Weekly Recap: Divas, Disney and a Day Off

This was a relatively light week here at Le Blog.  So it seems like a perfect time to check in at the box office.  And hey, will you look at that?  Harrison Ford is starring in another sequel to one of his iconic movies from the 80’s.  I can only assume Witness 2 is currently in development.  The original Blade Runner was released in 1982 to mixed reviews and unimpressive box office.  Over time, critics and audiences discovered the movie and it is now considered to be a science fiction classic.  It went from being massively under-rated to arguable over-rated in the course of a couple of decades and countless re-releases.

Now here we are 35 years later and Blade Runner 2049 has opened to critical acclaim.  But just like the original movie, the sequel appears to be under-performing.  It will likely open at number one this weekend, but with a budget estimated at around $150 million, the studio was hoping for an opening around $50 million.  Currently, BR 2049 is on course to fall short of that number by around $15 million dollars.  It will be interesting to see if the sequel enjoys the same longevity as the original.

After over a year of daily birthday articles, Jestak decided to take a day off.  You can hardly blame him.  Especially when October 6th is light on celebrity births.  Here’s my challenge to anyone reading this who was born on this date: Get famous before this time next year!  If you can pull it off, you’re practically guaranteed headliner status in 2018.  What more incentive do you need?

Here are the actual celebrity birthday’s for the week.  (I’ll be subbing in last year’s article for the 6th.)

As a relatively recent “What the Hell Happened” inductee, Rachel Leigh Cook received a photo gallery for her birthday.  I am sure it’s just what she wanted.

Daffy Stardust documented the end of his most recent Disney World getaway with two new videos.  First he and his family hopped from a kingdom of animals to a more magical kingdom for some fireworks.  Then, they spent one final morning cramming in everything that is still open at Disney’s Construction Studios.  It’s all the fun of a Disney World vacation with none of the walking.  And it’s free!  If you’re worried about Daffy Does Disney withdrawals, fear not.  This duck is a pass-holder.

Kevthewriter took another look at Warren Beatty’s most recent bid for relevance.  When Rules Don’t Apply was released that year, no one cared.  That usually doesn’t bode well for a movie’s chances at the box office and was probably a contributing factor to why Beatty’s movie bombed.

Last week, I talked about how my “staycation” pulled me away from my blogging duties in favor of more domestic chores.  This week, it was back to work for Lebeau.  But wouldn’t you know it?  That didn’t make blogging any easier.  A busy week at work meant skipping this week’s Fear the Walking Dead write-up for the second week in a row.  But I didn’t hear anyone complaining about the missing recap.  I will check in with the series again as time permits.

I did manage to churn out a write-up on the Lego Batman Movie Story Pack for Lego Dimensions.  There is only one wave of releases yet to cover and the new releases are still selling at retail prices.  So it may be a little bit before we get to discuss Lego Beetlejuice.  I expect most of you won’t mind the wait.

Finally, this week’s Movieline magazine cover story was an interview with Tim Robbins from the October 1992 issue.  Robbins was relatively hot at the time having recently starred in the Hollywood satire, The Player.  He was promoting his own political satire, Bob Roberts, at the time of the interview.  We also had a look at the world of divas from the October 1997 issue.  Check it out if you want to know who was fabulous twenty years ago.

Next Week: I’m not quite sure, but whatever we come up with, it will be worth checking out.  If you can’t drop in daily, be sure to check out next week’s recap to see what you missed.



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  1. For the time being, that’s going to be the end of regular Disney videos. If a specific topic motivates me, I’ll pop something in. You’re likely to get a video on a single day in the parks in December and I have another Spring Break trip scheduled in April. Gotta make use of that annual pass before it expires.

    I do have a series of videos that I haven’t been posting here, but anybody who is reading here in the comments is welcome to drop by my YouTube channel (just search Daffy Stardust) for “Let’s Watch Disney!” All it really is is the random selection of a different Disney studios movie for everybody who watches to go have a look at then come back and comment on. Its origin is as part of a rather small Disney FaceBook group, so the videos don’t have any Daffy Stardust or Lebeau’s LeBLog branding in them. These videos are shot quickly and I don’t know what movie will be chosen when I start shooting, so you’ll get an in-the-moment example of something I know about the movie before I sign off.

    I finally unpacked the last boxes from my recent move, so at some point I’ll get back on building my movie posters puzzle. Unfortunately, bandwidth in the new town is pretty lousy, so anything that requires me to stream a movie to prepare for will require a little more advance planning than it has in the past. But I will persevere.


  2. Started work on a music-related article (on Tom Petty). Problem is, a pop-up came up which says

    Did you know? If your site is on the Premium or Business plan, you can add payment buttons here!

    And it won’t go away so I have to work around it.


  3. There are going to be occasional days off in the birthday series as we hit some of those days where I had a hard enough time finding two headliners a second time around. In fact, another one comes up later this week. 🙂


    • The real reason Blade Runner 2049 flopped at the box office

      Julia Bianco @jewliabianco
      Blade Runner 2049 seemed like it was good to go headed into its opening weekend. Initial box office forecasts were bumped up from $40 to $45-$50 million, and the film brought in $4 million in previews, on par with similar sci-fi films that ended up with solid openings.

      However, as the weekend went on, things unraveled. The long-awaited sequel brought in just over $12.7 million on Friday, and fell to just $11.4 on Saturday. The movie ultimately brought in just $31.5 million—dismal returns against a $150 million production budget.

      It’s even more surprising when you consider the fact that the movie earned rave reviews, many from critics who thought it was even better than the original. While it’s tough to decipher precisely what went wrong with Blade Runner 2049, here are the many factors that turned it from a critical success into a box office failure. 


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