Weekly Recap: Aliens Invade, Mutants Get Ranked and Twins Peaked

Happy Father’s Day, everyone.

The blog belatedly celebrated the Alien franchise this week.  This was more by chance than design.  Jeffthewildman ranked the Alien movies after watching the latest entry from Ridley Scott.  Completely separate from that, I had an interview with Alien star Sigourney Weaver from the Movieline archives.  You run both of those in the same week and voila – you have a theme.

But it wasn’t all chestbursters and xenomorphs here at Le Blog.  After the jump, get ready for a recap.

Since we’re talking Alien movies, let’s go ahead and recap last week’s mini-theme.  It started off with the cover story of the June 1992 issue of Movieline magazine in which Sigourney Weaver discussed returning to the Alien franchise for the last time in Alien 3.  What about Alien: Resurrection you ask?  Well, it turns out sometimes you can change an actor’s mind if you write them a big enough check.

In the interview, Weaver seems pretty happy with the final cut of Alien 3.  Twenty-five years later, Jeffthewildman disagreed.  When he ranked the Alien movies from worst to first, he picked the third entry as his least favorite movie in the series (excluding the ones that costarred Predators).  Of course half the fun of a Worst to First article is the reader rankings.  Be sure to submit your rankings if you haven’t already done so.  Results will be posted next week.

Speaking of which, the readers recently ranked the X-Men series.  For the most part, the readers agreed with Jeff’s order.  But with 10 movies to choose from, there were some disagreements.

Of course it wouldn’t be a week at Le Blog without Jestak’s daily birthday updates.  Is it me or is mid-June lacking in star power?  Come on people born in June!  Get famous!

Confession time.  I wrote that bit about this week lacking star power on Friday before I realized Sir Paul would be joining the party.  Stars don’t get much bigger than The Cute Beatle.  And Barry Manilow if a pretty big deal as well.  In the 90’s Tim Allen and Helen Hunt were pretty big sitcom stars and Laurie Metcalf was in a pretty big sitcom.  And man, I miss Roger Ebert.  But even with headliners who got added over the weekend, I still say that mid-June needs to step up its game.  If your birthday was any time in the last week, to have one year to become a major celebrity so we can have flashier headlines next summer.  Get on that.

Things got weird in the Twin Peaks recap, but that’s to be expected.  After six hours of television, Agent Cooper continues to struggle with the most basic tasks.  But hey, he’s wearing his old suit again.  That’s progress!  The show’s glacial pacing has probably alienated some viewers.  But loyal Lynch fans were rewarded with three seconds of Laura Dern as Diane.  After waiting 27 years for three seconds of Coop’s secretary, we can be patient with Dougie Jones I guess.

I also kicked off my trip report for my recent family vacation in Orlando.  After watching all of Daffy’s Spring Break videos, I wanted to try my hand at vlogging.  Unfortunately, I am no Daffy Stardust.  So all I have is a picture-heavy recounting of our week at Universal.  Hopefully readers will enjoy a vicarious getaway with me and my family for the next few weeks.

That leaves one article from the Movieline archives.  Mark Wahlberg was still trying to live down his days with the Funky Bunch when he starred in the 1997 drama, Boogie Nights.  At the time, Wahlberg as a movie star seemed like a long shot.  Two decades later, he’s headlining Transformers movies.  The interview just how driven Wahlberg was to defy those odds.

In the comments section, a couple of readers asked about the future of the WTHH series.  It’s been about a year since the last one and there had been a pretty long break prior to that.  I’m definitely planning to bring back the site’s signature series.  If all goes well, I hope to do it sooner rather than later.  I have been giving the series a lot of thought during its dormancy.

I’ve also been kicking around a lot of ideas based on feedback I have read both here and elsewhere.  My goals is to take the series back to its roots with shorter articles that aren’t obligated to detail every single guest appearance on a TV show or direct-to-video movie.  I want to make the articles feel less like an illustrated version of an IMDB entry.  I am thinking that by making the articles shorter, I can start posting them on a regular schedule.  So be on the look out for the next article.  Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Next Week: There’s a couple of WTHH subjects in the birthday articles, I’ll be recapping whatever the heck happens on Twin Peaks and also sharing details of our vacation in my trip report, reader rankings for the Alien movies and a cover story with a future superhero before he took flight.





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  1. I, for one, found it helpful that there were relatively few celebrity birthdays in the past week, as I was busy giving final exams and doing other end-of-the-academic-year stuff at work and didn’t have a huge amount of time for writing the birthday articles. It also let me slip a few personal favorites like Ben Johnson and Ken Loach into the headlines. But there were definitely a couple of days that rank among the lightest for celeb birthdays since I started writing the articles last August.


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