Lego Dimensions: Lego Batman Movie Story Pack

The second year of Lego Dimensions was anchored by Story Packs.  These big-ticket expansions essentially took the place of the typical stand-alone Lego game.  The pricing reflected that.  Story Packs were add-ons that retailed for about the same price as a regular video game.  If Lego Dimensions had continued past its second year, Travelers Tales would have concentrated their efforts on future Story Packs.  Instead, the Lego Batman Movie turned out to be the third and final Story Pack.  But hey, at least it’s a good one.

The previous Story Packs came with one mini-figure, a vehicle or gadget and a decorative stand to build.  Looking at the packaging, you can see that Traveler’s Tales changed up the formula a little this time around.  The Lego Batman Movie Story Pack includes both of the Dark Knight’s side kicks but the Bat-Computer is scaled down from previous portals.  That’s a trade-off I’m willing to make since the portals serve no purpose in the actual game.

It may seem a little strange that Batman himself is not included in the Batman Movie Story Pack.  But you need the Starter Set to play the game and Batman was one of the three figures that came with the base game.  So theoretically, you should already have him.  If not, there is a separate Excalibur Batman Fun Pack available for sale which serves very little purpose except to add a second Batman figure to the game.  He’s also a cheap way to access the Lego Batman Movie Adventure World if you don’t want to shell out for the full Story Pack.

Like the previous Story Packs, this one recreates the story of a movie in six new levels.  Not surprisingly, the Lego Batman Movie lends itself to the Dimensions treatment.  The movie contained some of the same mash-up appeal of the game.  If Dimensions didn’t exist, it’s easy to imagine this Story Pack being released as a stand-alone game with a few changes.

The Story Pack introduces Robin to Lego Dimensions.  This version of Dick Grayson is the wide-eyed optimist Bruce Wayne accidentally adopted in the movie.  Most of his abilities are fairly common.  Robin is an acrobat.  He can swim underwater and light up dark places.  He can also repair broken objects which is a relatively uncommon ability.  Robin also has a unique skill that allows him to worm his way through ventilation ducts.  You do a lot of this during the levels in the Story Pack, but I don’t recall needing the ability anywhere else.

Just like in the movie, Robin can rip off his costume and change into Nightwing.  This is the Batman-esque version from the movie rather than the outfit familiar to comic book fans.  While wearing the Nightwing costume, Robin can deflect lasers, glide and pole vault.

Batgirl’s abilities mirror those of the Dark Knight.  She has a Batarang and grappling hook.  She can also use stealth mode to sneak past security cameras.  Batgirl has a new ability called Detective Mode which operates very much like Tracking but is unique to Lego Batman Movie characters.  Finally, she has her own unique skill to access high security areas.  Like Robin’s ventilation duct access, I have only needed to use Batgirl’s security access in the expansion’s story mode.

While you are in Story Mode, Batman changes into his costume from the movie.  He has new dialogue and some new abilities.  Most importantly, he has Detective Mode like Batgirl and he can Master Build like Wildstyle.  There is a Red Brick in the Adventure World which allows you to play as Lego Movie Batman outside of the Story Mode if that’s your thing.

The Batwing is a pretty standard vehicle.  In its base form, it can fly and tow things.  It can be converted into Bruce Wayne’s sports car or a Bat-tank which blows up silver bricks.  It’s not very useful, really.  But if you want a flying vehicle that matches your Batman characters, the Batwing does the trick.

In addition to the new levels, the Story Pack provides access to the Lego Batman Movie Adventure World.  The world is very similar to the regular DC Comics Adventure World which also focused heavily on Gotham City.  The new version is a little brighter like the movie it is based on.

As with the other Story Packs, this expansion opens up a lot of fun game play.  If you’re a Batman fan, you will probably want to round out the Gotham Knights with Robin and Batgirl.  The retail price of $50 is a bit steep, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding this pack deeply discounted if you are patient and you look for sales.  I picked mine up for $30 at it is easily worth that price.


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