Lego Dimensions: Fun With Fun Packs: Lego City and Cragger

The Lego company is big.  They don’t just make the little plastic bricks kids like to play with.  Obviously, they also sell video games like Lego Dimensions.  But Lego also operates a chain of retail stores and multiple theme parks.  Lego have branched out into television and movies as well.  In addition to the licensed properties that make up the majority of Lego Dimensions product, they have included a few of their own brands like Lego City and the Legend of Chima.  Today, I will be looking at a couple of Fun Packs from these properties.

These Lego lines are aimed primarily at kids.  Having walked through the Lego aisle at toy stores, I have been aware of the existence of Lego City and Chima, but I wasn’t familiar with any of the characters or backstory.  As best as I could tell, Lego City was an umbrella for whatever generic sets Lego wanted to make.  In the old days, they would have just released a fire house or police station.  Today, it’s part of the Lego City brand.

Somewhere along the way, Lego City got a protagonist in the form of undercover detective, Chase McCain.  Chase is the kind of gritty cop who changes into a variety of disguises and carries a grappling hook instead of a gun.  This is Lego after all.

On his own, Chase has a few useful abilities.  He’s an acrobat and can use that grappling hook for all the usual things one uses a grappling hook or rope for in a Lego game.  He has the tracking skill which is more common than it used to be, but still relatively rare.  And he is the third character in the game with the Relic Detection Ability.  On the one hand, Wild Style already does this for you and she comes in the Starter set.  On the other, Chase’s long list of abilities makes Wild Style obsolete.

Chase has access to five different disguises which have to be unlocked in the Lego City Adventure World.  As a miner, he can blow up silver bricks, light up dark areas and has super strength.  His fireman costume gives him the ability to spray water and clean up hazards.  Chase can fly and hack computers in his astronaut disguise.  And as a construction worker, he can drill which is another pretty rare ability.  Finally, Chase has a farmer disguise which isn’t much use but it lets him carry a chicken which is pretty funny.

Chase doesn’t have any unique abilities.  If you have a large collection of Lego Dimensions characters, he probably doesn’t do anything that you can’t already do with another character.  But he does take a lot of skills – some of which are quite uncommon – and puts them all together in one figure for you.  If you keep Chase on hand, you’re less likely to have to go grabbing extra characters to solve specific puzzles.

The Fun Pack comes with a police helicopter which is useful if you need a vehicle with flight.  It can be upgraded into a plane or a hovercraft.  The hovercraft shoots lasers and the plane can complete drone mazes.

The primary selling point for this Fun Pack is the Lego City Adventure World.  This is the only way to gain access to Lego City which you will want to do if you are a fan of the series or a completist like me.  The Adventure World features all the kinds of buildings you would expect to find in a typical big city only with a Lego flair.  Chase has an arch enemy and some bumbling sidekick who show up for quests.

Cragger is a throwback to Year One.  Originally, I picked up one character from the Ninjago and Chima sets in order to gain access to their respective Adventure Worlds and unique abilities.  I got Laval from Chima purely because I found him the cheapest.  Each of the three Chima characters had the Chi ability which was all I needed them for.  As long as I had a character with Chi, I didn’t think it mattered which one.

Turns out, I was wrong.  I have since learned that sometimes you need a specific combination of skills to solve a puzzle.  For example, sometimes you need to use Chi underwaters.  As the only Chima character who can swim, Cragger has a distinct advantage over the other two for that reason.  Fortunately, I made this discovery over Christmas break when I could easily run out to Target and buy a Cragger Fun Pack for $5.  So I wasn’t too put out about having picked the wrong Chima character for my collection.

Because every character needs a vehicle, Cragger comes with a crocodile-themed Swamp Skimmer.  The skimmer is pretty useless even by the usual standards for vehicles.  It can sail or turn into a submarine which can blow up silver bricks.

I recently went back and revisited the Chima Adventure World which I had not played since I wrote up Laval a while back.  While I am not familiar with the Legend of Chima, the world is fun to explore.  As you might expect given that one third of the characters in the Chima line is a crocodile, there are lots of underwater areas with puzzles to solve.  Although once I got into the world, I sidelined Cragger in favor of Aquaman except when I needed to activate some Chi.

If you want to be able to complete all the puzzles in the game, you’re going to need at least one Chima character.  From experience, I can tell you, you will want it to be Cragger.  Just trust me on this.



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