June 4: Happy Birthday Angelina Jolie and Bruce Dern


Today is Angelina Jolie’s 42nd birthday.  The future Oscar-winner made her screen debut in a small role in the 1982 film Lookin’ to Get Out, playing, appropriately, the daughter of Jon Voight’s character (you all already know they are father and daughter, right?).  Her first major roles were in Cyborg 2 in 1993 and Hackers two years later.  She then made a few indie movies and in 1997 and ’98 had a pair of important television roles, winning back-to-back Golden Globes for TNT’s George Wallace and HBO’s Gia, and receiving Emmy nominations for both.

Jolie then won the Oscar and several other Best Supporting Actress awards for the role of Lisa Rowe in Girl, Interrupted.  She displayed a talent for action roles in the two Lara Croft films in the early 2000s.  During that period she also became a Razzie target for a while, receiving four consecutive Worst Actress nominations, without ever “winning.”  In 2005 she starred in a film that is one of her biggest commercial successes, as well as being the movie that led to “Brangelina.”

In the past decade, Jolie has received critical accolades for her work in A Mighty Heart, The Changeling, and, as a director, for In the Land of Blood and Honey.  She has starred as the title characters of the action thriller Salt and the fantasy Maleficent, her biggest box office hit, and has been a voice actor on the Kung Fu Panda films.  She has also been involved in a wide range of humanitarian projects.

Bruce Dern is turning 81 today; he becomes the second member of his family to appear as a headliner, after his daughter Laura.  He began appearing in films in the sixties, generally in supporting roles, often as villains.  He did a number of Westerns, including The War Wagon, Hang ‘Em High, and The Cowboys.  One of his first lead roles was in Douglas Trumbull’s Silent Running, as a biologist on spaceship who gradually becomes unhinged.

Dern was nominated for a Golden Globe as Tom Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, and received his first Oscar nomination for playing a Vietnam vet with PTSD in Coming Home.  He also gave an acclaimed performance in the 1982 film That Championship Season.  However, the undoubted high point of his career came much more recently, when he became the second-oldest Best Actor nominee in the history of the Oscars, for Alexander Payne’s Nebraska.

Twin sisters Kathryn and Meagan Prescott turn 26 today.  They starred together on two seasons of the English teen drama Skins—playing twin sisters Emily and Katie Fitch.  Kathryn has been the busier of the two since then, playing the title role on MTV’s Finding Carter and major roles in films like The Hive and the upcoming Netflix release DudeOona Chaplin, the daughter of Geraldine Chaplin and granddaughter of Charlie, turns 31.  She is currently a regular on the BBC/FX series Taboo and played Talisa Maegyr on Game of Thrones.

Bond Girl Izabella Scorupco, who played Natalya Simonova in GoldenEye and also appeared in Vertical Limit and Reign of Fire, turns 47 today.  Noah Wyle, who is celebrating his 46th, played John Carter on ER for over a decade, receiving multiple Emmy nominations, and starred as Tom Mason on Falling Skies.  Also 46 is James Callis, who has had a supporting role in the three Bridget Jones films and played Gaius Baltar on the re-imagined Battlestar GalacticaScott Wolf, who is turning 49, first became known as Bailey Salinger on Party of Five, and currently is a regular on NBC’s The Night Shift.

Russell Brand, who turns 42, is a successful English stand-up comic who has won a number of awards, and is also known for his acting roles in films such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek.  Also in Get Him to the Greek was T. J. Miller, who is turning 36; Miller is also known for films such as She’s Out of My League and DeadpoolRobin Lord Taylor, who turns 39, plays Oswald Cobblepot on Gotham.  His costar Sean Pertwee, who plays Alfred Pennyworth, is turning 53.  Josh McDermitt, best known for playing Eugene Porter on The Walking Dead, is also turning 39.  Theo Rossi, who turns 42, was a regular on Sons of Anarchy and now plays Hernan “Shades” Alvarez on Luke CageTim Rozon, who is turning 41, is currently a regular on two series, the Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek and Syfy’s Wynonna Earp.

Keith David, who is 61 today, is a three-time Emmy winner for his voice-over work in the documentaries of Ken Burns, for Unforgivable Blackness, The War, and Jackie Robinson.  He was also “Father” in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and a Tony nominee for the musical Jelly’s Last JamMary Testa, a two-time Tony nominee for revivals of the musicals On the Town and 42nd Street, turns 62 today.  Her most recent Broadway role was as Madame Morrible in Wicked.

