Spring Break at Walt Disney World: Gojunoto – Daffy Does Disney

After another afternoon nap, I return to World Showcase in Epcot for my scheduled dinner at Teppan Edo. Come join in as I wander around the Japan pavilion, see some of its “cute” culture, then notice a toy I can’t remember seeing since I was pretty young. Will you be able to sing along with me? After dinner I watch the fireworks and run across a curious bit of detritus. And of course it will then be time for another installment of Pillow Talk with Daffy Stardust!


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  1. I am glad the afternoon break worked out for you. I think on longer trips, they become more important. You have to pace yourself. Skipping the afternoon avoids the busiest and hottest part of the day. The downside is of course that you double up on shuttles.


    • daffystardust

      It really did make a difference for me on the two days I took advantage of the afternoon break. The following day was pretty full, as i knew it would be, and I’m guessing the lower-impact days preceding it ended up helping me enjoy it.

      Funny, I don’t really remember the bus experiences to and from the parks on the two days I took midday breaks, probably because I was lost in my own thoughts instead of dealing with external things.


      • My situation is probably slightly different from yours in that I am traveling with someone who becomes enraged by the thought of shuttle buses. 😉


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