Weekly Recap: King, Kong and Ragnarokin’

It has been a busy week here at Le Blog as we celebrated Halloween and then kicked off a couple weeks of superhero action with Marvel’s latest comic book adventure, Thor: Ragnarok.  The god of thunder is looking pretty pleased with all the coverage, so let’s dive into the recap and see what put a smile on Thor’s face.

On Halloween, I posted a brand new Worst to First article ranking the Stephen King movies of the 1990’s.  This decade was packed with cheap cash-ins, sequels and movies that had almost nothing to do with the story they were supposedly adapting.  For the most part, the best King movies of the 90’s were the ones that downplayed the supernatural elements.  The best of the bunch didn’t have any ghosts or goblins at all.  Also, Daffy’s latest movie poster puzzle took on a giant movie monster, the original King Kong.  Which is more, an ape turned loose in the Big Apple or the movie’s 1930’s-era gender politics?

We also revived some spooky articles from the site’s archives.  There was a look at Scream 4 which was meant to kickstart the Scream franchise for the next generation but ended up killing it once and for all.  Or at least until the inevitable reboot.  Daffy Stardust ranked the Harry Potter movies which may not seem like a Halloween series at first glance, but there are a lot of witches and magical creatures lurking in and around Hogwarts castle.  As we bid adieu to Halloween and the stores raced to put up their Christmas decorations, Kevthewriter examined the box office fortunes of both holidays as represented in Tyler Perry’s Madea movies.

Before we move on to the second theme of the week, let’s take a look at who celebrated a birthday.  Jestak served up slices of cake to the following celebs:

We’ve got the Fonz, Ivan Drago, a Bond badgirl/X-Man and Mr. McConaissance this week.  Although the McConaissance appears to be over.  In fact, it ended so quickly, people are now wondering whether or not it was ever a real thing.  I will leave it to you readers to tackle that weighty issue in the comments.

November sees the release of two major superhero movies.  This week, Marvel paired up Thor and Hulk for the buddy-comedy that is Ragnarok.  To commemorate the occasion, I ranked all sixteen of the previous movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Then Daffy and I had a heated conversation (semi-heated, actually… okay, lukewarm) about Thor 3.  We both liked the movie, but one of us had concerns about the jokes getting in the way of the narrative.  Who was right and who has to get his hair cut by Stan Lee?  Let us know what you think.

We also pulled out some Marvel-themed articles from the site’s archives.  First, Daffy shared some highlights from Marvel’s history in animation.  Then I concentrated on the superheroes I grew up with in the seventies.  The decade favored DC Comics, but Marvel was starting to make some strides with the Hulk TV show.

The Movieline archives included an interview with Seven Years in Tibet director, Jean-Jacques Annaud who discussed working with Brad Pitt and being French.  From the November 1992 issue, we had a list of the best unproduced screenplays at that time.  Only two of the ten scripts chosen ever made it to the big screen.  And finally, an interview with Razzie-winning director Guy Ritchie who was promoting his Worst-Picture-winning remake starring his future-ex-wife and Worst Actress staple, Madonna.  I wonder if he still thinks the Material Girl is a good actress after the divorce.

If you haven’t had enough of Thor being silly, here’s a look at what he was up to last summer when Iron Man and Captain America had their little spat.

Next week: Whoa!  It’s a most excellent Movieline cover story!  Also, more superhero goodness as we ease out of Ragnorak and into the Justice League.  Plus birthdays, something cheesetastic and who knows what else.  Seriously, I don’t know what the other guys are working on.


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