Michelle Phillips, the one remaining member of the sixties folk rock band The Mamas & the Papas, known for hits like “California Dreamin'” and “Monday, Monday,” is turning 73 today.  She was also a Golden Globe nominee as Billie Frechette in 1973’s DillingerFreddie Fender (1937-2006) was a Tejano and country-rock singer who had a burst of popularity in the mid-seventies, when he had several #1 country hits, and one, “Before the Next Teardrop Falls,” that reached #1 on the Hot 100.  Operatic baritone Robert Merrill (1917-2004), one in a long line of great American baritones, was a regular in Italian opera repertoire at the Met for decades.  He also did a fair amount of musical theater, notably as Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof.  A second operatic birthday today is mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli, who is celebrating her 51st.  Probably the world’s leading lyric and coloratura mezzo for the last three decades, she is renowned for her performances of the operas of Rossini and Mozart.

Scottish crime fiction author Val McDermid, who turns 62, is one of the leading authors of “Tartan noir” fiction, along with Ian Rankin.  She is best known for her series featuring psychologist Tony Hill and DCI Carol Jordan (which has been adapted into an ITV series), and other novels like A Place of ExecutionRuth Westheimer, better known as Dr. Ruth, turns 89.  She is the author of dozens of books about sex and sexuality and also known for her career as a TV and radio host.

Rosalind Russell (1907-1976) was a four-time Oscar nominee, a five-time Golden Globe winner, and a Tony-winning stage actress.  Her best known screen and stage roles included Hildy Johnson in His Girl Friday, Ruth Sherwood in both the movie My Sister Eileen (receiving her first Oscar nomination) and in the musical adaptation, Wonderful Town (winning a Tony), Lavinia Mannion in the film adaptation of Eugene O’Neill’s Mourning Becomes Electra (winning a Golden Globe and receiving a second Oscar nomination), and Mame Dennis in both the play Auntie Mame (for which she got another Tony nomination) and the film adaptation (which brought her another Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination).

John Drew Barrymore (1932-2004) was the son of one past headliner in this series and the father of another.  He had a sporadic film career, but severe substance abuse issues kept him from becoming a major actor.  Dennis Weaver (1924-2006) had two big television roles in his career, as Matt Dillon’s deputy Chester Goode on the first nine seasons of Gunsmoke, and then as Sam McCloud on McCloud in the 1970s; he won an Emmy on Gunsmoke and was nominated twice for McCloudClara Blandick (1876-1962) worked on stage and screen for fifty years, most notably as Aunt Em in The Wizard of Oz.

George III of England (1738-1820), one of that kingdom’s longest-reigning monarchs, was King during the American and French Revolutions.  He suffered from recurring mental illness during his life (an episode of which was the subject of the movie The Madness of King George), which eventually forced his eldest son to become Regent for the last decade of George’s life.

If today is your birthday, congratulations on sharing your big day with these notable names.  Birthday wishes to everyone celebrating a big day today.  Come back tomorrow for more celebrity birthdays.


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  1. So, does anyone else look at the headline photo and get the impression that Dern is sort of ogling Jolie out of the corner of his eye? I wasn’t going for that effect, but when I got the photos stitched together and into the article, all at once it sort of looked that way.

    Izabella Scorupco is a bit overshadowed by Bad Bond Girl Famke Janssen in GoldenEye, but she’s one of my favorite ingenue-style Bond Girls. She’s got some sass and a little bit of moxie in the action sequences.

    Val McDermid is a very good crime fiction author. I really should get back to the Tony Hill/Carol Jordan series some day.

    When I was about eleven or twelve, I had the enormous pleasure to hear Robert Merrill sing Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof at the LA Music Center. He had a marvelous voice and by all accounts was a very likable man with a good sense of humor; I once came across a charming little dialogue exchange in which Merrill acquaints his son David with a basic fact of opera:

    David Merrill: “You’re the rat again, aren’t you, Daddy?”
    Robert Merrill: “The baritone is always the rat, my boy.”

    Finally, Rosalind Russell. Her performance in His Girl Friday is an absolute must-see.


  2. Angelina Jolie, I think the newest film I viewed her in was “Salt”; I rather liked it. I can understand why she decided against the sequel (I think its called “Salt 2: More Anchovies”).
    Bruce Dern, I’ve liked him in a bunch of things: the basketball coach in 1971’s “Drive, He Said”, the war veteran in “Coming Home” and the blinded gambler in 1987’s “The big Town” are probably my favorites.
    Keith David, yeah, I like his voice work for sure, but there’s also his role in “They Live” and the time he was Vice President Keith David in the video game “Saints Row IV” (when we discover his nightmare is reliving that fight scene from “They Live” over and over).
    Michelle Phillips, I first knew about her from her appearances in “Beverly Hills, 90210”. I haven’t listened to The Mamas and the Papas much, but I do like “California Dreamin” (played in the 1986 film “Quiet Cool” and it bookends season 2 of “Californication”).
    Dennis Weaver, I’ve never seen “Duel”, but I probably should.


