Lego Dimensions: The Goonies Level Pack

From the very beginning, Lego Dimensions has been aimed as much at parents as it has been at their kids.  The product line has included several beloved properties from the 80’s including Ghostbusters, Back to the Future and Gremlins.  Today’s Level Pack will be similarly nostalgic for some, but I was a couple years too old to form an attachment to The Goonies.

The movie’s lasting appeal, as best as I can tell, stems from repeated viewings of VHS copies at a young age.  Because the hard truth is, The Goonies isn’t a very good movie, but that hasn’t prevented it from developing a pretty big fanbase who will most likely enjoy the Lego Dimensions adaptation.  But how does this Level Pack hold up to someone like me who hasn’t memorized the movie?  I’ll tell you all about it after the jump.

When The Goonies was announced as a Level Pack, I thought it was an odd choice.  Sloth, the lovable lunk featured in this expansion, was a memorable character.  But the movie was about the kids.  Sloth was definitely a supporting player.  I didn’t think he was in the movie enough to support an entire level.  To get around this, the developers told the story from Sloth’s point of view.  That means skipping over all the exposition with the actual Goonies and getting right to the underground pirate adventure.  So, basically the good stuff.

Once you eliminate all the scenes of kids bickering, The Goonies lends itself to the video game treatment pretty well.  The movie was always a rip-off of Indiana Jones with some elements of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme park ride mixed in.  The game strips away the ridiculous plot to focus on the movie’s fun booby traps and swashbuckling adventure.  If you don’t mind seeing the Goonies sidelined in favor of Sloth (and his playable sidkick Chunk), there is a lot of fun to be had.

For a big guy, Sloth is surprisingly fast.  He’s also a good jumper.  It’s fun to let him run around and destroy everything in his path.  He’s got super strength and a grappling hook which he uses to swing around.  He can also swim under-water and he’s good for digging.

If that seems a bit under-whelming for the only character in a $30 level pack, well, it is.  But Sloth can change into any of the kids from The Goonies and each of them has their own skill set.  The younger kids, like Mikey, Chunk and Data, can access small spaces.  Mikey is intelligent and can blow up silver bricks.  Brand is an acrobat, Mouth can deflect lasers, Data can is handy with technology and fixing things.  He also has X-ray vision, Illumination and Tracking skills.  Chunk can cut vines and do the Truffle Shuffle.  Both of the girls are acrobats and Andy can break glass with her boombox.  Collectively, they have a pretty impressive list of abilities.

As is typical of Level Packs, this one comes with a vehicle and a gadget.  The vehicle, One-Eyed-Willy’s Pirate Ship, is pretty cool looking.  But like most vehicles, it’s not bringing a lot to the table.  It can blow up silver legos with its cannons.  If you upgrade it, it can spray water and cut vines.

The Skeleton Organ is another story.  It’s one of the few gadgets that is actually useful.  At its base level, it can break glass and blow up silver Legos, but the primary selling point is that it can be used to solve puzzles.  Without the organ, you won’t be able to complete these tasks which makes the Goonies pack essential if you want to complete the entire game.  The organ can also be upgraded to fly, shoot lasers and bolts of electricity.  But that’s standard gadget/vehicle stuff.

Of course the Level Pack is also the only way to access the Goonies Adventure World.  If you were bummed that the kids were short-changed in the level, fear not.  The Adventure World recreates the “goon docks” of Astoria in precise detail.  As you explore, you will get to spend more time with all your favorite Goonies.  As a non-fan, this wasn’t my favorite Adventure World.  But I have to think that anyone who remembers the movie fondly will have a blast.


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