Weekly Recap: Jestak’s Year of Birthdays

What’s better than a plain, ordinary birthday?  A celebrity birthday of course!  Regular readers know that Jestak has been serving up slices of cake here at Le Blog on a daily basis in celebration of famous people’s birthdays (and anyone else who may share them).  This week, he crossed a milestone.  On Tuesday, Jestak published his 365th consecutive birthday write-up.  That’s a lot of celebrities blowing out candles!  So grab yourself a slice of birthday cake and let’s recap this week’s activity here at Le Blog.

Here’s a breakdown of the headliner’s for this anniversary week:

This week’s birthdays included the fake General Zod and Lex Luthor’s dad, a Lost castaway, an FBI director who is currently making headlines in a different role, Imperator Furiosa, both Mulder and Scully, Jigsaw, the Graduate, a member of NSYNC, a doomed pop diva, Steven Spielberg’s stepdaughter, a killer clown, a singing Cinderella, Working Girl and her Desperado ex-husband, the original movie Hulk and Thunderbolt Ross, the Hulster, an X-Man, an Avenger, the Winter Soldier, a former president, a king of England, Toto’s muse, the founder of the Suicide Squad, the Emperor, a recent Best Actor-winner, a Mad Man and the Master of Suspense.

One of my primary objects for Le Blog is to give people a site they can drop by whenever they have a few minutes to spare and find something interesting to read.  As the only daily feature here, the birthday articles do that.  They also tie together all of the other content here at Le Blog.  The birthday write-ups are where all of the various topics we write about come together and mingle.  I can’t say enough about Jestak’s hard work and commitment to the daily updates.  So instead, please join me in the highest honor I can bestow upon a contributor, the slow clap.

This week also included contributions from Daffy Stardust and Kevthewirter.  Daffy used The Painted Veil portion of his movie poster puzzle to recap the career of screen legend Greta Garbo.  The he posted his latest Disney World vlog on the subject of the benefits of having multiple magic bands.  Turns out it’s helpful to have a spare when you lose the one you are wearing in the darkness of Space Mountain.  Finally, Kev wanted to know why Rough Night bombed while Girl Trip was a hit.

I have been putting a lot of my blogging efforts into the next WTHH article which I am hoping to deliver next week.  But we’ll see.  There’s still a ways to go.  I did make some time to recap the latest episode of Twin Peaks.  Guess what?  It was weird.  No, there weren’t any dragons, but it was still my favorite hour of television last week.  Only five hours left!  On the one hand, I can’t wait to see how this season ends and on the other, I’m going to miss getting my weekly Twin Peaks fix when it’s over.

This month is heavy on Movieline content, so we dipped into the archives a bit more than usual.  The cover story from the August 1997 issue was an interview with French actress Juliette Binoche following her Oscar win for The English Patient.  That issue also included a profile on a fifteen year old Jonathan Taylor Thomas just as his acting career was starting to wind down, and an interview with Kevin Costner’s frequent collaborator and best frenemy, Kevin Reynolds.

I’m going to take us out with a song that probably wasn’t written for one of this week’s birthday girls, but I’m going to go on pretending that it was.

Next week: Jestak takes a break – just kidding!  More birthdays!  One day includes a hat trick of WTHH subjects.  Will any of them merit headliner status?  You’ll have to come back to find out.  Did any of them inspire Toto to write a song about them?  Probably not.  Kevthewriter has a Why’d It Bomb about a movie that featured another WTHH subject.  And hopefully, I’ll have that new WTHH article I have been working on.  But even if I don’t, I’ll still get around to recapping Twin Peaks and dipping into the Movieline archives.  And then on Sunday, I will meet you all the way for another weekly recap.


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  1. Ha ha, this stuff cheers me up a little. Yeah, I think jestak2 is pretty excellent, and I think think he’s done a great job with the internet paper.


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