  3. I love Angelina Jolie’s 90s work. After her Oscar win she focused on more commercial movies, which in any earlier era would’ve been fine, but this was when the female action hero craze was starting. Charlize Theron and Halle Berry are also victims of this trend. It’s a rather preposterous notion. There are some distinct exceptions. I’d count Uma Thurman in the Kill Bill films, Linda Hamilton in T2 and Jolie’s Salt among them. But in general it just comes across as silly.

    We’re constantly bombarded with photos of nobodies in this day & age but Jolie is the last real star. I definately think she is the very last one there will ever be.


    • Angelina Jolie: Master Manipulator?

      Does Angelina Jolie really believe that anyone is buying this?
      By Maureen Callahan


      Angelina manipulates the media.

      Leaked all unsavory stories of Brad to make herself look good. (Questionable)

      Is reinventing her image for the fourth time. First she was wild and edgy. Second she was a humanitarian. Third she was half of a power couple. And now she’s a divorced single mother weary and ready for a fresh start.

      Her directing attempts are flopping.

      She is out of touch with reality.

      Hasn’t bought furniture and explains it as being so focused on other things.

      Trying to create image of weary homebody now that picks up dog poop.

      Bought $25 million home not for glamour but because she needed a place asap.


      • Angelina Jolie Vanity Fair Interview

        Jolie is another pretentious Hollywood egotist who takes herself too seriously. Her victim mentality is nauseating.


        reply 30 07/26/2017

        Angie demonstrates the unfortunate combination of narcissistic personality with borderline personality disorder.


        reply 33 07/26/2017

        Jolie has been exploiting impoverished children for her own adulation for years. Lookup the photoshoot she did with a child literally in chains a few years back. Rest assured, she’s well lit in the photos with just the right “concern face” on and the accompanying article reminds you that she’s the hero, just in case you might forget.


        reply 36 07/26/2017

        I guess the ‘dragging Pitt through the mud’ PR shtick didn’t work and now she is back to her faux Mother Teresa image. They are both awful egoistic jerks. I feel sorry for all those kids that had to grow up in such a fame whoring crazy household. I think most of Hollywood knows she is a nasty b****.


        reply 46 07/27/2017

        Each movie promotion for her films has some disturbing quote from her and critics reviewing the film talking about her focus on using excessive violence to drive the plot but without any depth or good story-telling (in a nutshell).

        Some of her quotes about disturbing scenes are questionable, she seems to romanticize them or seems to think there is no other way to show cruelty as it wouldn’t be ‘authentic’, her favorite buzzword. She clearly hasn’t learned a thing so I doubt this attempt will be anything more than mediocre as were her previous attempts.

        I’ve seen a change in her interviews about her UN work. She used to cry and be very emotional and into telling people’s stories in personable way then she became this important figure within the UN and I don’t know her demeanor is different. I can’t put my finger on it. Sometimes I think she likes being powerful more than anything else and this story seems to confirm that. Her political friendships and relationships with certain countries seems to make her belief she cannot make mistakes anymore. The way she spoke about bringing this story to the Cambodian people as if they need her to remember?…also was a red flag for me.


        reply 83 07/27/2017

        What she won’t do is address the optics of a privileged celebrity who has banked the last 15 years of her career on being this amazing, beyond all others, devoted humanitarian treating the most vulnerable children on the planet this way. Whereas she would rant for days if any other director/actor/producer were caught bragging about this to promote their film. She flipped out on Leo for mentioning indigenous people in an acceptance speech for The Revenant. That, to her, qualified as exploitation somehow because it’s tacky to raise awareness during an Oscar campaign. She’ll never question Jolie’s motives though, no matter how bad the actual behavior.


        reply 110 07/27/2017

        You just described the mentality of those with NPD/HPD (and maybe BPD) perfectly. It’s like their entire life is an Oscar-worthy drama movie where they’re the stars and everyone else is just a supporting role/bit player. Every emaciated orphan she pats on the head is there to serve as a virtue-signaling prop to her.

