Spring Break at Walt Disney World: Slumming in Europe – Daffy Does Disney

Join me as I leave Future World and spend some time in a couple of the more popular Epcot pavilions in World Showcase. First, I grab lunch and interact with a couple of the better-known occupants of the UK pavilion, and then I move on to the France pavilion where I take in the sights and enjoy their beautiful film, Impressions de France.


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  1. You’re peppering the ladies of England with some “gotcha” questions!


    • daffystardust

      The people have the right to know! 🙂

      They both handled it really well, and I doubt it was anything they hadn’t heard a hundred times before.

      I was really lucky to bump into Mary Poppins just wandering around on her own deep in the UK pavilion right after World Showcase opened. I’m not sure if that was her designated spot, but nobody else was around and Alice was meet & greeting less than an hour later in the shady spot near the tea shoppe.


      • Yep. The World Showcase can be a great place for meet and greets because some of the locations are tucked away and people don’t know about them. I agree that both handled the interactions very well.


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