Weekly Recap: Doc Brown Takes Us Back in Time and Joel Schumacher Takes Batman Down

This is how I feel every time I look at my blogging schedule.  Where does the time go?  It seems like only yesterday I was dropping Men Without Hats jokes into my weekly recap (for no apparent reason) and here it is a week later and I have to recap another week of activity here at the blog.  I have a really aggressive blogging schedule lined up for the next couple of months, so I may need to hop into that DeLorean at rev it up to 88 if I’m going to keep up with it.  But for now, we’ll go back in time one week and cover everything you may have missed here at Le Blog.

The picture at the top of the recap comes from the latest installment of my trip report covering my family’s recent visit to Universal Orlando.  The third day of our trip included an appearance by Doc Brown himself, a drive-by from Marilyn Monroe, and my wife stalking Mario Lopez.  I’m only halfway through the trip, but I’m three-fourths of the way through the report.  The last three days will be covered in one installment next week.  That’s just one reason why I’m likely to be sweating deadlines this week.  Doc, can you help me out?

Sure, I’m not actually wearing a watch.  But he’s wearing three.  So it all evens out sort of.

The big movie at the box office this weekend is Despicable Me 3 from Illumination Entertainment.  Earlier this morning, Kevthewriter looked at the filmography of Disney’s chief competitor in the field of animated features and wondered what the appeal was.  Kev observed that Illumination has branded itself with the popular Minions.  While Mom, Dad and the kids might not know the name of the studio like they do Pixar, they recognize those little yellow guys.  When they see the Minions selling a movie, they know it won’t be too painful.  Speaking from personal experience, the studio has proven quite adept at picking release dates that are far enough away from Disney features that you tend to find yourself taking the kids to see them when there’s nothing else to see.  Case in point, Despicable Me 3 dominating the 4th of July weekend.

The one thing you can count on in this crazy world is your daily delivery of birthday articles from Jestak.  As we wrap up June and head into July, the celebs celebrating birthdays included some famous directors, an Olympian, a pop star, two French actresses (one of whom was a Bond girl), a two-time Oscar winner and Hollywood legend who is suing a cable network for the way she was portrayed in a recent TV series, a Pussycat Doll and a Batman villain/anti-heroine (what is Harley Quinn anyway?).

Dig into the articles and you will find Batman’s former sidekick, the first big screen Spider-man, the Borg queen, two of the original Not Ready for Primetime Players, two regulars on American Horror Story, and a once-promising actress who just wants her old career back.

Those two former sidekicks were both victims of a movie that not only killed a popular franchise, it also crippled an entire genre and several careers.  Twenty years later, we looked back at the movie that did what the Joker, the Penguin and the Riddle couldn’t.  Batman & Robin killed the Caped Crusader… or at least scared Warner Brothers off from making any more Batman movies for a while.  It also convinced other studios that no one was interested in movies about superheroes and greatly contributed the the falls of Chris O’Donnell, Alicia Silverstone and Joel Schumacher.  Batman eventually got rebooted, O’Donnell found a regular gig on TV and Silverstone published a popular diet book, but Schumacher is still apologizing for the Bat-nipples.

The Movieline archives included a cover story on Hayden Christensen back when it seemed like playing Anakin Skywalker might be a good career move.  There was also a profile on Rob Lowe from 1997 as the former Brat Packer was rebuilding his career after some embarrassing headlines threatened to derail it.  And the June 1992 issue included a look at why so many Hollywood marriages end in divorce.

Finally, things got weird on Twin Peaks.  No, I mean seriously weird.  More weird than usual.  The show has a weirdness baseline that is stranger than just about anything else on TV, but David Lynch really outdid himself this week.  He delivered an hour of television that resembled an experimental art film.  There were long passages with little or no dialogue and close-ups of nuclear explosions that threatened to rip a hole in our reality allowing for something evil to cross-over from another world.  Or something.  It was an origin story for the entire series as only the director of Eraserhead could tell it.

Tonight, Twin Peaks is taking a week off for the 4th, so tomorrow morning I will take the opportunity to write up Fear the Walking Dead instead.

Let’s wrap up this recap with a little Huey Lewis to tie into the Back to the Future theme of the intro.  And be sure to some back every Sunday as we go back in time one week at a time for the weekly recaps.

Next Week: We’ll be looking forward to the release of Spider-man: Homecoming with a look back at previous Spider-man movies, I’ll wrap up my Universal trip report and check in  on Fear the Walking Dead for the first time this season, the Movieline cover story looks back on a former Batman villain, and three WTHH subjects celebrate birthdays.


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  1. Doc Brown really could’ve spared a watch; it’s painful to see someone with so many watches when your arm is watchless. What a minute, Doc!


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