        On top of all her other issues, does anyone else think she might have some sort of Munchausen’s or hypochondriac-type tendencies? It’s like we’re hearing nonstop about her myriad health problems. The mastectomies, ovary removal, chickenpox, now Bell’s Palsy, etc. Maybe her anorexia and possible drug use is rendering her body frail? Her obsession with health problems must’ve spilled over to wimpy Brad, who claimed a while back that he has prosopagnosia (face blindness).


        reply 119 07/27/2017

        Why is anyone surprised that Jolie is out of touch? She’s been living in her own world for 12 plus years, where her only fellow occupants have been her six children, her husband, and her staff.

        A night out on the town for Angelina is an awards show. These people never went anywhere without each other. They even do things like clear out a Toys R Us, or a museum, so that Brad, she, and the kids are undisturbed by paparazzi or fans.

        Both she and Brad lost touch with reality eons ago.


        reply 130 07/27/2017

        Angelina’s come a long way from smoking heroin with her dealer in a dumpy garage, and spending days on end snorting blow with Marilyn Manson in his goth Hollywood Hills mansion.

        20 years later, Manson is still sitting in the same house, shooting speedballs.

        Angie was very lucky to get out of that scene. Many haves OD’d at Manson’s place, and someone even died minutes after leaving.

        —True Story, and actually very sad.

        reply 140 07/27/2017

        Munchausen by Proxy syndrome.

        She can’t exploit her children in this manner; they’d talk, and Brad and his legal army would have them whisked away from her during the night. Therefore, she’s doing it indirectly through the Cambodian child: a child she’s psychologically deemed associated with her. She’s nuts.


        reply 142 07/27/2017

        When you end up with the single biggest movie star in the world, your life is going to change in ways that you had never thought possible.

        Angelina became better known for being photographed with Pitt and kids and therefore becoming over exposed. It was her doom as an actress.


        reply 147 07/27/2017

        So she beats a dog until it dies. She feels nothing for the people she sleeps with, so nothing that she has to start cutting herself and bleeding all over them to have an orgasm. And this happened when she was 14. She f***ed her own mother’s boyfriend when she was 16. She poses for photos with starving, naked black children. She casually talks about the exploitation of poverty stricken, traumatized Cambodian children that occurred in the pursuit of THE actor.

        The only reason she was able to get away with this is because of the whole 90s manic pixie dream girl thing AND the fact that she was “HOT.” Now, diagnosing people with personality disorders is a Great American Pastime. Plus, she’s getting old and unf***able. People are going to suddenly realize that she’s not sexy-crazy. She’s personality disorder-crazy.


        reply 159 07/27/2017

        I met Angelina after she filmed Girl Interrupted. This was before she made out with her brother, or hooked up with Billy Bob.

        All I can say is that she was actually a very sweet, and nice person. It wasn’t a situation where I just observed her. I had an opportunity to sit with her throughout the evening and interact with her. She was not a bitch, and though she was quirky, she was really engaging and was interested in others around her, and what they had to say.

        She wore zero makeup, hair up away from her face, a white t-shirt, and black leather pants and boots.

        I’m not sure where she gets this ice queen reputation from, but it was not what I experienced the night that I met her. There were other very bitchy women at this gathering that deserved that rep much more so than Angelina.

        I felt that the VF interview was really off. I think that she’s been much too cocooned in her little world with Brad and the kids for much too long, and she has lost insight on how to present herself without Brad as her anchor, and she as his.


        reply 169 Last Friday at 4:01 AM

        Brad was a battered wife?! I could see it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jolie went upside his head.

        What I want to know is what Brad did or what Angelina thinks Brad did that was so terrible. Another poster upthread pointed out that she did the same thing with Billy Bob. Started a fight, ran out with their adopted son, Maddox and filed for divorce. He still doesn’t know why. I’m assuming that Brad probably doesn’t know why either.

        I suspect that she was over the relationship and no longer had any need for Brad. She probably thought that she’d come out on top with the bad press she tried to spread about Pitt. That blew up in her face. Hollywood sides with Pitt.


        reply 186 Last Friday at 5:58 AM

        i thought Brittany Murphy should have won for Best Supporting Actress for Girl, Interrupted over Jolie. Jolie’s performance was one note and mostly scenery-chewing.

