Spring Break at Walt Disney World: Good Morning Magic Kingdom! – Daffy Does Disney

With my last full day in the parks in front of me, I intend to take full advantage of the resources available to me, including the early morning extra magic hours at the Magic Kingdom. My misunderstanding of how the new morning entry protocol works yet again puts me there a little on the early side – and with an empty stomach. Oops. But, of course, once the morning gets rolling all of that gets left behind in great theme park fun!


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  1. Our vacation would not have survived your morning Extra Magic Hour experiences. Good job staying positive when things didn’t go according to plan.


    • daffystardust

      Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.

      Both mornings I actually ended up having fun conversations with other guests who were also up really early. It helped fill the time and make the waiting much more pleasurable.

      If I had been there with somebody else I would have felt embarrassed and responsible for inconveniencing them, which would have just compounded the situation. I find it much easier to let stuff roll off my back when it’s just me dealing with difficulties.


  2. Did you not get a bus time sheet when you checked in?? 🙂 You handled it better than I would have! I do not like getting up early.


    • daffystardust

      I didn’t really have to wait that long for the bus, and there were other people there to talk to, so the time went pretty fast. I’ve found that the bus schedules they have are conservative at times and there are sometimes buses a little earlier than they are actually committing to.

      Something about being there on my own makes it easy to shrug and just go with the flow. Who would care if I got mad anyway? It wouldn’t help anything. I’m a perpetually early person anyway, so I’m used to lots of waiting.


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