Weekly Recap: Mommies Dearest

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.  Hope you are enjoying your day.  As the site’s gift to you, I have compiled the mother of all weekly recaps.  Tell dad to take care of the kids and get dinner ready while you enjoy this summary of the week’s activity her at Le Blog.  Which will probably be brief because I have to take care of the kids and get dinner ready.

This week’s birthdays started out with a TV superhero and ended with the villain from an upcoming superhero movie. Because these days, every actor in Hollywood has some link to superheroes.  Here’s the headliner’s from this week’s birthday articles by Jestak:

A belated happy birthday to my oldest, Josie, who shares a birthday with Irving Berlin.  Today, in addition to being Mother’s Day, is also George Lucas’ birthday.  For the last couple of week’s we’ve been ranking the movies that have spun out of Lucas’ most famous film, Star Wars.  After I gave my rankings, the readers had their say.  We agreed more than we disagreed, but there were differences between the readers’ rankings and my own.

We’re a little more than halfway through Daffy’s videos from his Spring Break trip to Disney World.  This week, Daffy caught the new Rivers of Light show at Animal Kingdom.  The he arrived at Epcot bright at early the next morning.  This strategy, fully endorsed by Le Blog, enabled him to score quick access to one of the park’s headliner attractions.  Then Daffy revisited the updated version of Soarin’ and another ride in the Land pavilion which hasn’t seen an update in a long, long time.

While we’re on the subject of Orlando, I ran through some of the many experiences at Universal which will be new to my family.  I’m hoping that between Daffy and me, we don’t burn out the non-theme-park-inclined readers.  But as a newly minted season pass holder, Daffy’s going back to Disney later this year and I will have further coverage of our Universal vacation so hopefully you guys can hang in there.  Next week, I plan to revisit this topic with some attractions I haven’t experienced in a long time.

Kevthewirter found himself a little disappointed in the new Guardians of the Galaxy.  As I said in the comments section, I was pleasantly surprised by the movie.  It’s weird how expectations can impact your reaction to a movie.  I was expecting a mediocre sequel and was quickly won over (in the first few seconds of the first scene) by the movie’s quirky sense of humor and eye-pleasing visuals.

This week’s Movieline cover story was an interview with David Duchovny from the May 1997 issue.  The actor was plotting his escape from The X-Files into a movie career that never quite materialized.  The May 2002 issue included a look at the Young Hollywood Hangover that followed the success of teen-friendly movies of the late nineties.  Before you could say “Brat Pack”, Freddie Prinze Jr. was out of a job.  Finally we had an interview from Edwards Scissorhands screenwriter, Caroline Thompson from May 1992.  At the time, she was dating former Oingo Boingo frontman and future husband of Bridget Fonda, Danny Elfman.

Okay, gotta get dinner on the table.  I will see you all next week.

Next Week: Sarah Speaks, Daffy Does Disney, Why do all the sequels to live-action movies based on cartoons bomb, 14 new birthday headliners and as promised blasts from my Universal past.



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  1. Ah, what a hilarious photo; when I was a kid my mother looked like that a few times, but it turned out it was just a mud mask. She tolerated wire hangers too.


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