        I felt for Murphy’s character. It’s a shame she wasn’t even nominated.


        reply 198 Last Friday at 9:42 AM

        I don’t think Angelina is an authentic person. Everything about her from wild child to collector of children of color seems to be an affect.


        reply 214 Last Saturday at 8:23 AM

        She is one of those not particularly intelligent or educated people who think they are intelligent and educated. Her ambitions far surpass her abilities and talents. But will anyone tell her that she can’t direct? No.


        reply 218 Last Saturday at 10:25 AM

        The more important dismissal was the so bitchy but incredibly spot-on Scott Rudin email from the SONY hack .

        The nail in the coffin was the “whisper” campaign to ruthlessly destroy the popular and bankable Brad Pitt. He may not be perfect, but video tape evidence on that plane proved her worst accusations were lies. The New York Post in particular has made it their mission to shut her down.

        Ultimately though, the large wave of applause that even caught Brad Pitt by surprise at the last Golden Globes proved, as one person said on Twitter, “Well now we know who got custody of the Hollywood friends.”


        reply 226 Last Saturday at 11:27 AM

        I don’t have any sympathy for Brad. He knew who he was getting involved with and chose to have children with Angie and bring more children in via adoption. He is tied to her for the rest of his life. She’ll always have the upper hand because she controls the access to their children.

        I just want to know how she was able to swing it that Brad has limited access to their children and monitored visits. I always wonder what kind of distrust/dislike of Brad that she is pumping into those kids heads. She reminds me a bit of Halle Berry. She no longer has use for the partner that she had children with and wants to simply erase him from existence. She didn’t count on their being some push back from Brad. She miscalculated that.

        I’m surprised that someone like her would fail to see that she couldn’t easily get rid of him. She initially hooked him with sex and that whole instant family with Maddox. She knew how much he wanted children. Did she really think that Brad would just walk away after she decided she was done with him?


        reply 257 Last Sunday at 6:39 AM

        [R264] but she appears to care what people think of her. She cares a lot. She spends a lot of time and energy cultivating her public persona. We’re all just commenting on the effectiveness of her PR. She was really good at for a while. She lost her touch at a certain point. It’s been a slow decline. I think the leg may have been the start. She should have laughed it off and done some self mocking. Having a sense of humor about yourself goes a long way. She just got more and more serious about herself.


        reply 266 Last Sunday at 9:32 AM

        She seems to have a break up MO. Create a huge scene out of nowhere and nothing and storm off with child/ren leaving the poor bastard clueless over what really happened. Histrionic personality for sure. She’s nuts and her mother was nuts and they both use and abuse men.


        reply 269 Last Sunday at 10:04 AM

        I honestly would not be surprised if she did not have a very unhealthy relationship with Maddox and it sounds like she turned them both against Brad. Maddox quite possibly sees Brad as a rival for her affections. Gotta wonder if there isn’t a Woody/Soon Yi thing going on.


        reply 282 Last Sunday at 12:40 PM

        [R283] There was once a creepy, interesting post on DL describing how she did exactly that. For each of her kids, she likes to ascribe a sort of “personality” to them that she will then cultivate from infancy. The older boys with goth-y clothes and Mohawks, Shiloh with the boy’s clothes, etc.

        And it’s CLEARLY obvious that Maddox, psychologically speaking, is playing the role of husband/man of the house in that family.


        reply 285 Last Sunday at 1:06 PM

        Jolie has always been so corny. Every photo, every interview, every movie, any and all references I’ve seen to this b**** make me cringe. She’s the perfect representation of the humorless,1990s bad girl who totally has SEX!!!!

        “I’m a bad girl! I’ll cut you! But, wait! Now I’m crying! Are you intrigued? I’ll f*** you! I’ll kill you! Look into my glaring eyes! Aren’t they something? I love you! I’m smoldering! Look at my lips! You want me! I’ll kick your a** for that! Why, oh, why do I harm myself when I’m so beautiful!!!!!!?????? And to think you don’t even know my name.”

        The way she holds her lips in photographs, the extraordinarily meaningful tattoos, the way she dresses, the “soft side” that comes out when talking about adopted kids/ dead mommy, the exhibitionist bisexuality, the cornballs she’s married, the super cool detached way she just “goes there” when talking about S-E-X (Omg, did I just say that!). It reminds me of Madonna. I just hate that whole hyper-affected sexuality thing. Its just so f***ing dorky.


        reply 313 Last Sunday at 4:04 PM

        There are rumors that she’s considering a role in the new “Bride of Frankenstein” reboot for Universal (not joking).

        If that happened it would probably be unintentionally campy and hilarious since Jolie can’t really act anymore.

