Readers Rank the Alien Movies

Last week, Jeffthewildman ranked the movies in the Alien franchise from worst to first.  So of course we asked readers for their rankings.  The votes have been tallied.  Let’s review the reader rankings.

Overall, readers agreed that the first two movies were the best and Ridley Scott’s prequels were better than the other two sequels.  Their were differences of opinion regarding the exact order.  The overall rankings are reasonably close to Jeff’s with a few movies swapped.

6. Alien Resurrection

The movies in the bottom four positions were not anybody’s favorites.  In fact, no one ranked the last four alien movies in their top two.  Over 75% of readers ranked Alien Resurrection in the bottom two with a little more than half picking it as their least favorite.  A couple of readers ranked it as high as third place, but that wasn’t enough to pull Resurrection out of the basement.

5. Alien 3

David Fincher’s Alien 3 was notoriously butchered by Fox, but it fared a little better in our poll.  Roughly 70% of readers put the third Alien movie somewhere in their bottom two with about 25% ranking it at the bottom.  The highest anyone ranked Alien 3 was 4th place.

Jeff had swapped these bottom two movies with Alien 3 as his least favorite.

4. Alien: Covenant

As the most recent movie in the franchise, I am guessing a lot of readers (like myself) haven’t seen Alien: Covenant yet.  If you’re like me, you probably ranked the movie in a neutral position above the movies you don’t like but below the ones you’ve seen.

Only one reader named Covenant as their least favorite.  Just over a third of you ranked it third.  But the bulk of readers put Covenant in their 4th or 5th slots which pulled it down to the bottom half.  For these middle two movies, the reader rankings match Jeff’s.

3. Prometheus

One reader ranked Prometheus as their least favorite movie in the series.  Everyone else put it in either third or fourth place.  Exactly half of all readers ranked Prometheus as their third favorite movie.  I would be interested to see if that changes after more of us have seen Covenant.

2. Aliens

This is where we have a very clear divide in the franchise.  Everyone agreed that Alien and Aliens were the top two movies in the series.  Where readers (and Jeff) different is over which of these great movies is better.  Roughly 35% of readers agreed with Jeff that James Cameron’s sequel was better than the original movie.  The other 65% made it their second place pick.

1. Alien

The 65% that ranked Aliens second made Ridley Scott’s Alien their top pick.  The other 35% ranked it just behind the sequel.  I think most of us would agree that we’re dealing with two very different movies and choosing between them is largely a matter of personal preference.  You really can’t go wrong with either Alien or Aliens.

Thanks to everyone who participated and be sure to come back in a couple of weeks for another Worst to First to celebrate the release of Spider-man: Homecoming.


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  1. I think the split between the first two movies largely comes down to whether you prefer a horror/suspense movie or a sci-fi action movie.


    • My preference depends entirely on my mood. Sometimes, I want Ridley Scott’s creepy fun house movie. Other times, I strap in for James Cameron’s roller coaster. They are both great at what they do, but they both do very different things.


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