Weekly Recap: Superheroes on TV, Rednex in Sweden and Keanu’s Lost in Space

We’re less than a week away from the movie debut of DC Comics’ flagship team of superheroes in Justice League.  I can feel the excitement in the air.  Okay, DC hasn’t had the same consistent success as its Marvelous competitor in recent years.  Their only unqualified success since Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy has been this past summer’s Wonder Woman.  It hasn’t been for lack of trying either.  Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel served as a launching point for the DC Cinematic Universe primarily because the previous efforts to kick-start their line of superhero movies were disappointments.

There are plenty of reasons to keep your expectations low for next week’s team-up movie, but advance reviews also suggest there is hope that Justice League could be a fun diversion at least.  This week we spent some time talking about DC superheroes in movies and TV, so get ready for a superpowered weekly recap!

The picture at the top of the article comes from one of Warner Brothers’ failed attempts to compete with Marvel.  The studio hoped Green Lantern could duplicate the success of Iron Man, but they shot themselves in the foot by setting a release date in stone before they had a finished script.  That and other foibles left Green Lantern powerless to launch his own franchise much less spin-offs.

Television isn’t the best medium for telling super-hero stories.  Tales of spandex-clad heroes are best served in comic books where the artist’s imagination is not limited by budgets.  Movies at least allow for big screen spectacle if not in-depth character arcs.  When superheroes come to the small screen, they loose the big name stars and special effects.  In exchange, TV writers can engage in the kind of long-form story-telling comic books are known for.  The history of DC superheroes on the big screen is hit and miss, but the characters’ treatment has been more consistent on TV.  Comparing dissimilar series made decades apart is a tricky prospect, but I did my best with a list of DC Superhero TV shows ranked from worst to first.

This week’s birthday’s included a superhero’s girlfriend and aunt.  Yep, that was my best segue into Jestak’s birthday articles.  Let’s see who got a year older this week:

Not only did we have a WTHH subject this week, we also have the daughter of another.

After cutting a rug at his high school reunion, Jeffthewildman wondered whether or not Rednex techo remake of the country classic “Cotton Eyed Joe” could be considered a cheesetastic classic.  By a 2 to 1 margin, readers decided, nope, the 90’s “Cotton Eye Joe” didn’t pass muster.  Whether that means it is not good enough or too good for consideration is up to you to decide.

The band has been through a lot of changes since their version of the song hit.  In 2002, the then-current Rednex released a video for their take on “Cotton Eye Joe” because apparently one European dance mix of the song wasn’t enough.

Reminds me of the last Lebeau family reunion…

We also heard from Kevthewriter who wanted to know why the sequel to Hot Tub Time Machine bombed.  Or why it was ever made.  Or since someone seemed to think the world needed a Hot Tub Time Macine 2, why did they loose John Cusack’s phone number?  So many burning questions.

This week’s Movieline cover-story was an interview with Keanu Reeves circa 1992 when the actor brought his own unique acting style to Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  The interview is a most excellent look at a young man figuring out how to make it in the jungles of Hollywood.  We also had the second half of a two-part interview with director Oliver Stone.  This came from the November 1997 issue just as Stone’s career was really starting to cool off.  And finally, there was a profile piece on actress Mia Kirshner as she was attempting to go the Hollywood route after a few head-turning performances in racy Canadian films.  It didn’t take, but Kirshner found work on television.

That’s a wrap for this week.  But be sure to come back next week for more superheroic shenanigans.


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  1. I’d be more excited for Justice League were it not for the fact that Zack Snyder was directing. A few years ago there were plans for a Justice League movie with George Miller directing. Now that I would have been excited for.


    • I’d have liked to have seen Miller’s Justice League. Some of what I read about it didn’t especially excite me at the time. I’m setting my expectations really low for Snyder’s League with hopes that I can be pleasantly surprised. Advance word of mouth is that it’s not good, but at least it’s more fun than BVS. I’ll take that.


  2. WB got Snyder two babysitters for JUSTICE LEAGUE, cancelled its planned second part (as Snyder was supposed to direct it) then basically took the movie away from him and reportedly remade much of it. Joss Whedon took it over at some point, Snyder’s departure chalked up to a death in his family. This current DC cinematic universe has been a complete disaster on every front but at this point, that’s working in WB’s favor. I was EXTREMELY disappointed with WONDER WOMAN. The casting of the central character was obviously garbage all along but it had a solid director and then it got lots of great reviews, which gave me some little bit of hope. Then it turned out all those reviews actually meant was “It ain’t as bad as MAN OF STEEL or BvS.” It was basically a really awful, beat-for-beat remake of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. If you were going to rip off a Marvel property, why in hell would you choose TFA, which stands alongside dreck like IRON MAN 2 as some of the worst films Marvel ever produced? At least pick a GOOD one to copy. Everything from this JUSTICE LEAGUE movie looks awful–full of stupid CGI gags, noise and character acting completely out-of-character–but if the reaction to WW is any gauge, all it will have to do to draw praise is be something somewhat better than outright godawful.


  3. Like I said a few days ago, I happen to still like Rednex’s “Cotton-Eye Joe”. Oh well…


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