Daffy Does Disney – MagicBand Unboxing and Advice

Every time you visit Walt Disney World and decide to stay on property at one of their resort hotels, the mouse and company will offer you a brand new MagicBand. This wrist strap has technology inside it which identifies you and allows you to enter your room, enter the parks, and take advantage of your FastPass reservations. Some people visit the parks enough that they have a bunch of these things just lying around the house. Should you refuse a new MagicBand and just carry along your favorite? Join me as I unbox my newest band and talk about why having more than one might be ideal.


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  1. We have our Magic Bands from 2014 somewhere. I’m pretty sure they are in a box in the garage with some other Disney souvenirs that will likely remain there until the next time we move. I have my doubts they will still be functional when and if I visit Disney World again. Heck, mine was having issues during that trip!

    Earlier this year, Disney started banning people who were using multiple Magic Bands to score additional FastPass reservations. I didn’t read up on the details of how that was accomplished, but apparently abuse was rampant and with the relatively low capacity for Flight of Passage Disney felt the need to take action.

    Personally, I dislike wearing anything on my wrist. Both at Disney and at Volcano Bay, my kids managed to knock my wearable tech off of me. I’d much rather have a card I can stuff in my wallet or a lanyard. I just find them easier to keep track of. Most of the time, I ended up carrying around a mess of interlooped Magic Bands in my pocket because no one wanted to actually wear the things. Of course by the time I return to WDW, they will probably be implanting chips under your skin, so maybe that won’t be an issue. 😉


    • My understanding of the multiple FastPass thing is that those people were using special passes that were bought by someone else. Your My Disney Experience account manages how many FastPasses you can have at any one time, and since your MagicBands are associated with that account it shouldn’t matter which band you use. They will all pull from the same account.

      MagicBands will eventually stop working once their battery runs out, but that will take some time. In my situation, the two bands I’m using are both basically brand new and neither has been used in a park before. That’s because one is my Annual Pass band and the other is the one they sent me for this specific trip. But based on the battery life in a Magic Band, the one I lost back in April would also probably still work if I hadn’t lost it.

      The new MagicBand 2.0 has a removable data “puck” that can be put into other bangles or necklaces. I’m sure if these options turn out to be popular, the variety of them available will increase. Maybe something like that would work better for you and your family.


  2. Just as an FYI…we have never gotten another slider for our magic bands…ours is from 2014…which I believe is the first year we bought AP’s. So, they’ll send you one the first time you sign up…but not necessarily when you renew. I’ve been told you can sometimes get them at Guest Services by showing your card, but haven’t tried it.


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