Spring Break at Walt Disney World: Chowing Down in Adventureland! – Daffy Does Disney

Don’t let my initial peevishness this time around make you think I’m not having a great time. In fact, few things in life fill me with greater satisfaction than being a critical know-it-all. So sit back and watch me indulge in one of my very favorite activities…and then watch me hang out at Walt Disney World!


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  1. That is quite the queue for the Jungle Cruise FP. I think I would reschedule that puppy.


    • daffystardust

      Although the queue did look a little torturous at first glance, it seemed to move much quicker than I expected. As you can tell from the video I wound up being able to experience the Jungle cruise, the Enchanted Tiki Room, and the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse without any fear of being late for my lunch reservation at Skippers Canteen just an hour after I got into line.

      Speaking of which, my overall impression this time is that I simply chose the wrong entree there. The pork sui I had was large, but the taste and texture weren’t much better than a high-end microwave dinner. The flavors involved simply weren’t as creative as I’d hoped. Otherwise, I liked the Skippers Canteen a lot and I would definitely try it again, but choose a different meal.


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