose also her an agent, which has made a lot of people not want to work with her. She’s also known for also having a giant attitude problem in general. It seems like a lot of the general public has heard these horror stories and, as a result, it has scared people off away from her, as they don’t want to see a movie starring her, knowing what a diva she is. Of course, part of it could also be that, even if they don’t know that she’s known for her ego, she hasn’t starred in a good movie since Knocked Up. In fact, her career since has been mostly made up of mediocre romantic comedies. Some of these, like 27 Dresses and The Ugly Truth, were box office successes but, over time, I think audiences have wised up and realized that she has a terrible taste in projects, therefore they nowadays might want to stay away from anything she’s in because their afraid it’ll suck. And, as a result, they stayed away from this movie as well.

To be fair to Heigl, there are probably other reasons people stayed away from Unforgettable. I mean, it looked generic and completely forgettable. The plot looked like the most generic thriller ever made and it seemed like the movie was going to be very cheesy. Also, Rosario Dawson, though a talented actress, is not exactly a box office draw herself, even though she has a much better reputation than Heigl. I mean, her name isn’t exactly box office poison but it doesn’t really get butts in seats either! However, if the fact that both of her new shows were quickly cancelled it shows that no one wants to see Katherine Heigl in anything anymore and she was a big reason why this movie bombed!


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  1. Nice timing for this to appear on Rosario Dawson’s birthday. 🙂 Sadly, her talents are not enough to save this movie from the Curse of Katherine Heigl.


    • That was totally 100% planned. Nope, not a happy accident. No coincidence here… 😉


    • kevthewriter

      Joke from Lebeau aside, I actually didn’t know it was her birthday today. Also, gotta be honest, I kinda feel sorry for Katherine Heigl. Even if she is a terrible person, I wouldn’t wish the state of her career on any actor, even if I don’t enjoy their acting or what their like as people.


      • I don’t feel bad for Heigl. And I don’t necessarily think she’s a terrible person either.

        Here’s the thing, her career isn’t what it once was or what it might have been if she had made different choices. It’s still better than 99% of actresses out there. She can still get lead roles in TV shows and movies. Most actresses would kill for half of her success. So, nope. I don’t feel bad for her at all.

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        • kevthewriter

          You have a point. I don’t know, I guess I just feel a little sorry because, even though she can still get roles, all of those are in things that keep bombing. She’s kind’ve like a female Johnny Depp that way…


        • I think Johnny Depp is going to enjoy some success this summer. Pirates will do well overseas if not in the US.


  2. It looked to me that “Unforgettable” was DOA, but since I like campy things, I may check it out someday. Seems like a rather inexplicable film though. Katherine Heigl could really use some lumber though, to rebuild all those burned bridges…I mean, What The Hell Happened To Her? Oh wait…


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