Readers Rank the X-Men Movies

The X-Men franchise, with its wiggly continuity, spin-offs, reboots and cross-overs, is an odd duck.  Perhaps that’s appropriate for a series of movies about mutants.  Over the last several years, the series has certainly mutated in some unexpected ways.  Seventeen years ago, who would have expected movies like Deadpool or Logan would ever get made?  With the latter representing Hugh Jackman’s final performance as Wolverine, Jeffthewildman marked the occasion by ranking all ten of the X-Men movies from Worst to First.  Of course we wanted to hear from you readers as well.  Let’s see how readers ranked the X-Men movies.

With ten movies to rank, there’s a lot of room for differing opinions.  The overall voting reflected that with over half of the movies getting at least one #1 vote.  Readers were much more united regarding which movies they liked the least.  By and large, the readers agreed with a lot of Jeff’s rankings.  But there were some fairly significant differences of opinion.

10. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

A whopping 75% of readers agreed with Jeff that X-Men Origins: Wolverine was the worst movie of the series.  That’s pretty spectacular given how many movies there were to choose from and the fact that X-Men: The Last Stand is universally reviled.

The highest anyone ranked Wolverine’s first solo outing was 4th place.  Obviously three-fourths of the votes were concentrated at the bottom, so that’s where the movie landed.

9. X-Men: The Last Stand

Opinions start fracturing as we move up the list.  The majority of readers did put X-Men: Last Stand second from the bottom which aligns with Jeff’s placement.  It received only one last place vote and was ranked as high as third place by another reader.  But a few stray votes couldn’t dislodge it from ninth place.

8. X-Men: Apocalypse

Barely edging out Last Stand was the most recent team outing, X-Men Apocalypse.  Like Last Stand, Apocalypse had a single last place vote and topped out with a third-place ranking.  Readers were pretty evenly split between ranking Apocalypse in the eighth and ninth spots.  with nearly a third of voters ranking the movie a notch ahead of Last Stand, Apocalypse managed to climb up one rung to eighth place.

So far, the readers are 3 for 3 in matching Jeff’s picks.  That’s about to change.

7. The Wolverine

Readers don’t much care for Wolverine’s solo adventures.  The Wolverine, while better than X-Men Origins, still posted an unimpressive 7th place with readers.  Jeff ranked the sequel to the prequel one spot higher than readers did.

The voting on The Wolverine was more concentrated than the rankings for most of the other movies in the series.  Close to 40% of readers put the movie in the seventh slot.  No one named it as their least favorite and no one put it in their top four picks.  The remaining votes were scattered between 5th and 8th place.  The clear consensus was that The Wolverine was second-tier.

6. X-Men

Rankings on the original X-Men movie were very spread out.  It received one first-place vote and no votes in the bottom two.  There’s a pretty even distribution of rankings between second and seventh place.  The lack of bottom two rankings allowed the movie that kicked off the franchise to rise above The Wolverine with a sixth place finish.

Readers basically swapped Jeff’s rankings for the first X-Men and The Wolverine.

5. X-Men: First Class

In fifth place, readers went for the series reboot, X-Men: First Class.  This is where Jeff had ranked Deadpool, but readers were more favorable to the “Merc with a Mouth”.

As with the original X-Men, no one ranked First Class in the bottom two slots.  A couple of readers even named it as their favorite movie in the series.  Almost a third of the votes put the movie in 5th place which was enough to cement the movie in the middle of the pack.

4. Logan

Here we have probably the biggest disagreement between The Wild Man and the readers.  Not only that, but Logan proved to be the most divisive movie among readers as well. Nearly 20% of readers picked Logan as their favorite movie in the series while an equal number put it somewhere in their bottom two.  Those votes pulled Logan out of the top three despite the fact that just over half of readers ranked it somewhere in the three highest spots.

Jeff had First Class in fourth place with Logan as his second-place pick.

3. Deadpool

Despite having fewer top-three votes than Logan, Deadpool managed a third-place finish due to a lack of bottom-two votes.  Close to 20% of readers picked Deadpool as their favorite X-Men movie overall.  The numbers are almost identical to the Logan rankings save for the fact that no one put Deadpool in their bottom two spots.

Readers liked Deadpool more than Jeff did.  He had ranked the movie in the middle at 5th place.  His third-place pick was X-Men 2.

2. X-Men: Days of Future Past

25% of readers picked Days of Future Past as their favorite movie in the series.  While not a majority, that is the largest number of first place votes any movie in the series received.  Over 60% of readers ranked the X-Men mash-up somewhere in their top three with no bottom two votes.  But a few lower-tier rankings in 6th-8th place pulled Days of Future Past out of the top spot where Jeff had ranked it.  His second-place choice was Logan which readers dropped down to the fourth spot.

1.  X-Men 2

That leaves X-Men 2 (or X2 if you prefer) as the top pick of readers.  Only about 20% of you named it as your favorite film in the series.  25% actually ranked it in second place.  But since no one ranked the second X-Men movie lower than 6th place, it was able to hold on to the top spot.  The top two movies were separated by a very narrow margin showing that they are both among the best the franchise has to offer.

If you’re still itching to rank some movies, keep an eye out for Jeff’s next Worst to First when he will be taking on the Alien movies.


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