Netflix and Chill: Walk of Fame (2017)

Kevthewriter watched Walk of Fame on Netflix so you don’t have to!

Hey, have you ever wondered what would happen if Ed Wood directed a comedy about aspiring actors and decided to make it in the style of Family Guy? No? Well, a guy named Jesse Thomas made that movie.  It’s called Walk of Fame and I found it on Netflix.

The plot of the movie is this: some aspiring lawyer guy played by one of Clint Eastwood’s many sons falls in love with a girl he barely knows and finds out she’s taking acting classes. He tries to woo her by signing up for the same class she’s taking and meets a lot of “wacky, eccentric characters” along the way.

Big problem with the movie is the characters are very stereotypical. You can tell their personalities just by looking at them. All of the fat women in this movie are pushy and demanding, the dwarf is angry, the hippie is spacy and weird, the Italian guy is macho and obnoxious, the old lady is senile, the cops are abusive, the list goes on and on.

What doesn’t help is that the acting ranges from wooden to obnoxious. Scott Eastwood is a bland lead and Chris Kattan and Jamie Kennedy are as ear bleedingly annoying as they normally are as an over-the-top drama teacher and a flaming gay stereotype. The acting is so bad that, at one point, there’s literally a scene where the actors sound like they are rehearsing lines, which makes sense because it’s a movie about an acting class, but it turns out it’s a scene where the characters are supposed to be in an actual fight, not just something they are preparing for their class.

In addition, the writing is sloppy altogether. Character motivations quickly change. The girl Eastwood basically stalks starts off as a sympathetic figure but then becomes a promiscuous girl were supposed to hate out of nowhere, the main guy, when he finds his crush going out with someone else, not only quits the class but goes on a huge rant on all his acting class friends even though they didn’t do anything to him, the Italian guy goes from annoying comic relief to the main villain at the end, one of the students who is a nerdy guy is suddenly given a backstory where the main girl had a fling with his girlfriend that comes out of nowhere, and there’s a scene that implies the owner of the class, played by Malcolm McDowell, is going to be the main villain only for him to never show up after that scene. There’s even a scene at the end where the dwarf becomes a porn director and punishes Chris Kattan’s character by pairing him up with the old lady against his will, which doesn’t make sense because the character didn’t do anything to deserve it and would’ve made more sense with Malcolm’s character but, for some reason, his character just disappears so they just used Kattan’s character even though, when Malcolm talks about how useless the students are, Kattan DEFENDED them.

It’s like Malcolm McDowell quit halfway through production and they just decided to use what little footage they got of him, which honestly wouldn’t surprise me!

The jokes also range from “not funny” to “weird. At one point, the main girl gets, well, humped and they not only play this for laughs but play it for laughs by having the humper be a guy in a masked wrestling costume. I’m not kidding! And there’s MANY jokes in this movie that come off as weird more than funny.

The production values are also terrible. The cinematography is dull and the sound quality sounds like it came straight out of a low-budget YouTube video.

Now is there anything good about this movie? Despite the majority of the acting being terrible, Malcolm McDowell, even if he does disappear near the end for seemingly no reason, is great as always. Also, there’s another love interest for the main character who can’t move one side of her body that is actually charming and the girl gives a decent performance. But she deserves a way better movie than this (as does Malcolm).

So if you’re bored and run into this movie while trying to watch something on Netflix…watch something else because this isn’t worth your time. The only good thing about this movie is it makes The Ridiculous Six look good by comparison. At least that movie had good cinematography.


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  1. Another one of these and you’ll be hating movies forever!


  2. I couldn’t even finish the trailer. This thing looks absolutely terrible. Scott Eastwood, while being a good looking guy, has not one iota of the charisma of his father. He’s also a whole lot shorter, which is kind of weird. The actress playing Nikki is hot, but her character looks like a completely terrible person, based on the first half of the trailer alone. No thanks.


  3. Once I’m out of watching “Fuller House” (seriously, Jodie Sweetin grown up? Well, hello, lady!) I’ll check this film out.


  4. Oh yes, I want to see the film; he he sorry!


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