Weekly Recap: Sarah Speaks and a Return to Twin Peaks

You may have noticed that I am more than a little excited for tonight’s Twin Peaks revival.  It’s not just because Twin Peaks was my favorite TV show for a short while.  There are plenty of TV shows that I liked that I don’t want to see brought back for more.  But Twin Peaks was different.  Not only was the show revolutionary, but it also became a cautionary tale.  The creators of shows which were inspired by David Lynch were quick to point out that they would not fall into the same traps as Twin Peaks did.  If someone said a show was pulling a Twin Peaks, they typically meant that the writers were jerking the audience around.   That the story hadn’t been properly plotted out in advance and was being made up on the fly.  The creators of Lost were quick to claim that they weren’t pulling a Twin Peaks although arguably the ending up doing exactly that.

My point is that Twin Peaks wasn’t just a great TV show.  It was also a show that squandered it potential.  As a fan, I have spent the last twenty-five years thinking about what might have been if only David Lynch and Mark Frost had been more involved in the show’s second season or if ABC hadn’t sentenced the show to death on Saturday nights or forced Lynch to reveal the show’s central secret before he was ready to do so.  Starting tonight, Twin Peaks has a shot at redemption.  That doesn’t mean tying up the series in a big bright bow.  If you’re a Lynch fan, you know better than to expect something like that.  But hopefully this third season will bring closure to something that was at its best strange and wonderful.

Speaking of which, it’s been another strange and wonderful week here at Le Blog.  Why don’t you grab a damn fine cup of joe and enjoy the weekly recap

In preparation for the return of Twin Peaks, I took a look at the first attempt to revive the show as a movie franchise.  Fire Walk With Me has gradually won a cult following.  I have read several recent reviews that hail the movie as an underappreciated masterpiece.  But no one was saying that when the movie was released.  One year after winning the Palme d’Or at the Cannes film festival for Wild at Heart, Lynch was booed at a screening of Fire Walk With Me.  Domestic critics and fans of the show weren’t much kinder.  Lynch was convicted of crimes against pop culture and sentenced to several years of obscurity.  If you would have told me that twenty-five years later, a Twin Peaks revival would be a hotly anticipated event, I’d have told you to pull the other one.  But here we are.  FWWM did not launch a movie franchise as intended, but it is likely to be critical to understanding what’s going on in the new season.  More so than the episodes in which Ben Horne does Civil War reenactments anyway.

Speaking of the new episodes, it is my intent to do weekly write-ups here at the site.  I expect these will be much more challenging than the Walking Dead recaps I usually write.  I can usually just point to the three or four stupidest things to happen in any given episode of TWD and the article writes itself.  Twin Peaks will actually require me to think before I write.  So it’s possible after watching the two-hour premiere I will decide it’s too much work for an admittedly lazy blogger.  But, I’m going in with the best intentions and probably a notepad.  Hopefully I’ll have a recap for you early tomorrow morning.

One thing you can count on is that Jestak will have another installment of celebrity birthdays.  Hard to believe but he is coming up on a full year since he took over writing the daily articles and he hasn’t missed a day yet!  I don’t know how he does it, I’m just glad he does.  Here were the headliners chosen by Jestak for this week’s birthdays:

Any week that includes James Bond (or Remington Steele if you prefer) and Clubber Lang (or B.A. Baracus) is a good week in my book.

While it’s not quite as dangerous or mysterious as Twin Peaks, Disney World can sometimes veer into Lynchian territory.  Daffy continues his ongoing investigation into the secrets of the Vacation Kingdom in his Daffy Does Disney series of vlogs.  This week, Daffy did a deep dive into Epcot with all three installments.  First, he harassed some famous ladies in the United Kingdom pavilion.  Then he went South of the Border with the Three Caballeros in the Mexico pavilion.  Finally, Daffy ended his day with a slightly disappointing dinner in the Japan pavilion.  It all culminates in Pillow Talk With Daffy Stardust.  I warned you things might get weird.

I’m also subjecting readers to Orlando coverage.  After writing up an extensive list of experiences that would be new to my family on our upcoming Universal vacation, I followed up with just three rides that I haven’t ridden in almost a decade.  One of the three is rumored to be on the chopping block in favor of something better suited to it’s location.  So, this may be my last chance to let it make me feel queasy.

Kevthewriter cast a wide net on his latest “Why’d It Bomb?”  This time, he looked at a bunch of sequels to live action movies that were based on cartoons.  Movies like Scooby Doo and The Flintstones rake in the bucks largely due to massive marketing efforts.  But audiences who dragged to theaters by their kids are reluctant to suffer through a sequel to a movie they didn’t like.  Although if anyone wants to make a spin-off movie about Linda Cardellini’s Velma, I’m there.

This week’s Movieline cover story came from the May 2002 issue in which Sarah Michelle Gellar discussed her plans to wrap up her tenure on Buffy the Vampire Slayer in favor of making more movies like Scooby Doo.  We also had a profile with a young Juliette Lewis circa 1992 just as she was coming off an attention-grabbing performance in Cape Fear.

The 2002 issue also included an interview with writer-director Neil LaBute who was happy to discuss his latest movie, Possession.  Fifteen years later, LaBute is still happy to talk about his work.  And to prove it, he dropped by Le Blog to say “hello”.  Check out the comments section for the latest celebrity sighting here at the site.  Unfortunately, he didn’t tell me off ala Sean Young, but I was still honored.  Finally we had a brief profile piece with handsome guys who were hoping to break into comedic roles, Michael Rosenbaum and David Sheridan.  Wait.  Who’s David Sheridan again?  I don’t know.  But you can read the article if you want to find out.

Well, that’s it for me.  I have to get some cherry pies in the oven for tonight’s TV-watching.  Come back next week for more incoherent ramblings.

Next Week: Probably more ramblings, hopefully a Twin Peaks recap, a double dose of WTHH birthdays, Daffy asks princesses the hard-hitting questions and who knows, maybe Todd Solondz will drop by.


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  1. Psst—lebeau. You have the order of the links to the birthday articles in backwards order. 🙂


  2. Congratulations on figuring out our mystery tribute to David Lynch. Totally intentiional…


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