Weekly Recap: Look Out! Here Comes the Spider-Man!

Spider-Man, Spider-Man.  Does whatever a spider can.  Which apparently includes topping the box office.  It’s not surprising that Sony’s latest Spidey reboot set in the Marvel cinematic universe opened in the #1 spot this weekend.  That was pretty much expected.  But the movie, which is well-liked by critics and audiences, is currently on track to have the studio’s second highest opening weekend of all times behind Spider-man 3.  It was a good week for Spidey fans because in addition to a new take on their favorite wall-crawler, we had Spider-Man related content here at Le Blog.

In order to fully appreciate what a win Homecoming is for Sony, you have to go back and look at the history of Spider-Man movies.  Daffy Stardust walked us through the series to date ranking the Sam Raimi and Marc Webb entries from Worst to First.  Then he followed that up with his review of Tom Holland’s first solo outing as the teenaged superhero.  Additionally, I took a deep dive into the movie that ended Andrew Garfield’s tenure as Spider-Man in the latest installment of Franchise Killers.  That’s a lotta Spider-Man!  If you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out Daffy’s rankings and share your own.

But it wasn’t all about the wall-crawler here at Le Blog.  Kevthewriter recommended three movies that are currently playing in theaters.  If you like your superheroes with more estrogen, check out Wonder Woman.  In the mood for a musical car chase?  Go see Baby Driver.  If romcoms are your thing, The Big Sick might be for you.  Also, Jeffthewildman revisited the first Transformers movie.  No, not the one directed by Michael Bay.  I’m talking about the animated movie from the 1980’s that traumatized children by killing off their beloved Optimus Prime.

Celebrity birthdays never traumatized anyone (transitions are hard, people!)  Today is actually the first birthday of the daily updates here at the site.  A year ago, I started writing about celebrity birthdays because I thought it would be a quick and easy way to provide daily content and linking to previous articles that readers might have missed.  The first-ever headliners were Tom Hanks and OJ Simpson.  After only a month, Jestak stepped in with much more detailed daily coverage which we have all been enjoying ever since.  Here’s the breakdown of this week’s headliners:

The week began and ended with Top Gun‘s leading couple.  How much do you think Tom Cruise hates it that he missed being born on the 4th of July by one day?  A lot I bet.  Although he was replaced as a headliner this year, the other A-list Tom (Hanks) also celebrated a birthday this week (specifically today).  The week also included some WTHH subjects.  In addition to today’s birthday girl, Kelly McGillis, Sylvester Stallone added another candle to his cake.  The week included a former Beatle, Princess Leia’s adoptive father, and two of Hitchcock’s better-known leading ladies.

The trip report covering my recent Universal Orlando vacation came to an end.  Before we left, I had to check out Universal’s new water park, Volcano Bay.  I also hung out with my new best friend, Captain America.  We want you to continue reading Le Blog.  Also, Daffy took a break from doing Disney to ride some coasters at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  Check out the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Theme Park’ (according to the National Amusement Park Historical Association) in Daffy’s latest video.

After a weirder-than-usual episode of Twin Peaks, Agent Cooper and the gang took a week off to celebrate the 4th.  That gave me the opportunity to check in on the Clark family on Fear the Walking Dead.  We also had an interview with Danny DeVito from the Movieline archives.  The interview served as the cover story for the July 1992 issue and coincided with DeVito’s turn as the Penguin in Batman Returns.  Twenty-five years later, that movie’s former Batman, Michael Keaton, is menacing Spider-Man as the Vulture in Homecoming.  See, it all comes back around to Spidey.  So on that note… let’s take this week’s recap out out school.

Next Week: I’m Cooking up something big.  Not sure it will be ready next week, but I’ll do my best.  No matter what, you can count on another Twin Peaks recap, daily birthday updates and a dive into the Movieline archives.




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  2. Good stuff; I wish Captain America was my friend!


    • He’s a friendly guy. The trick is finding him. I suggest hanging out near the Captain America Diner at Islands of Adventure in Orlando. Worked for me. I got a fist bump and everything.


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