Spring Break at Walt Disney World: I’ve Seen the Future and it Works – Daffy Does Disney

My return to Epcot continues in today’s video with the last of my stranger interviews, and spins on three Future World attractions. One of these is a second look at a new version of a ride that failed to impress at all in my first experience with it. Come along and see what my return to Future World reveals for me.


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  1. Glad to hear the new Soarin’ held up better when you were seated in the middle. I was a little worried you were going to have an accident walking and talking in the crowded pavilion! 😉


    • daffystardust

      There were times when I was recording that way that I had to cut short what I was saying because I had the same concern, but I do feel like it’s fun to see the person walking through a space I’m familiar with. It allows me to take in what they’re saying while also visiting favorite places. In most cases when I stopped to talk to the camera I made sure to be well out of the way of other guests, which often meant I was up against a wall (like I am prior to riding Soarin’ in this video), or sitting at a table or bench of some sort. Although I did do some POV shooting while talking and walking from time to time, I personally would rather see the person who is talking unless what they are looking at is important to what they are saying. I’m sure tastes on that sort of thing run the gamut. If the audience is going to bond with the “host” I feel like they need to see him/her enough to support that. At the same time, I’ve seen vlogs in which I got the feeling the “host” was a bit of a narcissist and was only shooting themselves because they crave attention. Sometimes that’s ok, sometimes it’s done with overkill. Hopefully I trod that line appropriately. It’s part of why I decided to do the stranger interviews.


      • I actually did enjoy the “walk and talk” through the pavilion specifically because I recognized the area. Makes you feel like you are there. But I also noticed your eyes darting around as you ducked and weaved through the crowd and thought “Ulp, look out Daffy!”

        For what it’s worth, I think you’ve managed the balance very well.

        I admit, I started skipping over the interview segments although I watched a bit with the couple today. They started off with some energy, I thought. But even without those, I didn’t think you were in any danger of veering into narcissism. I think viewers can sense your genuine love of the place and the excitement you get just from being there. It’s not about needing attention.

        I’m still deciding how best to document our trip. I had been eyeing a GoPro, but I probably won’t go that route. We’ve had a lot of expenses come up recently; some planned some less so. With two dogs now, one a puppy, I’m thinking we need to fence in the yard and that’s probably going to suck up my camera budget. If that turns out to be the case, I’ll make do with my cell phone footage. That will mean less of Volcano Bay and probably less ride footage, but oh well. I’m hoping I can get the kids to do a lot of the on-camera stuff for me. We’ll see how that works out.


        • daffystardust

          You can get some good footage with a GoPro, but I’ve never gotten the impression that they work well if you want to do the “talking to the camera” thing. That might be less of a concern in your case, depending on what you want to shoot.

          I shot ALL of October’s video with my iPhone, so obviously you can still get plenty of good stuff that way. I’d recommend you have a small tripod available if you take this route so you can shoot with no hands when you’re seated at a table. They aren’t super expensive. The one down side is that it does drain your battery and recharging is a bigger issue. With the rebuilt camera I was using for most of my footage, the battery typically lasted all day and didn’t start to run low until I was back in the room taking stock of what I’d shot. One time the battery ran out while I was shooting my end of the day recap in the room. But that wasn’t a big problem because all I had to do was stop and replace the battery and then keep shooting. The same thing happened in the middle of shooting the Little Mermaid ride one day. When I got off the ride, I just went and sat down for a couple of minutes and replaced the battery. There really was no gap at all. The same could not be said when I was relying on my iPhone. When it ran out of power I had to plug it into an external battery and give it some time to recharge. Yes, if something is really important to shoot you can work off the external battery, but that means you’re feeding from there for the time being and not actually recharging the phone.


        • My phone is a Galaxy S5 which is a few years old. The battery drains quickly! If I am actively using the phone, it will last a couple of hours. On our 2014 trip when the phone was new, the battery lasted most of the day. But the one day I did not get back to the room to recharge it, I had to rely on Mindy to take pictures at dinner because my phone was running on fumes. This year, I ended up buying a portable battery which can recharge several devices throughout the day. They rent these in the parks, but you can buy your own for less than the rental fee. The downside is, it’s like carrying around a second phone.

          My camera does okay in the sunlight, but it’s pretty useless in low light settings. It will get the job done, but I’m not going to wow anyone. I thought with the Go Pro, I could get some good ride footage and some underwater shots at Volcano Bay. Problem is, I wouldn’t have all that much use for it after the trip. And $400 is $400. I’d shoot some at KI, but Mindy’s made it pretty clear that after this vacation she wants to stay out of theme parks for a while.

          Who needs a tripod? I have kids! 😉 If someone’s going to be in front of the camera, I would prefer it to be them. They’re cuter. But Josie can function as a camera operator when needed. Since everyone has a device of some kind, I’m hoping there will be no shortage of material. I’m not sure what the picture-to-video ratio will be. I may start shooting video and get shot down if the family thinks its intrusive. Or if they play along, I may have lots of videos to post. My plan is to wing it. I’m not thinking I have a future as a You Tube star one way or another.

          Incidentally, what kind of camera are you using? I looked around a bit for alternatives but couldn’t find one I liked.


        • daffystardust

          What I really wanted was a Canon G7X, but that was a little out of my price range. The primary advantage it would have over what I’m using is indeed its performance in low light.

          What I found at a significantly lower cost was a rebuilt Sony camera that has a flip screen for that “selfie” style shooting and has a pretty fantastic zoom if you’re perfectly still. Obviously that’s not the case with what I’m shooting most of the time. It does better in the dark than my iPhone, but still not as well as I’d like. I just had to make the trade-off due to cost, but otherwise I’m very happy with the Sony.


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