        But since she has no sense of humor, I doubt she could foresee the camp factor ahead of time…

        —Which would make it even funnier…

        reply 349 Last Tuesday at 3:22 AM

        Agree, [[R376]]. And she had that weird quote in the VF interview about Maddox and the other teen kids “questioning” having to travel to Africa etc. instead of staying home and playing video games with friends, but yet “never resisting” it (her words).

        (It was odd wording)

        The VF interviewer said that when she brought up the constant traveling to Jolie and asked if that put any stress/strain on the family and had anything to do with the eventual breakup with Pitt, it was the only time that Jolie got noticable “defensive” and upset with her.

        Jolie claimed that their traveling “lifestyle” had nothing to do with the breakup, was only positive for the kids, and was a “gift” that they (or she?) gave to their children that made them “worldly and headstrong” (or something like that).

        It was funny at the end of the article after trying to play “perfect stable homemaker” through the whole long thing (“the kids are making me take cooking classes right now so I can cook them meals at our home!”) that Jolie finally admitted that staying in L.A. most of the time since the divorce filing has made her stir crazy and that it was really difficult for her to not be constantly travelling.

        She actually says “I can’t sit still!” (and sound exhausted with being in one place) before getting really excited that she’s finally going on another trip to Africa with the kids.

        Yeah, it’s all for the kids🙄

        —I’ve never bought that not even 1 out of the 6 doesn’t love constant travel..

        reply 377 Last Tuesday at 6:49 PM

        She really is the scariest celebrity parent of them all. Madonna’s must have very stable lives compared to what her kids have had. And as some people mentioned upthread, the way she chooses looks and identities for them is just weird…mohawks for Maddox, boy stuff for Shiloh, ladylike and french stuff for Vivienne Marcheline who is supposed to be a reincarnation of non-french, non- indigenous-american marsha lynne! What about the other 3?


        reply 378 Last Tuesday at 7:55 PM

        I doubt anyone really believes she’s molesting Maddox. It’s more like, as [R441] describes, they probably have an emotional/psychological bond/dependency that’s not exactly normal. It’s clear from interactions with her brother that she has weird concepts of familial boundaries, and when it came out that the fight on the plane was between Brad and Maddox, this just confirmed what a lot of people already suspected. There had probably been a power struggle/rivalry simmering below the surface for a long time, and it only erupted when Maddox reached his teens.

        Plus, it’s SO obvious that Angie is one of those screwed-up women who NEED male attention the same way regular people need oxygen (this is pretty common in women who had poor relationships with their fathers growing up. Angie really is every bit a walking cliche, through and through). It doesn’t matter which male she’s getting it from: a boyfriend, husband, son, strangers, her brother. A son is a source of male attention who can’t disappoint or easily leave her the same way a father, boyfriend, or husband can.

        She has little, if any, need for female relationships- the only exception is with lesbians like Jenny Shimizu who desire her the same way a man would, and also with her mother, who she probably views as a reflection/extension of herself. I’m genuinely curious what kind of mother-in-law Angie would make.


        reply 445 12 hours ago

        We’ve had conversations here before about Brad being so malleable he takes on the persona of the woman he’s with. He was ready to get out of the marriage with Aniston because he was going through that weird intellectual phase where he seemed to believe he had become an expert in architecture and she wasn’t particularly interested in his intellectual pursuits or all that impressed with him by that time. Not sure who he was imitating with all of that pretentiousness, but it was an obvious act.

        Pitt started f***ing Jolie while they were working together. She probably said all the right things and hung on his every word so he thought she was brilliant just like him. At the time she was starting to style herself as a perfect mother and beginning to amass children. He probably thought he had won the biggest lottery ever. He was gut-hooked and too dumb or impaired to know it.

        By the time he realized Jolie was nuttier than the proverbial fruitcake, he was immersed in that mess and had no idea how to get out. She’s the kind of women who convinces a man if he doesn’t go along with everything she wants, she’ll throw him out on his ear. He also probably believed she would destroy his life and his career. No doubt in my mind that was a repeated threat because that’s the first thing she tried when they split. Neither of them had any way of knowing she didn’t have the power to pull it off. I think she’s still smarting from that. Now she’s bought the DeMille mansion and she’s probably going to try to regain her status in Hollywood. This VF interview was her opening salvo.

        The leg incident was badly conceived on her part. It would be an unattractive pose for a woman with great legs, but that poor woman’s body looks like Pinocchio. She followed that with the chicken pox (or was it measles?) craziness and people laughed even harder.


        reply 448 11 hours ago


  4. Ruth Westheimer, I recently learned from Trivia Today that she was once a sniper; I found that pretty interesting.


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