Weekly Recap: The McCarthy Era

The latest installment in the What the Hell Happened series celebrated America’s favorite sensitive nice guy from the mid-eighties, Andrew McCarthy.  You know him from coming-of-age movies like St. Elmo’s Fire and Pretty in Pink or from high concept comedies like Mannequin and Weekend at Bernie’s.  Like most of the Brat Pack, McCarthy struggled to transition to adult roles as the decade came to a close.  However, he managed to bounce back with two fall-back careers; directing television shows and travel writing.

Last Sunday I skipped the weekly recap in favor of wrapping up the McCarthy article, so today’s recap will be double-sized.  Let’s get started.

A double-sized recap means fourteen days of celebrity birthdays.  With two headliners per day that means a whopping… (carry the one)…  twenty-eight headliners.  Here’s a breakdown of the last two week’s in Jestak’s birthday updates:

Week 1: Aug 14-20

Week 2: Aug 21-27

I am always curious to see the reaction to the birthday articles on social media.  Honestly, Le Blog doesn’t have a massive social media presence because I just don’t spend a lot of time on Twitter or Facebook.  I frequently think that I should, but when push comes to shove I always come back to spending more time on the blog instead.  Generally, the birthday articles are good for a like or two on Twitter most days.  But the double-helping of Star Trek headliners on August 19 was more liked than usual.

The last two weeks brought us two movie poster puzzle articles from Daffy Stardust.  First Daffy covered the 1966 Batman movie starring Adam West as the Caped Crusader.  I spent about a half hour writing a lengthy comment for this article about the legacy of the TV show, but my computer crashed just as I was putting on the finishing touches.  I just haven’t been able to muster the energy to try to recreate my thoughts on the pop art-era Batman.  So I will just say that while I understand why the silly show isn’t for everyone, I still have a lot of fondness for it.  The movie was good for a couple of laughs but the runtime makes it a slog.  Stick to the show and watch the highlights of the movie on YouTube.

The next piece of the movie poster puzzle was a look at Laurel and Hardy’s short, Another Fine Mess.  It was another fine article as Daffy covered the careers of two legends of comedy.

In case you hadn’t guessed, Mr. Stardust is preparing for another pilgrimage to theme park Mecca.  Prior to departing for Disney World, Daffy wrote about some of the new experiences he was looking forward to on this trip.

Kevthewriter took a look at the failed Dr. Seuss adaptation, The Cat in the Hat, in his latest Why’d It Bomb?  Then he examined why it is more common for movies to gross one billion dollars than it used to be.  Jestak correctly pointed to inflation as a major contributing factor.  That’s why we are always looking at grosses as adjusted for inflation whenever we’re comparing movies separated by more than a few years.

As Twin Peaks: The Return approaches its endgame, we’ve had a couple of eventful episodes.  In Part 14, Sarah Palmer puller her face off and ate a guy’s neck.  And in the most recent hour, true love won out for one couple while others struggled to hang in there.  Plus, Dougie Jones stuck a fork in an electric socket which could possibly mean the long-awaited return of Agent Cooper tonight!!

The cover story from the Music-themed August 2002 issue of Movieline magazine featured an interview with singer-turned actress Beyoncé Knowles.  She was promoting the last Austin Powers movie at the time.  That issue also included a look at the film career of Frank Sinatra and a profile on Sean Combs when he was going by P.Diddy following his appearance in Monster’s Ball.

Working backwards, the August 1997 issue included an interview with Michael Keaton as his career was slowing down post-Batman and Joe Queenan wrote about handsome actors who get their faces beat up in movie after movie.  And five years prior, the August 1992 issue featured a profile on Gabriel Byrne as well as a phone call with Sarah Jessica Parker.

Next Week: Daffy’s already working ahead of his vacation on the next movie poster puzzle article, Kev has another Why’d It Bomb, Jestak will bring you another dozen-plus birthday headliners and I’m going to recap Twin Peaks and start work on the next WTHH.  Make sure to vote in the poll if you want to help determine who is featured in future articles!


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  1. These past two weeks flew by.

    The best part of these two weeks was the Andrew McCarthy WTHH article. Like I stated before, my favorite McCarthy movie is “Weekend at Bernie’s”. The plot was crazy, but was just crazy enough to work.

    I have also been voting for the next WTHH subject. I’ve been submitting people in the “Other” slot, but I have also been pushing for Kristy Swanson. She’d make an interesting subject. If Swanson is chosen, her relationship with Alan Thicke must be mentioned somewhere.


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